Construction and Architectural Accounts

Construction Materials

2009-08-28 14:45:28

The buildings of the buildings are made, then their projects are drawn, examined and approved by the relevant authorities. Permission to start construction is given. However, this is the work on paper. A digging was not hit. The land boundaries and the building will be determined. To construction now When we say let's start, he'il come and scrapes. He doesn't ask where and at what depth ? The blacksmith of the blacksmith will be able to install iron equipment, assembled instead. From where, Which corner will it start? The smallest error to be made is to increase your construction costs, your neighbors If you have entered the border, you are in court or by the municipality may cause stopping. What do you do, who would you ask for help? Do not panic, the solution is elsewhere Don't call! You will do these things! How Does? You will take this course and succeed and bring more. There is bread in this lesson, the future. If you combine your information with modern technology And if you decide on higher education I'm sure it will come down. Application, the arrow target is exactly 12 ’ Whether you are a builder or a carter, you will decide.


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Many businesses are intertwined with construction and some of their work is for their own special goals. They carry out appropriate designed structures. Multi -purpose structures It must be sufficient in terms of safety of life and property. Earthquake, landslides threatening the structure, the place, time and violence Unknown, considering external influences; Structure floors, physical properties It should be known. In addition, in terms of security; Determination of additional measures that can be taken and structure It will be an important data in the preparation of projects. The consequences of some of the earthquake disasters to get an idea about this In short, it is enough to take a look. 1939 in the Erzincan earthquake: 32962 dead, wounded is unknown, 1970 Gediz earthquake 1086 dead, 1260 wounded, 2385 dead in 1975 Lice earthquake, 3339 injured, 1999 Kocaeli 17174 dead in the earthquake. 43953 injured records. Our economic losses are quite high and our spiritual losses are; so much to be measured high. Considering time and losses; In terms of ground research, in real terms It is thought -provoking that applications are not implemented. Structures to be designed in accordance with the floor structure standing safely for many years to remain; An important contribution to the prevention of material, labor, economic power and loss of life will.

Ceramic in architecture

2009-08-28 14:43:33

In today's construction sector, ceramics, with market language, we know as a tile master. The current situation of people; Even though they do their job well in departments that require mastery, They do not succeed in the selection of materials and quantity. Customer because they do not follow the innovations in the sector and do not train themselves. They cannot respond to their wishes. Customer, always, on every subject to the guide will be looking for technical staff who know their job well. Model of Materials; The aesthetic appearance and quality of the material is good or bad affects in the direction. Unexpected results arising from lack of knowledge and skills This course, which is prepared for the purpose of not seeing, will provide you with the benefit. Most customers in a new housing, workplace and similar non -securities The strength of the securities, the carrier elements of the structure, the important features of insulation, etc. It looks at its appearance, paint and ceramic coating. Comfortable, healthy and convenient In the occurrence of houses, workplaces and other structures: ceramic coating It is of great importance that the materials are made in accordance with the correct and techniques. Making big investments in finding jobs and making money in other professions When necessary, you will have the opportunity to work without requiring capital in ceramicism. This I hope that the course will be useful to you, I wish you success.

PVC Application Techniques

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People in ancient times; Dressing, housing, eating and drinking needs in primitive ways He tried to remove it, found fire over time, invented the wheel and the need to move more more robust and healthy housing places with better quality materials they have. This process continued by showing extremely rapid changes to the present day. it has. Nowadays, people are natural in quality and conscious consumption. They investigated the ways of less damage to the texture, to prevent our forests from extinction In order to minimize the use of wood in buildings, doors, windows, exterior facades Siding, garden fences and so on. They started to use PVC joinery in areas. As in many sectors in our country, in the PVC sector, it is not necessary, it is necessary. lacking technical knowledge and skills, only because of the good financial opportunities, doing this job, There are sector employees who cut the quality and skillful workmanship. This is the same Since it caused unconscious and poor quality production at the time, the national economy and our environment It can cause great damage. I would like to point out that it has the necessary technical knowledge and equipment with this course. You will be with our dear students; great to the national economy and the preservation of natural balance The PVC joinery sector with its contribution, educated, required infrastructure The gap of the element will be closed and unconscious production and poor quality workmanship will be prevented.

