Preparing for shuttle weaving

2009-09-03 14:10:43

At the end of this lesson, the information and skills you will acquire and shuttle in the field of crafts For you to get to know the preparations and equipment necessary for weaving. will be useful. Weaving, a human being caused by the necessity of adaptation to the natural environment Not the profession branch, but also with examples of fashion and space arrangement within the cultural life environment. pleasure has been the art of subtlety. Therefore, traditional art examples of countries, natural reflects their environment and cultural life habits. In this course, the desired quality and characteristics of the works to be carried out in the field of hand weaving to carry to the next years. What kind of preparation is for this which will be done, which processing steps will be, which tools-equipment recognition and You will learn what they do with their characteristics and their meaning.

Pattern Preparation in shuttle weaving

2009-09-03 14:10:06

Textile, with its oldest art, whose origin is based on prehistoric, is in the whole world As it is for our country, both export and employment and foreign exchange input continues to be the basic sector in terms of. Development of weaving textile surface creation systems and techniques and Weaving in order to create designs that can respond to diversity with its renewal Always requirement of infrastructure techniques and information in the textile industry heard. For this reason, the bottom of the woven surfaces with the largest share in textile surfaces The issues containing building techniques have been tried to be given at a simple level.

Embroidery with Chinese needle on the machine

2009-09-03 14:09:23

The Chinese needle technique, which is included in the processing techniques, is an important in the process of processing. has a place. The formation of painting technique with yarns, the harmony, order of colors and With its artistic appearance, the Chinese needle technique has reached to date. The Chinese needle technique is done in the machine today. is applied. Chinese needle technique made in the machine, the fusion of colors with each other With various colored combines together, aesthetic products that look pleasant to the eye can be created. Using the Chinese needle technique, various events from nature and daily life We can apply it on floors. This course, which is prepared for Machine Embroidery Vocational Course, is the appropriate working environment To determine the need for models and materials in the Chinese needle technique, to process the fabric Preparation, Machine Preparation, Application of Chinese Needle Technique, Auxiliary Needle Techniques Application, ironing, quality control information and skills. This course will give you the ability to make the Chinese needle technique on the machine.

Taking a handmade into the industrial machine

2009-09-03 14:08:27

Industrial embroidery sector, for mass production; Production quality and time management is an important element. For this, the efficient operation of the machines, maintenance protection, The faults must be eliminated and the necessary settings must be made correctly. In this course, the operations to run the machine, outlines is described. When you make your applications, the machine you used Consider its properties and operating systematics. Example of application activities given to you It will provide and provide convenience in your work. When you successfully complete this activity, industrial machines You will be able to run.

Preparing the sewing embroidery machine

2009-09-03 14:07:39

Industrial embroidery sector, due to rapidly changing market and competition conditions It is in a dynamic development. Due to these features, the embroidery sector itself is constantly As it has opened to innovations, it has been in constant change in parallel with the changing technology. In particular, competition in this rapidly developing sector gains great intensity and Special policies are implemented for the protection of the sector and the development of competitiveness. Turkey has also affected the developing technology embroidery area in recent years. Industrial embroidery Entering our daily lives; The home accessories we use frequently on clothing decorations The use of people attracts close attention. In this context to do work Knowing the machines well; Choosing the appropriate material and preparing the machine It is important. When you successfully complete this activity, processing by recognizing industrial machines You will be able to prepare the machine to do.

Preparing Turkish Business Embroidery on Machine

2009-09-03 14:06:43

Turkish processing art has come from the past to the present day. With the development of technology, the art of processing has become static for a while, but continue to live. is. Turkish business technique also occupies an important place in these processing arts. The workforce is efficient Since the production is more and more economical, the machine is nowadays. interest in embroidery has increased. The Turkish work done by hand is also applied on the machine by following the developing technology. Turkish business technique, which is from our national culture, without losing its unique qualities It is in your hands to keep it alive. For this, following the technological development presented Our values ​​should be kept alive using convenience. With this course; Model related to Turkish work technique by providing a suitable working environment Determining, selecting suitable materials, preparing the fabric, processing the machine Preparation, applying Turkish work technique, applying the openwork technique, assistant needle Applying techniques to the Turkish work technique Suitable ironing includes quality control information and skills. This course will give you the ability to do Turkish work on the machine.

Preparing Maraş Handmade Pattern on the Machine

2009-09-03 14:05:44

Maraş is one of our national embroidery. Maraş region, especially our country It continues to be kept alive with rich examples in many regions. Maraş work before you get With the development of technology while being done, the machine is easily applied. Tasteful and beautiful products can be made in time. The preparation of the pattern in Maraş business is almost the same in the hand and machine. However, it is different as the processing technique. When you successfully complete this activity, the preparation of the Maraş business on the machine You will learn the stage and the materials used.

