Network (Network) Systems, Installation and Repair

ACL (Access Control List) Network Control with EDL lists

2008-12-27 02:26:11

Access Inspection Lists: List Creating, Access Inspection Lists Work, Wildcard Mask) Joker Mask, the function of the mask, editing access control lists, extended access control lists, restriction of virtual terminal access.

TCP-IP and transmission layer ports

2008-12-27 02:23:33

TCP: Structure of TCP protocol, communication with TCP, data transfer, flow control, service attacks, UDP (User Datagram Protocol), Transmission Layer Services and Ports, client ports, port numbers.

Router (Router) Problems and Solution

2008-12-27 02:19:18

Router Problems: Examining the transmission of packages, examining the way to rout, determining the network passage, automatic summarizing, OSI layer errors, network test, ping command, net DIAG Network control, IPConfig command, route command, tracert command, pathping command, netstat, telnet using telnet Test the network. To identify and correct router problems.

TCP -IP Messages - Error and Control Commands

2008-12-27 02:15:30

TCP/IP Messages: Commands using the ICMP, ICMP message, Ping command, Tracete command, ICMP messages, TCP/IP error and control messages, address mask, router (router) messages, information request and response message.

Ros - Network Server Management

2008-12-27 02:10:14

Router boot: Ros boot, opening command, flash memory, network server, rom, changing configuration, opening errors. File System Management: Ros File System, Using TFTP, ROS Restore, Ros Image File, Ros update.

Telnet and CDP - Network Systems

2008-12-27 02:06:58

Connecting to neighboring devices in the network: Introduction to Telnet and CDP, CDP commands, Telnet, Telnet connection, using router using telnet, remote connection control (IP Address Test)

Router (Router): Structure and Working, Required Settings

2008-12-27 02:04:24

Routers: In Wan, LAN and WAN, the routers, the structure and connections of routers, router interior components, router physical properties, LAN - WAN interface connections Don't bother the router: Router operating system (ROS) features, ROS starting, opening modes, LED indicators.

TCP-IP protocols, DNS, FTP, Telnet

2008-12-27 02:01:09

TCP/IP stone layer: Transport layer, connection between co -systems, transportation layer protocols, TCP, UDP, TCP and UDP port numbers. TCP/IP Application Layer: TCP/IP application layer, protocols, DNS, FTP and TFTP, HTTP (Hypext Transfer Protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), Telnet.

What is the sub -network? How to install the sub -network

2008-12-27 01:56:29

Lower networks: Create sub -network, Create a bottom network mask address -At network mask application -A and B classes for the creation of sub -networks A¤ Test Commands: Ping (Packet Internet Gopher), Tracert, Nbtstat, Netstat Appliance activities and examples

What is Ethernet? How to set Ethernet settings?

2008-12-27 01:53:35

Comprehensive Document About Ethernet: -Ethernet foundations -Ieee 802.x standard -Thernet and OSI model -Katman 2 frameworking -Ethernet process -Mac address -CSMA/CD -Thernet timing Types -Thernet errors -10,100,1000 Mbps Ethernet -10 Gigabit Ethernet Ethernet switching: -Ping command -Notarma -Panning -re protocol -To

WAN Cable Systems

2008-12-27 01:49:14

Wan Devices: Wan Technologies, X25, Frame Relalay, ATM, XDSL (Numerical Subscriber Lines), Channel E1, Isdn (Integrated Services Digital Network), WAN physical layer, serial connections, wan devices, ADSL modem, router (Router) Router interfaces: AUI (additional unit interfaces), serial connections, BRI (Basic Rate Interface-Basic Ratio interface), DSL connections, console connections, console connections, Hyper Terminal session.

Fiberoptic -Poptic wiring systems

2008-12-25 13:42:13

Single -mode fiber optic cable, multi -mode fiber optic cable, elements used in the optical cable system, signals. Maintenance and testing of the optical cable.

TCP-IP foundations, IP address, fixed IP

2008-12-21 06:10:34

Introduction to TCP/IP ’ History of TCP-IP ’ ADDRESS, Fixed IP Address Assigning, Address Analysis Protocol (Harp), Harp Package Format, Rarp, Bootp, DHCP, related application activities.

Network Foundations - LAN Cable, local network

2008-12-21 06:07:54

LAN (local network) wiring, LAN installation, hardware and software that must be available on computers, LAN technologies, ethernet, token ring, FDDI, UTP application, LAN devices connections, Network Card, Switch, Gateway, Bridge, Repeater, Router, Transciver , Concentrator, network settings in the operating system.

Network Foundations - Copper Cables

2008-12-21 06:02:19

In this detailed document about copper cables: cable properties, cable standards, coaxial cable, structure, varieties, connectors. You can find detailed and illustrated information about double twisted cable, structure, varieties, STP, UTP cable, connectors and cable preparation.

Network Foundations - What is Network, how does it work?

2008-12-21 05:58:53

Aug Foundations In the Starting Document: Network History, Parallel Communication, Serial Communication, Network Topologies, Network Protocol Standards, Local Area Networks, Wide Networks, Hub, NIC, Router, Firewall, Modem Device, Access Server, Environment Converter (Transciever), Band You can find issues such as width, TCP/ IP.

Computer Connection Ports

2008-12-18 15:57:20

On the computer: Parallel Port, Series Port, USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port, PS/2 Port, Monitor VGA Port, Ethernet Port, Modem Port, Firewire Ieee 1394 Port, Audio Port, S-Video Port.