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How to make a boat and yacht

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Regardless of the material of the sea vehicle we will do (wood, steel, etc.) The techniques used are the same. It is necessary to know how to draw the endaza, the first step of these techniques. Endaze gives us the form of the ship before the manufacturing. Endaze ̵ You will learn Batoklar, water lines and diagonal drawings. Thus, when the size of a ship is given at the end of the course You will be able to draw the endaza easily. Passing through the axis of symmetry of the ship, but not perpendicular to the coordinate axes The diagonal plane to the planes and the diagonal to the intermediate sections of these planes It is called curves. Like Batoklar, diagonal curves are control curves and the form of the ship They are used to see if they are smooth. For this reason, the ship of the diagonal planes They must be selected to include the required regions to check the form.

Boat motors and boat materials

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Today, diesel engines, sea, railway and road transportation, in agriculture, In industry, in mining energy production and so on. As a power supply in many areas It is used and will continue to be used for many years. Diesel engines on a world scale in production, marketing, operating services Millions of people are employed. A qualified education of the people who will work in this sector They must obtain knowledge and skills by taking them. When you complete the training you are taking, the machine has the competence. you will. When you graduate, completed the six -month -old offshore internship and machine officer You will be entitled to take the exam. Ship motor mechanics-1 course, moving and moving ship diesel engines and all the semies are introduced, dismantled and attached to the maintenance and repair taught It is the first of four lessons. When you complete the training given with these four courses, a diesel He will recognize all parts of his engine, remove and wear these parts, maintenance and repair You will have the knowledge and skills to do. The most important of the ship machines is the main machine. Because the ship's main machine, It is the power source that moves the ship. Today, as the main machine, a very common Diesel engines are used in the figure. In addition, the electrical energy used on board Generators and some other machines also operate diesel engines. Therefore, the machine Diesel engine information is one of the most important issues that the officer should know best. The information and skills you will earn about diesel engines are in many areas on land. It will offer you employment opportunities. Many of the machine -class seafarers After working at the sea, he works in job -related jobs on land or themselves they are establishing.

Diesel engine and generators 1

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Diesel engines are some kind of internal combustion engine, the chemical energy of the fuel cylinders converts mechanical energy. To 70000 hp from a few horsepower (horsepower) These engines are the highest efficient heat machines of today. Diesel machines in thermal power plants to produce electrical energy, land transportation Diesel locomotives, trucks, trucks and buses in the field and the ship that constitutes our topic It is widely used in systems. These machines; Petroleum, Forest-Kerreste, They are also very important tasks in mining and agricultural areas. In 1936, while the diesel engine of 6 million horsepower was used in 1936 This amount is 85 million horsepower with those used in military fields in 1947. rose. In 1956, 20 million horsepower diesel engines were built. 1980 In the year only to merchant ships, the power of diesel engines is approximately 15 million hp (horsepower) rose to. A percentage of diesel machines diesel oil or marine diesel oil called diesel is operated with. However, in recent years “ Bunker C ” or because of their cheap in Fuel province In increasingly increasing rate of heavy -speed and high -power ship in diesel engines is used. Diesel engines, compressed and sprayed into the air increased by pressure and temperature It works according to the principle of spontaneous ignition of the burning. The transformation of heat to work according to this principle As follows: Clean air is absorbed into the machine cylinders and filled. Piston The pressure of the air compressed by and the temperature attached to it increases. As compression ratio The pressure is 28-40, the atmosphere and the temperature are around 450-650 ° C (Celsius degrees). Angry The air spraying into the air holds spontaneously. Because the ignition of diesel burns The temperatures are around 280-365 degrees Celsius. Thus, the ignition follows the burning and 40- 80 Horse pressure and gases at 1400-1900 degrees Celsius temperature are formed. This is high pressure Piston hot gases piston, if any piston rod, the connection of the rod (rod) with the help of the crankshaft transfer. During this event, most of the energy formed by the burning of the fuel is the crankshaft It is converted into mechanical energy that allows it to rotate. The crankshaft is transmitted to him If the movement serves as a propeller, the propeller, an auxiliary machine or a Transfers to the electrical generator. Work strokes (time) as a result of pressure and temperatures decreasing gases thrown out of the cylinder and filling the cylinders with fresh air for a new cycle repeat.

