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Microbiological hazard, dangers in the medical field and what to pay attention to in the medical field

2009-06-06 14:14:24

This course is the employees in the medical sector; Describes measures against microbiological agent risks. It is necessary to act with the consciousness that not taking precautions against risks may have bad consequences that are not compensated for health in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system, which is the defense mechanism of the body. Hygiene rules that should be followed in order not to infection from the working environment, using the body protective barriers, hand washing the basic rules of the profession before and after each study. Lesson; It aims to give the risks of professional disease, the importance of collecting and destruction of waste in the environment, sterilization and disinfection process, and what kind of tools are used in making these operations.

Medical Communication

2009-06-06 14:12:06

As in any profession, it is inevitable that an area, such as biomedical devices (where multiple professions or sciences are together), will become a unique terminology. The technicians working in this field should recognize the devices related to their subjects and have the terminological information they can agree with the people they will communicate with during the execution of the profession and the technical communication skills that they can use appropriately. Therefore, in order to realize the communication event, there is a common language in order to understand the message in the same way between the sending and the field. For a person who will work in this field, it is very important for him to understand the medical and technical terminology to be used to transfer the problem of the device to be used and to try to determine the problem. For this purpose, solutions can be made more quickly and permanently with the right communication to be established with users.

Semiconductor and switching systems in biomedical devices

2009-06-06 14:10:47

In particular, close to all of the biomedical devices are operated on uninterrupted power supplies because the power outage is unacceptable. In addition to the biomedical device supply, the superiority of IGBTs in induction systems and wide adjustment characteristic features constitute the common use in physical therapy devices. The fact that special semiconductors can control large currents with very small voltage values ​​increased the safety of both medical staff and patients using the device. With this course you will learn switching systems and special semiconductors on biomedical devices.

Basic Electrical Systems of Biomedical Devices

2009-06-06 14:08:31

One of the procedures that technicians to work in the field of biomedical devices should pay attention to the electrical safety of the patient, relatives of the patient, device and device. When working in the systems related to electrical, it is very important that you act in accordance with the importance of electrical safety measures while working in the system -related systems, and to ensure that the device works in accordance with the standards. It is also a fact that most of the biomedical devices come from abroad and spend great money for these devices. The sensitivity you will show for these devices will also contribute to the national economy. In this course, you will be able to find information about conductors and insulators, adding conductors, grounding elements, reset subjects, easily understandablely sorted from simple to complex.

Measurement with biomedical devices

2009-06-06 14:06:24

Perhaps the most important stage for patients' treatment (treatment) is the diagnosis stage. As long as the diagnosis is made on time, there is no treatment (untreated). For this reason, the devices that can make objective and precise measurements during the diagnostic phase have become indispensable. It is very important in the devices used in the treatment phase. The fact that these devices can fulfill their functions correctly depends on the physical size of the environment in which they are located. These physical size are temperature, humidity, light, sound, pressure and so on. can be sorted in the figure. The most suitable operating conditions for each device may be different. First measurements should be made and devices should be installed if the necessary conditions are met. After completing this course, you will know what important physical size for medical devices are and you will be able to measure.

Structure of Biomedical Electromechanical Devices

2009-06-06 14:04:43

At the end of this course, you will be able to recognize pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, electro pnomatic systems and electro hydraulic systems and have the competence to control these systems.

Biomedical Anatomy and Physiological Systems

2009-06-06 14:03:14

With this course, you will learn the systems and physiological organs such as the human body anatomy, basic anatomy, skeletal system, muscle system, circulatory system, nervous system, digestive and excretion system.