Plaster Preparation Techniques

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To be able to survive during the period since the creation of human beings He needed a safe place for. Initially with a cave or tree branches While a simple club made of reeds is sufficient, it was later like stone, brick, adobe, wooden structure It has built structures in different ways with the use of materials. With the development of technology as time progresses, the places where people live The needs of making useful and more aesthetic have emerged. In the face of intense urbanization in today's conditions, people are compressed and Their spaces are more aesthetic, bright and Easy to apply to make it enjoyable environments, economic, human and environmental health They have embarked on the search for useful new building materials. In this course, the places we live in to make the more spacious and aesthetics You should know about the plaster and plaster applications that constitute some of the applications. Information and skills are transferred. After winning the knowledge and skills contained in this course, you and The spaces you live in can increase your confidence in your profession even more spacious and You will be able to make aesthetic individuals and are sought after in the society.


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Today, when technological developments develop at dizzying rapidly, paints There is no protection. We have come to the forefront of human health Apart from the chemicals that have carcinogenic effects in their runs, more natural The preference of the materials has pushed the paint sector into different searches. Natural factors such as bacterial protection, moisture, heat, sound, aesthetics, easy application Care has been taken to provide with materials. Now that damages today's humanity it does not accept any chemical substances. Discussing the effects of colors on human psychology The paint sector has responded with a rich color scale and varieties of color. All these studies of people in a healthy, happy, protected structure. It was born out of the increase targets. These works in both manufacturing and implementation sector continues at full speed. With this course, in your private life as well as your choice of profession You will also find information you can use.

Insulation in buildings

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In recent years, fuel hikes will continue in the coming years, The reports obtained as a result of the research of major oil companies in the world is understood. All developed countries alternative fuel resources search needs They heard and various studies have been initiated to save fuel they are present. In our country, such studies have not come to the desired level It is stated in scientific study reports. As a matter of fact, the International Energy Agency, Turkey's#8217; Among the member states, the lowest level in the implementation of the energy saving program Among the countries, the news that the news deeply upset us. The scientific known by everyone is that the insulation occupies an important place in fuel saving is a fact. For this reason, promotional lessons are particularly the possibility to get a conscious help. It will direct themselves to recognizing young people who are not, applications and their profession It has content that helps them to determine their fields. The importance of insulation in buildings in the course, types of insulation and application stages It has been examined and evaluated and the provision of information and skills to you dear students targeted.


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In buildings with a type of building, there are various carrier elements. These are basic, column, beam, flooring and walls. In this course you will learn the wall, one of the elements used in buildings. Walls; The most important of the buildings since people make the first house for themselves has been the element. First, people from the reeds, tree branches and tree stumps They made a wall. With the development of the building sector, due to the needs of people Walls, made of mudbrick and stone; Later with the development of the construction sector, Various wall elements are offered to the service of humanity. The walls were first used as a carrier element in structures, but the building sector With its development, the carrier element has lost its properties. Today is usually carcass In the buildings, the walls are in the process of cutting out the connection of the outside and dividing interiors. is used. The walls are outdoors and intercourse with each other It is of different importance in terms of the aesthetic appearance of the building because they are an element. Walls made in accordance with the technique, the quality of the plaster to be applied on it, Since it positively affects the smoothness of the doors and windows to be installed The importance of the person increases in this direction. For the reasons that are considered above in the construction sector, the elements of good walls are Time was needed. Good wall -knitting elements; Sand, lime to be used for wall knitting Cement, water and wall mortars should be known very well. At the end of this course, the sand is appropriate to the technique, mortar and wall -knitting information and When you win the skill, it gained competence in one of the most important branches of the construction sector. you will. This will make you stronger in finding jobs and making money in the industry.

Concrete features in architecture

2009-08-28 14:38:34

The construction sector, total investments and national income in the numerical share and provides It is one of the most lively and most important sectors of our economy in terms of the size of the labor force opportunities. is one. Concrete has been the most important building material in the construction sector for many years. is used. The presence of concrete raw materials in nature, easily desired to take the shape, for many years to serve, durability and economic very appropriate It is an indispensable building material in terms of being material. With the rapid increase in the world's population and the development of construction technology rapidly, Many of the houses, especially factories, bridges, dams, roads and many similar The use of concrete in buildings increases the importance of this material further. Building In technology, it is missing randomly when producing concrete materials that are so important The reasons such as using materials produce a poor quality concrete and bad causes a construction. After the discovery of cement, in construction technology applications are widely The concrete that is used is an interesting material. Plastic consistency at the time it is prepared It has been very important in the development of modern architecture as it entered the desired shape. For these reasons, you know how to make concrete construction and in accordance with the rule You must apply. Decide which type of concrete and where you should use it. You should produce concrete according to the construction stages. As a result of the gains obtained with concrete lessons, grobeton is in the construction site Place, shape and production rules will turn into skills. Concrete technology After the preliminary studies required for use, concrete casting stages, The process steps in the application have been made of competence, evaluated and you presented.

