Clothing, sewing and embroidery, clothing molds

Computed garment mold system

2009-07-26 07:50:58

Mold preparation methods used in our country for nearly 20 years As a revolution for the first modelists who brought changes and met the system in those years CAD/ GLASS SYSTEMS CALLED CARPLY CARRY AND INVESTMENT OF MONEY Due to the requirement, it did not have much demand in the first years. Yet now cad/glass Systems are preferred for production of international standards in accordance with the requirements of the age. is. Although CAD/Glass Systems are expensive, it provides convenience to use, from time, money, labor, fireworm and increase the quality of production is preferred in terms of. At the end of this course, functions in the computerized mold system and computed mold He will learn to use the equipment forming the system in accordance with his purpose and ready -to -wear You will be a preferred person in the field of mold preparation in the sector.

Football in leather clothes production

2009-07-26 07:43:23

Leather clothing production has differences from ready -made production. Leather of a garment During the planting, one foot and the other machine in a compatible and complementary way. requires it to work. Since one error will adversely affect the other, both employees He knows the stages of production very well and is doing his job quality. carries. Football is an indispensable element of skin production. To be sewn on the machinery Each piece to be prepared by preparing may require different operations according to the model feature of the product. For this reason, in addition to the handicraft of the footman in the quality of the product, practical and It must have an analytical intelligence. Winning this skill will be done in many It is possible with applications. When you successfully complete the football lesson, an footer in leather clothing production You will gain technical knowledge and skills that should have. Leather clothing production As an indispensable element, contributing to both yourself and the national economy you will provide.


2009-07-26 07:42:24

Today, the clothing sector, many countries of the world and Turkey's economy It is one of the important sectors that keep standing. A very large amount of money When you calculate the raw material price of the garment, maybe even one percent of the sales price of that garment you will see that it is not. This is the country of the design power of giving good shape to matter it reveals how great its contribution to the development of its economy. The farthest point of the imagination limits, where the clothes design forces the largest horizons The area he finds is artistic drawing studies. Turkey's market share in the textile sector It depends on its powerful and dynamic design power. Artistic drawing designed It is the most beautiful form of clothes. For this reason, you are in the industry of artistic drawing You should know its importance and designs with strong and original lines.

Women's Beach Clothing Molds, Preparation for Beach

2009-04-18 14:05:39

Beach dress used on the beach and by the pool side of the pool, pareo and shorts to fashion trends It is the types of clothes that make up. Clothes worn on swimsuit and bikinin, their fabric It is designed in accordance with its features. It is presented to people with a wide range of models and fabric features. This is about this, with the information of preparing women's beach dresses, pareo, shorts molds. Your information is needed in the underwear sector where the trained labor force is needed. You will have the chance to spend.

Preparing women's swimwear, mold and sewing operations

2009-04-18 14:03:07

The swimwear is generally worn, knitted or woven to do water sports The fabric is described as one or two -piece clothing. With the production of lycra fabrics in the late 1960s, the swimsuit gained a different structure It loses its previous meaning more quickly, pulling less water and wrapping the body beautiful It has taken its place in the beaches with its feature. Nylon and liquid mixture, designed for swimmers in the 1972 Olympics, swimsuits have become a turning point in swimsuit production and developments in today's fabric and production techniques have been added. Parallel to the developments in the textile sector in our country Developments have taken place and large companies in swimsuits have taken their place in the textile sector. Swimwear -producing companies by marketing their products not only on the domestic market but also to the foreign market They have managed to announce their names as important brands of our country. Models, fabric and accessories in swimwear production increased the richness in production and pushes companies and users to new searches every year and more differences in swimsuit required swimsuit production and increased production. Today, it is also influenced by the developments in fabric production techniques and more durable and non -fading swimsuit production is produced more quickly. With this document, cutting, planting, last iron and final control used in women's swimwear production By learning the technical and practical information about what is happening, the necessary information and You will gain skills.

Planting Wedding Dress 2

2009-04-18 14:00:16

The wedding dress is your young girl on the wedding day symbolizes happiness. Wedding dress worn while getting married; In accordance with this special day, tulle, lace, organza, satin, silk and chiffon prepared from fantasy fabrics such as, various models and decorations are a clothing. This garment is completed with accessories such as veils, flowers and bags. This document has been prepared for those who want to work in the clothing sector to be a source of information, skills and practices related to planting wedding dresses.

Bridal Planting 1

2009-04-18 13:59:04

Every young girl dreams of her wedding day. He wants this dream to be very special. The wedding dress symbolizes the happiness of the young girl on this special day. Wedding dress worn while getting married, in accordance with this special day tulle, lace, organza, satin, silk and features with various models and decorations prepared from fantasy fabrics such as chiffon It is a earned garment. This garment is completed with accessories such as veils, flowers and bags. The sewing of the wedding dress is the cutting of the wedding dress, pre -planting preparation procedures 1. You will be able to perform rehearsal operations successfully. You can contribute to special moments by producing wedding dresses with the information you have obtained.