Maraş work on the machine sewing embroidery

2009-09-03 14:04:34

Our traditional cultural existence, embroidery; With the discovery and development of the sewing machine In addition to hand embroidery, it was started to be made on the machine. Today Under the influence of modernization, the machine is done in a shorter time than the embroidery made. It has emphasized its embroidery. Maraş, one of our embroidery in the machine, because it is an elegant process. In home decoration and decorative covers, accessories, bags, belts and slippers In addition, evening dresses are also used to decorate. Maraş work on the machine (Dival The process, which is decorated with materials such as caterpillar, flakes and pearls, gains a different wealth. When you successfully complete these activities, it is beautiful, enjoyable and also short. As you can do in time, you can use this process at every moment of your life and economic As you can provide income.

Preparation for the construction of Antep on the machine

2009-09-03 14:03:18

Today, the change of living conditions is done with the rapid progress of technology Time -field hand embroidery started to be made on the machine. All techniques studied It is applied in the machine. Antep is also among these embroidery. When working on the machine, many work is produced in a short time and made in Antep region A largely income is provided from the embroidery. House by shaking the pulley in the machine Type machines are also being studied. Antep work on the machine various decorative covers, bedspreads, clothes, panels, lampshades, Tablecloths are applied on pouches. You will be informed about the Antep business that you have successfully completed this activity. The motif fund required to apply Antep work techniques on the machine You will be able to prepare.

Making Antep Handmade on Machine

2009-09-03 14:02:42

Antep work applied was started to be made on the machine due to the conditions of the day. National The high tourist value due to reflecting our culture is economically. It provides great benefit to its people. This course; Antep work techniques on the machine, the auxiliary needle techniques used, It includes edge cleaning, ironing and quality control issues. When you successfully complete these activities You will be able to apply and make it ready for use.

Account Work Clothing and Woven

2009-09-02 08:13:30

The account business, which is one of our traditional embroidery, is one of our cultural assets. Rich and Account work with detailed processing techniques on fabrics that can be considered a thread is processed. As a result of the researches about the account business, which is the first place to be processed, Examples of excessive processing were found. Details and patterns in the processing of these examples The characteristics of people reflect the ways of living and culture. The most important element of hand -embroidery, the account job, pattern motifs according to periods has shown changes in terms of. In terms of the width and useful of the applied area, the account job in clothing decoration, It is frequently used in decorative covers and clothing accessories. The colors used and some auxiliary ornament techniques are even more enriched and gave different dimensions. When you successfully completed these activities, it took care of our rich culture. You will be and you will produce tasteful products. Its valuable in terms of the feature of the products made It will provide great income for employees.

Sim and Sırma and Maraş Handmade

2009-09-02 08:12:37

Maraş business has an important place among national embroidery. Sim, glazing and so on. When it is made with bright yarns and enriched with decorations A very magnificent and glittering processing technique emerges. Maraş is a different one -faced processing face and vice versa. This processing; processing In the maintenance of vehicles and equipment used during pre -preparation and processing It is much different and rich. As the processing technique, the lower yarn is not visible from the top and the upper yarn from the bottom. The periods of which the periods were applied and the preferred areas is one of the embroidery. It is still the same today. When you successfully complete these activities, Maraş is very magnificent and You will be able to make glittering products.

Hand Maraş Business Bindallı and Bed Covers

2009-09-02 08:11:45

There are very rich examples of Turkish processing art. Made between these examples The products created with Maraş work and especially the bindals are quite dazzling. Maraş is also known for its work, dival work, sim-rolling work, cardboard work, suppression names. Sırma, known as the palace embroidery, became quite widespread in the 19th century. Maraş and Kütahya The processing areas of the secret, which also have rich examples in the provinces, are quite wide. Before To the present day, bindals, bedspreads, bundle, cepken, curtain, divan fuss and many Maraş work is seen in various covers. It is possible to see these rare works in museums. Today, Maraş work has an important place in embroidery and clothing decorations. This Courses, Maraş, our national business, to live the business and to transfer it to future generations It will guide you in your work. You too; When you successfully complete this course, the tools used in Maraş business You will learn the preparation stages made before moving with

Trabzon Silver Kazaz Handmade Technique

2009-09-02 08:10:48

Silver Kazaz Knitting is a local handicraft made in Trabzon. One of our traditional handicrafts that have come to the present and have been tried to be alive is one. This handicraft made only in Trabzon ’ and dealing with trade. Trabzon Maturation Institute, P.K.S.O. and K.M.L. Silver Kazaz as a school He teachs this handicraft by opening practical courses and introducing the whole country to the world. trying to keep it alive. Silver Kazaz knitted finally you will learn the course creation lesson. Five How to combine all the techniques described at the end of the course and make it a product you will see. Silver Kazaz Knitting Techniques In the teaching phase of the fisherring technique taught. Then combining bolt, ball, openwork weaves and techniques respectively Showing. At the end of this course, the stages of creating product creating with silver Kazaz knitting, illustrated and you will learn with written explanations.