Concrete iron structures

2009-08-28 14:37:45

Applications in the field of construction show a wide variety of and variable structure. Increase in labor force in the sector and technological developments accelerate construction construction. This Sectors, part or all of their activities in accordance with their special purposes carried out on designed structures. From this point of view, multi -purpose The structures used must be sufficient for the safety of life and property. It is not enough that the structures are physically very robust. Reinforcement of construction The iron must be on the strength to carry the least structure loads safely. Considering the location, time and violence in structures, which cannot be fully controlled When taken, the strength properties of the reinforced concrete reinforcement should be known. Moreover Knowing these features, determination of additional measures that can be taken in terms of building safety and structure It will be an important data in the preparation of projects. For this, the structure is static System, dimensions and application methods and techniques are important. The robustness of a structure, it It depends on the quality of the building elements and materials that make up the structure. Studying in structures is an indispensable element. Robustness is many structures It depends on the construction of the elements in accordance with the technique. With reinforced concrete iron The reinforced concrete structures to be designed accordingly stand up safely for many years. Materials, labor force, economic power and loss of life can be prevented by remaining.

Plaster information in construction

2009-08-28 14:36:56

The competitive market that the market economy that is being implemented today will need The training of individuals who will meet their demands, qualified, compatible and highly motivated, It is important for the development of our country. EU ’ Turkey in the process of harmony in Turkey, in Turkey, young people It is important to grow up outside our country in the future. Therefore, every Qualified manpower requirements specialized in more than one branch in the sector it comes out. Finding a job of well -trained professional staff with a high level of knowledge and skills Their chances are more. Most of the young people are between vocational high schools and flat high schools after finishing secondary education. encountering the problem of choice, because they do not have enough information The choice of the fields of effort to continue throughout their lives is coincidences. remains. The abilities of young people, the needs of the society and the environment, sufficiently consider Their elections without receiving, both their unhappiness and the workforce of the society can lead to. One of the important reasons for the wrong choice of profession is in the business world Young people have sufficient knowledge about the opportunities and the needs of the labor market they are not. To have knowledge, to choose the right profession and to develop in the profession. is the condition. The right and up -to -date information that the student needs, in a short time and with the least labor In order to reach it, ways of accessing information should be taught. This course is for the 10th grade students of the construction technology field and 32 course hours At the school, 8 course hours outside the school, the student will do individual or group work It will be carried out within a total of 40 lessons.

Size and Scales in Construction

2009-08-28 14:34:50

As it is known, structure and construction have existed since the existence of humanity. The construction sector is very It is a wide sector. Its importance is increasing. With the rapid development of technology, he wants Technology manifests itself in our sector. This is a separate function for construction adds. At this point, we have a lot of work. To humanity and our environment in this field It is seen that there are many things we can give. Therefore, in our profession, ourselves We need to train well and follow technology very closely and daily. In this way to determine our place in this sector, the best way We should work and complete our education. In this training, vocational accounts course in an important position it comes out. Certainly, the location and importance of occupational accounts in the construction sector it is too degree to take it. Measurement and Scales Course is also an important place in the professional accounts. It is that you have information about the measurements and scales that are intended from this course. What is the measure? such as the environmental accounts of geometric shapes … you will learn the subjects. Mostly, will they work for us in our daily lives? Otherwise only Are we going to use it in our profession? Here you will find all this and the results in this course. We believe that at the end of this course, there will be no questions when you repeat information. And We hope that at the end of this lesson, you will all reach the necessary competence. To take your place in the construction sector, your knowledge and skills for a lifetime Hope to guide you in length; We wish you luck.

Wood carving

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A period in which the definition of profession changes and diversified profession branches We live. Today, many professions that have existed in the past are eliminated or The chance of employment is decreasing. In addition, while employment increases in some professions, many new The profession also emerges. The construction sector we are in is one of the most affected by this situation. comes. In the past, what is your profession? ” When asked, I am a builder, I am constructor, the structure I'm a technician and so on. While definitions are sufficient, such definitions are insufficient today. Because these concepts describe a very wide area and dozens of mastery and expertise (Masonry, reinforced concrete blacksmith, painting, wood joinery, plastic joinery, etc.) It is a fact that there is a branch. The need of the sector is more of the professions that have certain limits and require expertise. For example A employer will employ in many areas, but in the field he wants. It prefers to have knowledge at the degree of expertise. The chance of employment defined on a sectoral basis with the knowledge and skills you will obtain with this course You will have entered the profession of the high restoration technician, The restoration technician is old, but the chance of employment is increasing. is a profession. With the title of restoration technician, the related units of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with municipalities. You will be able to find a job easily in various public institutions. With the knowledge and skill you will gain in the profession of restoration technician not only has a profession of employment, but also our culture in our history. You will also taste the spiritual pleasure of contributing.

