Modeling with SolidWorks

SolidWorks - Lesson 5- Giving out of paper

2009-01-09 17:05:45

Document about the transfer of the project drawn with Solidworks to paper. SolidWorks outputs are required to comply with the technical picture rules.

SolidWorks - Course 4- Assembly Modeling

2009-01-09 17:03:44

Solidworks, commands used in assembly. Insert Mate, Spider, Substores. Application activities.

SolidWorks - Lesson 3- Sac Metal Applications

2009-01-09 16:59:40

Solidworks with sheet metal creation, arrangement on sheet metal. SolidWorks Base Flange, Edge Flange, Mittrolete Flange, Sketched Bend, Rounding and Curlism. Solidworks Break-Corne, Cut Extruded, Fold and Unfold Commands.

SolidWorks - Course 2- Drawing Applications

2009-01-09 16:56:41

Solidworks with solid modeling, draft, thickening. PAH CRUSHING WITH SOLIDWORKS, LOFT, slope, screw production, pipe making and opening delac. Applied examples. Copying in Solidwork.

SolidWorks - Course 1- Program Installation and General Menus

2009-01-09 16:40:47

What are the advantages of the Solidworks program, what does Solidworks do? Mause use and drawing tools in Solidworks. Dimensions and menus.