Fish back knitting technique

2009-09-02 08:09:58

Basically, jewelry, ” to influence the other ” It is used to decorate and decorate various parts of the human body to protect. is also requested. The roots of jewelry in Anatolia are very old. Works created by hand labor, It is integrated with the emotions, thoughts and spirit of the masters. Handicrafts are more than the verbal It is full of a rich burden of meaning. To constantly change the rapidly produced technology and tastes In spite of the Anatolian jewelry, in accordance with the contemporary art understanding, the abstract existence continues makes it. It is a necessity to transfer traditional artist creativity to new generations will. Because the jewelry made with handicrafts is original. Silver Kazaz Knitting is a local art made in Trabzon. Moreover It is one of our traditional handicrafts that have been disappeared. Therefore, this handicraft We have to protect and live to future generations by keeping it alive. Trabzon Maturation Institute, P.K.S.O. and K.M.L. Silver Kazaz Knitting Practical Courses trying to keep it alive. In the techniques found in the silver survivor, herringbone knitting chain task sees. In the teaching phase of techniques, the herringbone technique is first taught. Then respectively Combining bolt, ball, openwork weaves and techniques is taught to create products. At the end of this course, the technical stages of herringbone, which is knitted silver kazaz, illustrated and you will learn with written explanations.

Astragan work lonya needle

2009-09-02 08:07:18

Together with the developing technology, machine embroidery come to the forefront, time and It has saved energy and enabled embroidery to be processed easier and more in a short time. Astragan work and Blonya needle (cordon fastening It is one of the most preferred embroidery with processing. In home decoration, In addition to decorative covers, accessories, bags and slippers, children, sports and evening dresses It is used in decorating clothes and in many areas. When you successfully complete these activities; beautiful, enjoyable and also in a short time You can use this process you can use at any moment of your life, economically You will also be able to provide income.

TÜLÜ carpet weaving

2009-09-02 00:23:11

With this course, weaving tulle in the field of handicraft technology in the field of handicraft technology You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to be able to do it. Tülü weaving is an example of traditional Turkish carpets to shed light on the future. The nodes are made by skipping, the long -left mohair and wool to sleep in a comfortable way This feature of the providing carpet is more pronounced from the back. This feature is the back of the carpet It brings a graphical beauty to its appearance. Tülü carpet is a special weaving technique made in Anatolia. Technical preserved its feature. Changing living conditions and search for new design before as well as the use of tulle weaving in different areas. At the end of this course, the information you will obtain in accordance with the technique You will be able to prepare, make knotted tulle woven and clean the weaving. You will experience the happiness of making the tulle weaving ready for use.

Preparing for weaving tulu

2009-09-02 00:22:33

With this course, traditional to create products in tulle weaving technique The information and the information you need about the creation of composition based on motifs You will develop skills. The motif is the subject of an artist or designer from visible objects. and the element he chooses as a model. Tulle woven, carpet or stalls, wool or mohair touched pile (Furry) is a patent with soft container. Used as a thread of wool and knowledge used in the weft and warrant of the weaving Tiftiğin, natural, coloring with natural paints “ tulle weaving ” adds a value. At the end of this course, in line with the knowledge and skills you have acquired, the traditional motifs to create different compositions by preserving their features and tulle weaving technique You will be happy to prepare appropriate patterns.


2009-09-02 00:21:53

At the end of this course, the information and skills you will get at the end of this course For you to get to know the preparations and equipment necessary for weaving. will be useful. In the shuttle weaving, patterns and shuttle weaving preparation courses and main braids You will be able to gain knowledge and skills about the preparation of drawing and baying plans. When you complete all the activities related to the weaving course, the sample loom and To recognize the main elements, to prepare warp on the sample weaving loom, prepared According to the plan to connect the solution to the bench, make power and comb to bond, to overthrow the frames. You will be able to move and do sample fabric weaving operations.