Preparing a wooden mold for construction

2009-08-28 14:33:06

He will be educated in the field of construction and after your education, the construction sector You will continue in it. Developing technology and changing living conditions, people's action has made it necessary to pass. Those who cannot keep up with this movement or accelerate in their work Those who cannot increase are unemployed. This means this; Those who are good at work can be your life. He will win and be happy. With these feelings, construction wooden molding is well learned You should be able to get your life. To make wooden mold, to shape concrete and concrete, or wooden or wood panels are to combine according to the shape of the building. Concrete or concrete Shaping is to give the form and size to the construction specified in the project. This In order to ensure, it is essential to mold according to the measurements in the project. On the mold and mold scaffolding The feature of the wood to be used should be known. All elements of the mold in accordance with the technique Using it, you should be able to collect the pattern of the buildinglements. Mold, concrete desired shape To give the weight of concrete weight until it makes its outlet and to prevent the pressure of the sides It is done temporarily. Wooden mold will serve our purpose when done according to the rules, It can be easily removed after completing its mission. We should never forget that your structures His robustness is directly related to the fact that the elements are in the desired forms and sizes. All In addition, the elements to be employed in the field of construction technology are also important. is. For this reason, concrete and reinforced concrete molder, the basis of the work and technological rules should do its job. The construction of the constructions is solid, economic and ergonomic and However, it will be with people who are trained, dominated by their business, who have work and morality. To succeed It is in your hands. Finding excuses is not your job. I wish you health and success.


2009-08-28 14:31:50

Nowadays, in line with the technology, the main occupational branches are in need depending on the profession. In these professions, I will do whatever they are now. In an area, branches have been reached. This is my field or the profession I am assertive; logic is in the population. It is known that people will be more successful in their favorite professions. People Instead of pushing to professions, they inform them about professions and their individual skills It should be allowed to guide them by guiding them. This Vocational courses have been created in line. In this course, the oldest building material of construction technology is wood, today It finds a wide area of ​​use. To be a natural and warm -looking material Due to human psychology positively affects. Wood, in this course, introduced with its general features, the basis of wood processing The works are presented by dividing into the process steps. Introduction of wood, features, cutting and grated by combining and adding with different methods. This course is a resource that students will benefit from on the way to success.

Steel Building Projects

2009-08-28 14:23:47

Steel drawings; Steel Building Project drawings, detailed detail drawings and design It is aimed at preparation for such competencies. The attitude of the knowledge and skills to be gained here And the fulfillment and implementation of behaviors in complete, is the main factor for error -free production in the drawing and manufacture of steel structures. This course: Steel building projects, merging equipment, steel structure elements, equipment and drawing of steel cage beam type detail drawings in accordance with the standards and regulations The aim is to draw scaled and gain skills and professional habits using the technique. and the students who will work in steel structure production, vocational and technical education, steel Common drawing principles and Basic Steel in the project drawings of the project drawings Drawing applications will gain competence. At the end of this course, simple sections of steel profiles, sheets and steel structure elements And you will learn to draw type combination details of steel cage beams.

View in Technical Drawing

2009-08-28 14:22:13

In cases where words are over and something cannot be said, mankind throughout his life He preferred to agree with the lines. Despite the developing technology, the line language is the only language that does not always lose its validity. remains. From backward cultures to the technologies of developed countries, line in every field The technology is used to the finest detail. Technological in the image field Considering the developments, the line technology of the most perfect expression of expression and Depending on, image technology, which will be seen. Today, qualified, trained professional staff is needed. From this whether the individual intends to turn or not has the skills required by the profession. It is useful to know. In this prepared course; Facade views on basic planes and planes Transportation issues will be explained. Students who have successfully completed this course, more conscious, technical according to the rules It will have the competence to draw and draw different perspectives of objects. We wish you all success in your professional life.

