Skirt models and skirt molds

Long Skirt Models 2

2010-09-25 10:28:53

Long skirt model with floral. The picture shows black color. It will look much more beautiful when sewn from different color fabrics, a stylish skirt model that can be worn easily on special occasions. You can see the necessary dimensions by downloading the PDF file below and opening it on your computer.

Long Skirt Models 1

2010-09-25 10:24:55

A very comfortable skirt for daily use. Two separate skirt length models are given. You can see the skirt colors and dimensions from the PDF file below. You can store models on your computer by downloading the pdf file.

Mini Skirt Model 2

2010-09-25 10:21:48

A skirt model that is easy to plant and use. Kurdale stitched fabric model used as a belt has shown more elegant. You can download the following PDF file to your computer and see the necessary sizes from there.

Mini Skirt Model 1

2010-09-25 10:09:02

A beautiful skirt model cut from thin fabric that can be used for summer months. You can download the following PDF file and prepare the model.