Wedding Dress Mold, Types of Wedding Dress

2009-04-18 13:57:30

One of the very special days in the life of women is a wedding day. The wedding dress worn on this very special day and what makes this special garment even more special is that the young girl reflects all her clean emotions and emphasizes her beauty. In this module, the main and auxiliary materials used in wedding dress drawing and production You will find information about its use. With the information you have obtained, your special moments are made by producing wedding dresses. You can beautify.

Turkish Flag Planting

2009-04-18 13:51:36

In this section, you will learn the planting of the Turkish flag. Our holy flag, which is the symbol of the Turkish nation, has taken the color of our soldiers who were martyred for their homeland. Let us not forget that our flag is as sacred as the wars and the lands of the dormitory to protect our land. As the Great Turkish Nation, we have to protect our flag, protect and keep it alive. This is the duty of every Turkish citizen from seven to seventy. You received your education To recognize the Turkish flag according to the knowledge and skill proficiency of the area, the measure and pattern of the flag It is also important to remove it. In this regard, the definition, history of the flag, the flag used today You will learn the varieties, usage areas, dimensions and mold drawings and get to know your flag better.

Sewing types and machine sewing, sewing machine maintenance

2009-04-18 13:49:49

In this compartment: sewing varieties, machine needles, needle types, issues to be considered in needle use. Sewing machine maintenance. Sewing yarns, yarn types, issues to be considered in the selection of yarn. Yarn wearing processes to the machine. Lubrication and sewing machine maintenance.

Pillow Planting, Lining Types

2009-04-18 13:47:03

mankind; Discovering different materials such as leather, weaving fabric and knitting fabric He used them and thus met the need to dress. These materials have become separate sectors today and have formed the textile industry. The textile industry, which is of great importance in our industrializing country, is developing, development It has been an important driving force in increasing our speed. The sector also has an important place in world markets. In the field of ready -to -wear in our country, in accordance with the requirements of the age, international standards must produce. The realization of a desired production production has grown in this field requires quality workforce. Professional and technical Education is a very important element. In this regard, pillow cutting, planting, last ironing and final control procedures are explained. The pillow described in this section is sewn from the skin. You can sew stylish pillows by selecting different ingredients or using a combination.

Sewing T -shirts, T -shirt types

2009-04-18 13:45:22

Easy to use such as T -shirts, healthy, comfortable and sports clothes have a very important place in today's living conditions. The production and raw material properties of round knitted fabrics are very suitable for the production of such garments. Today, this type of fabrics are quite common in almost all kinds of clothing production. is used. After the production of underwear, the second t -shirt has a history today. The area of ​​use is quite common. In addition to classic T -shirt models (Basic, Polo, etc.), as well as It is produced in many different forms and models according to the fashion of the day. T -shirt production techniques, which are the foundations of production in the sector you will learn. The knowledge and skills you gain will help you to recognize this branch and the working conditions of this branch and will be the basis for your next learning.

Preparing a T -shirt mold

2009-04-18 13:44:19

Easy to use, healthy, comfortable and sports clothes are quite in today's living conditions It has an important place. The production and raw material properties of round knitted fabrics are very suitable for the production of such garments. While the consumer first needs less kinds of clothing, different today. They need types of clothing. T -shirt has an important place among these types of clothes. The use of the T -shirt is convenient, healthy, comfortable and economical. The intense demand increases the need for grown personnel in this field. Due to changes in customer requests, changes are also observed in orders. The common aspect of today's orders is that the variety of models is very low and the number of orders is low. In recent years, the rapid change with the effect of fashion makes the flexibility and diversity compulsory in production.

Sewing boxer shorts

2009-04-18 13:42:46

In order to sew boxer shorts, the following will be applied: preparation phase for Bozer shorts, Boxer quality qualifications, Boxer cutting, Poplin Fabric Preparation Procedures, Boxer Mold placement and cutting into the fabric and cutting, boxer planting, machine determination, boxer ironing.

