Baby clothes molds 2

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Baby clothes molds 2

The first years of the child's baby are the cornerstones of his development. Due to the fact that basic knowledge and skills are gained during these early development years, the age of baby It is of great importance. Therefore, in order to prevent all activities that the baby will do, comfortable models And the preference of fabrics that will not harm the baby that is sensitive to the skin is gaining importance. With these issues, the accessories to be used in the baby's clothing are also uncomfortable. It should be taken into consideration. When you successfully complete this course team mold, baby vest mold, bady mold, baby jumpsuit mold can prepare, appropriate ingredients will be able to calculate the main and auxiliary materials in line with productivity principles. You will be able to gain knowledge and skills.
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01-06-2010 20:45

    necla akkaþ Baby Skirt and Dress Molds

    I want those 2 years old baby skirt and dress molds

    22-12-2012 00:58

      Nurten küpeli Baby clothes molds

      I want baby dress molds

      30-01-2013 21:24