Sewing boxer shorts

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Sewing boxer shorts

In order to sew boxer shorts, the following will be applied: preparation phase for Bozer shorts, Boxer quality qualifications, Boxer cutting, Poplin Fabric Preparation Procedures, Boxer Mold placement and cutting into the fabric and cutting, boxer planting, machine determination, boxer ironing.Sewing boxer shorts related game : Goldminer - Histoire de la série de jeux de mineurs d`or Goldminer - Histoire de la série de jeux de mineurs d`or

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rabiacalba boxer underwear

How to sew the boxer underwear and where can I get your molds

11-07-2011 20:58

    aksu boxer

    Men's combed boxer manufacturing I have a portion of my machines I do not have molds where can I get the molds. thanks

    30-11-2012 20:27