Topics to be considered when buying children's dress molds and ready molds

2009-04-18 13:39:36

The number of enterprises producing children's clothing is increasing day by day. All processes of children's clothing are quite enjoyable. Meeting the needs of the new generation and dressing them in a modern and ergonomic way will increase your enthusiasm for you to work. To learn how to prepare the basic pattern for children's clothing, to remove the patterns of the dresses in the model you want, to be qualified and wanted in the sector. In addition, maybe you will be able to set up your own workplace

Children's dress planting, taking and removing mold

2009-04-18 13:37:48

Children's clothing varies according to economic conditions and regions in Turkey is basically the same. Each of the children's clothing groups is comprehensive, interesting and arousing enough to be a subject of a separate examination. Families, usually the exterior of girls They give more importance to their images and ornaments than boys. For this reason, girl His clothes cover a wide space in this sector in terms of production. Girls should be remarkable with their color and models with decorations. 2-6 Age is the game age of children. In this age, children are in constant movement. Because Production of dresses from comfortable, durable, healthy and easily cleaned fabrics is required. Quality by learning ornament techniques with children's dress sewing techniques You will gain the ability to plant children's dress suitable for their qualifications.

Men and female athlete planting, mold preparation and sewing stages

2009-04-18 13:35:03

The choice of underwear is very much for both our health and our clothes to look clear. It is important. An important factor for healthy development of a selected underwear in accordance with body lines will. With this document, both female and male athlete patterns, which form the basis of underwear, fabric features used in underwear, stretch-out rates of fabrics, template, serial and necessary tools and equipment calculating information by taking this information in the underwear sector that is much needed to apply You will have the chance to spend

Men's shirt mold is ready, sewing a shirt

2009-04-18 13:33:16

Production and exports of men's shirts in the sector constitute the majority of exports. After reading and applying this article about the preparation of the male shirt mold, the mold It contributes to the country's economy by gaining preparation and template preparation skills. The element feature selected in the event of a place of individuals and work in the case of work. You will have won.

Preparing the skirt mold, you can prepare a mold

2009-04-18 13:31:41

Thanks to the topic of preparing the skirt mold, you will be able to prepare molds. After learning these issues, calculating the dimensions and creating drawings will give you great pleasure. How accurate the mold If it is drawn, the clothes you produce will be so beautiful. Knowing that you have created every step of the model you designed will excite you and make you willing to mold.

Skirt varieties, skirt planting, flat narrow skirt mold - Part2

2009-04-18 13:27:45

In the second part of the flat narrow skirt planting, you will find the cutting, planting of your skirt's main and auxiliary materials, and the last ironing-last control process. When you work taking into account all the suggestions, by obtaining a quality product, making production You will enjoy it.

Skirt varieties, skirt planting, flat narrow skirt mold - Part1

2009-04-18 13:24:23

Topics to be examined in this section: Hand sewing techniques, having varieties, application types of tape types of printing types, printing types application procedures, buttonhole types, button sewing techniques, buttons selection of buttons selection to the skirt, planting types, sheds planting types, rip Place and importance, zipper varieties and planting procedures, definition of lining, usage purposes, lining varieties, preparation, lining with primer, waist cleaning techniques, belt -ervazla waist cleaning.

Yarn varieties, fabric fiber varieties

2009-04-18 13:19:17

Yarn types and fiber types. It is important that you recognize the concept of raw materials that you will constantly need in products in the field of textile carries. The opportunity to recognize and use elements that form the basis of professional information will determine your difference in your business life compared to your competitors. To determine the raw material of recognizing textile fibers with this document correctly By providing you will be able to recognize the sewing yarns and select sewing yarns suitable for the fabric.

Textile surfaces, fabric types

2009-04-18 13:17:29

Profession at all levels that want to have a successful and necessary competence in the clothing sector The element should recognize the textile surfaces, which are the main material of the garment, very well and know their properties very well. However, in this way, the most suitable materials for the textile product to be produced can choose as. The information and skills you will earn in this field will contribute to you being a qualified, successful and sought -after intermediate staff in the textile apparel sector. In addition, at the end of this document, when choosing the textile products you need in daily life It is certain that you will be a conscious consumer

Ironing tricks, ironing varieties, stain removal methods

2009-04-18 13:15:20

Ironing is an indispensable tool we use in textile production workshops and homes. Developments in textiles also affected ironing technology. Industrial ironing usage today It varies according to the field. Acceleration of production in the sector and multiple jobs Special ironing have been developed for downloading. Fully automatic ones are also available. We need to iron our clothes daily in our homes. This is both aesthetics It is also important for health. In this module, by preparing the ironing environment after getting to know the iron and ironing varieties. You will be able to iron. In addition, after learning stain removal techniques, a certain team You will be able to remove the stains from textiles.

How to make overlock. How to use overlock machines

2009-04-18 13:12:19

Using a overlock machine is very important in the clothing sector. In order to achieve the desired purpose in ready -made clothing production, the machines used The choice, the ways of using it should be well known. In short, industry for the realization of clothing production at the desired quality and capacity The features of the overlok machine, which is an indispensable part of its machines, use It is necessary to know the fields, simple maintenance and repair.