Female Work Shirt Mold

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Female Work Shirt Mold

Models of the work clothes that enter many parts of business life, the purpose of the work done Designed properly, the designated model for both men and women can be used. While working clothes protect employees from the negative effects of the working environment, people Provides convenience to work. Business aprons, business overalls, work shirts, work clothes and some profession Special workers' teams can be given examples of work clothes. Working environments where work clothes are used have a more regular appearance. Same It creates the idea that it is carefully working at the time, the work is cared and that there is business discipline. The use of work clothes to the individual as part of the workplace where the responsibilities Gives the excitement of transport. In this course, the model determined for the female work shirt prepared; market A business that is frequently used in workplaces as a result of the research and is accepted in the environment. shirt. When you successfully complete the female work shirt course, the dimensions of the work shirt, All related to obtaining a work shirt mold with the sheet drawing technique in accordance with the size You will be able to calculate the transactions, the main-assistant material. Later use By setting a model suitable for its purpose, a job you want with the small changes you will make You can also get the patterns of the shirt model.
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filiz work shirt

How to sew the woman's work shirt, is it shown or I couldn't find it. Can you help?

11-06-2010 15:42