Geometric accounts for construction

2009-08-28 14:21:08

You have stepped into a new profession by selecting the field of construction technology. You love your profession And willingly do your success. The importance of a professional profession He must understand well and be proud of his art. Technological developments related to his profession closely should be able to follow and adapt to today's technology. Honesty and reliability, which has general morality and business ethics while performing its profession An exemplary person who suggests confidence, with his clothing, behavior and respect for his profession should be. With this course, in the field of construction technology, the volume accounts that have an important place and You will learn physical accounts. Volume accounts and physical to make simple accounts about your profession. You need to know the accounts. How is the volume of a rectangular room? Physically Are the accounts important? In this course you will have information about the properties of the matter.

Measurement in the field

2009-08-28 14:20:18

With the developing technology today, the construction sector is also compliance with modern technology. showing the place it deserves. One of the important working areas of the construction sector Topography (Measurement Information) ’ Topography, nowadays space determination, point detection, land measurement, field accounts, volume accounts, application and so on. It is a branch of science where many transactions are performed. Determination of the location of the topography construction area, basic application, infrastructure (Sewerage, drainage, road, bridge, etc.). When this profession is performed well, in many areas, income level is high. The possibilities are always available. Since this course will form the basis for other courses, you successfully finish, followed by It will also help you achieve the course. When you finish this course, simple measurements in the field You will gain the adequacy of doing it.

Static Accounts -2

2009-08-28 14:12:57

The history of the field of construction technology is to meet the housing needs of the first people It is based on their traditional structures. Serious studies in the field of strength And research began with the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) and Galileo (1564-1642), about the mechanical properties of building materials and the strength of the beams They did the investigations. The construction sector is very developed thanks to rapidly developing technology today. By hand Drawn and calculated projects are now done by computer. Construction technology is a very wide area. There are many important parts. Static The calculations are one of them. Engineering structure, a building or a bridge, a machine, a plane, a ship or a get a car; The dimensions of the elements that make up their carrier systems, external It should be of the form and size that can withstand the internal forces caused by forces. It may also be the opposite. In other words, an exterior can be carried by an element whose dimensions are known The load or stresses may need to be checked. In this course, the dimensions of the beams that can withstand the impact of the external forces inertia and strength of the selected beam section to calculate How to make moments is explained in practice.

Static Accounts -1

2009-08-28 14:12:31

By calculating the effects of the materials to be used under external loads It is inevitable that we will obtain a solid, durable and economical product. At this stage, carrier Account of loads from the elements (column, beam, flooring, foundation) Sizing, the behaviors of the materials under the load gain importance. In this course we will learn about the issues mentioned above. Examples In general, being visual will make it easier to reach good, fast and permanent information with the course. (Static friction, static and dynamic, static lecture notes, static strength, static pressure, static accounts)

Expression of Section Taking Method

2009-08-28 14:10:22

The construction sector reveals new professionals by bringing together various occupational areas. has removed. In order to build buildings, projects must first be drawn. These engineers, architects, technicians and technicians operating in the sector. Projects The drawings are made according to certain rules. The pre -step of the project drawings and the most important The sections of the subject should be drawn in accordance with the technical picture rules. Sections, Structure The structures of the materials used in the elements, the floors of the building projects Used to show movements. With scans in accordance with the rules of the sections The interior structures of the building elements, material thicknesses of the building elements, easier, easier. is read and understood. Differences of objects and building elements are in the appropriate region It is drawn by various cross -sectional methods. After seeing the methods of cross -sectional and cross -sectional subtraction in this course, simple objects You will be able to draw the cross -sections.

projection methods

2009-08-28 14:09:26

In every profession (architectural, machinery parts manufacturing, furniture, clothing industry, Construction, etc. ) Preliminary examinations are made for the projects to be prepared, documents are collected, the first After the preparation works, the design of the manufacturing is started. Geometry projection, geometry projection, perspective projection are some of them. This course is above The trace of the designs we mentioned in the lines, and therefore the basis of the technical picture It is prepared to understand the subject and apply it when you need it. In our age, the expression of objects, technical pictures, perspectives and photographs Trace can be made with drawings. Especially in engineering and architecture It is very important. It is a piece that is difficult to explain with a pages full of text, sometimes not explained. The situation is often more comfortable with a schematic perspective or a geometric drawing. can be defined in the figure. That is why my technical picture and trace fall is inseparable from each other. And it is an indispensable branch of science. Even the analysis of objects is now with these scientific drawings can be realized. With this lesson, we tried to tell you about the rules and rules and rules. I hope we can be useful to you. In your profession and life you choose to you We wish you success. Lecture of the upright projection.