Men's Pants Mold 1

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Men's Pants Mold 1

Clothing has been one of the needs of people since the early ages. Continuously developing Technology also affects the field of clothing. Together with the developing technology, ready -to -wear is also fast There was a orientation and as a result of this orientation, ready -made clothing in Turkey has developed considerably. Men's clothing also occupies an important place in this industry. This course is to gain information and skills about preparing men's trousers mold. will provide. This course, prepared for you, will guide you in your work. Necessary Your teacher will help you at the points you hear
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cihan membership

I want to learn mold sizzler

12-01-2010 23:44


    Posted by OSM

    I want to learn mold sizzler

    18-01-2010 19:07

      arzu atasoy Modelist Details

      I want to reach the modelist mold details. Kind regards

      22-09-2011 21:24

        Akhan Saruhan Men's Pants Mold

        I want to cut men's pants.

        18-03-2013 21:19

          celik marcel pantalon

          I needed you to explain to get out and get out of the male pants mold.

          30-10-2013 22:24