Twill cover weaving

2009-09-02 00:20:52

There are quite wide varieties of twins, which are one of the shuttle weaving species. The twill knitting is widely used in cotton and woolen weaving. Men and women Dress fabrics, baddaniyelik fabrics are woven with twill. Besides these, wool Shawls and wefts can touch clothes accessories with yarns. In this course, you are very different twill knitting varieties and different twill braids Your weaving will be provided.

Woven bell 2

2009-09-02 00:20:12

Two or more yarn groups in various ways, among each other, from the bottom The product created by passing is called weaving. The simplest shape of the weaving is called cloth or cloth foot (flat weaving) weaving. Straight Weaving technically varied by names such as rugs, cicims, bells, sumacs. Foundation The rug creates weaving. Nowadays, with the development of technology, hand -weaving has been lost in the state. In order to keep hand -woven, the form of production suitable for the desired purpose It is very important to capture, to choose quality tools. Selected tools and equipment To be able to use, to know the weaving looms, to know their properties are the elements that improve quality It is located in it. In order to develop production in the hand weaving area in the desired quality and capacity Knowing the characteristics of the weaving looms used, information about the stalls and weaving To have a need is an inevitable need. In this course, preparing the bell pattern, preparing warp, before starting to wipe the bell First work to be done, the bell weaving and the ability to finish the woven product You will win. The information you acquire and the skills you earn are hand -woven area and work will help you know the conditions.

Sumak Weaving 2

2009-09-02 00:19:44

At the end of this course, you will get information and skills and Sumac It is very useful for you to recognize the basic skills and technique required to make weaving. will. Handicrafts have emerged since human beings have existed. has come out. To meet, cover and protect the needs of people first examples. Later, the hand showing changes according to environmental conditions The arts, the feelings, artistic tastes and cultural characteristics of the society in which it emerges It has become a reflection of "traditional ". Weaving, which has been done in Anatolia for a long time, in most regions It is a handicraft that has been and continues to be. In this respect, weaving is that man is only obliged to adapt to the natural environment. not a occupational branch of the cultural life environment, fashion and space arrangement With the examples, pleasure has been the art of subtlety. Therefore, traditional art examples of countries, It reflects its natural environment and cultural life habits. For this reason, the desired quality of the studies to be carried out in the field of hand weaving and preparing a sumac pattern to move to the coming years by having features, pattern You will learn their properties, their meaning, and the Sumac weaving techniques.

Panama weaving

2009-09-02 00:19:07

Dressing is a need that has begun with the creation of human beings. Because of this need The resulting weaving continues to the present day with certain developments in various periods. it has. Pre -living cultures in our country and technical after the Republican era Developments have helped textile to reach its current distinguished position. Next to this Developments are also taken into consideration according to different tastes and desires. In this context In order to meet the different requests of the consumer, textile is within a rapid development. The rapid development in the textile industry is pleasing, but in hand weaving The regression is sad. Restoring and alive of hand -woven is very important. At the end of the Panama lesson, one of the weaving types with the skills you will get at the end of the course You will be able to weaving Panama. Entry

Handmade Rips weaving

2009-09-02 00:18:17

The need for veil is a need that has begun with the creation of human beings. This The weaving that emerged due to the need is showing certain developments in various periods. It has given birth to the weaving sector extending to the present day. In line with the information and skills you will get with this course, in the field of hand weaving You will gain the ability to weaving Rips. All about Rips Weaving Course When you complete the activities, Rips, which is one of the weaving preparations for the weaving, to take the weave and You will be able to prepare the Blash reports and finally prepare color reports.

Peskir Towel Woven

2009-09-02 00:17:36

The roots of weaving art are very old. This rooted past Anatolia It has developed its weaving so far. One of the most beautiful examples of hand -woven in Anatolia is one of the products. peshkir. In the peshkir, which is forgotten in cities and is about to be forgotten in the villages. The traces of social life are hidden. From the Ottoman palaces to the Yörük tables Peshkir, which has a wide range of use, is tradition and as a decorative item both It is an indication of our customs and beliefs. Peshkir was used instead of towels in the old Ottoman culture. More towels today Peshkirler, who has taken on the ancient value in use, is now a decorative look in the showcases. wins. Until recently, there was a bench in every house in various parts of Anatolia; sometimes a Two or three types of separate stalls at home would work. Women, Girls' Lives In -Lives Beach At the beginning, they evaluated, peshkir, clothes, carpets, rugs and fuss. It was a lifestyle. Girls used to learn weaving from their mothers. Kınalı Hands keep shuttling, in the shuttles The colored yarns would go back and forth between the warps on the counter. Girls Weaving Machine They learned as if they were playing with toys at the beginning and mastered at a young age. With this course, a new part of hand -woven by learning to weaving towels You will grasp.