Diesel engine systems on boats

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Diesel engines are one of the internal combustion engine types. In the engine of the fuel It converts the heat energy that is released as a result of burning into mechanical energy. A few kW ’ Tan 50,000 kW ’ It is today's high efficiency heat machines produced in various forces. And it is widely used in all areas of the industry. Today's technology and industry are based on petroleum. When you look around, the car, Bus, truck, tractor, construction machinery, locomotives and ships work with diesel engines you will see. Diesel engines as land, railway and sea transportation power supply It uses. The use of diesel engine in fixed plants is very common. The production, sales, use, maintenance and repair areas of diesel engines are very much for employees. It is a great employment area. At the end of the training you are getting in the field of maritime If you choose the machine officer branch, you will receive further training of diesel engines and this You will be employed in the area. To be an employee in diesel engines It will offer a wide variety of opportunities in your working life. and to do it safely. Therefore, with the development of technology, the steam machine is located. Diesel engines. Increasing the use of diesel engines is the development of the economy provided opportunities. For example, the number of ships entering and exiting the ports of our country in 1954 While 3726, this number reached 20431 in 2001. The number of trucks in our country in 1933 When they were 2.561, this number increased to 647.296 in 2004. These numbers are industry of diesel engines shows how important it is for.

Diesel engine operating principle

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Part of the heat generated during combustion in diesel machines It is transported to the cylinder wall and raises its temperature. Operations of diesel machines During the combustion chambers, a very high temperature occurs around 1400#8211 around 1900 degrees. As a result, during the business cycle and under full load, gases in a cylinder The average temperature varies between 500#8211; The temperature of the gases at this temperature is cylinder Since it is absorbed by its wall, the machine's operation is safe enough Impossible In this case, the oil film on the cylinder wall will burn quickly. The clauses (openings) are eliminated and these sections are quickly worn piston The head and valve discs are tackled and burned. Heat cylinder shirts consisting of friction of pistons during the operation is transferred to cooling water by. Meanwhile, the heat in the beds without friction It is transported by the lubrication oil out of the bed, to the crankcase and from there to the cooler or tower. It is then transferred from there to sea water. Thus, with the help of algebra cooling water A low temperature is provided in the employee parts and this temperature is maintained. The heat formed by the burning of fuel in the combustion chambers of the cylinders of the diesel machines The amount varies between approximately 1250 kcal/bhp/hp. In the machines that are cooled with water, 28-33 % of this temperature is cooling water of its reputation, with air In cooling machines, 25 %shows that it is transported out of the machine with air. If If a process is not done to eliminate this heat, the cylinder metal temperature burns It will approach the temperature they carry while leaving the cylinders. The damage to the machines is too important to be compared to anything else. As a result, the need to cool the ship's main and auxiliary machines it comes out. With this course, with the maintenance and repair of the cooling system of ship diesel engines You will gain the necessary information and skills.

Fire Prevention and Fighting Methods

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Marine; It is one of the difficult professions in the world. As a seafarer Seafarers, as well as the deprivation of being away from the main land on board, as well as normal life They live with the dangers. The dangers of the seas are always arm in arm with them. You get sick or have an accident, 112 Emergency Service cannot reach you in the middle of the sea, You experience a pirate attack, 155 Police Help or 156 Gendarmerie is far from you, fire Exits 110 Firefighters cannot even answer you. Aids that are very close to you on land, unfortunately It is far farther to you at sea. There is a helping hand that will definitely reach you at sea. However, to its place and situation According to this help long hours and even days after, maybe after work after can come. For this reason, the sailor does not rely on a help. Your sea He prepares himself for his dangers and learns to fight him. Fire; struggle It is only one of the dangers you need to learn to do. In addition, all in national (regulation of seafarers) and international (STCW) Fire prevention and fire fight for sailors “ Training must be given running. Fire prevention and fire fighting with this course “ ” Training, only STCW not to fulfill the requirements or to take care of our heads at sea, but all It can be realized at any time in our lives and near us Even in the fires we are, life and property will be a savior. Fire is the unidentified flaming burning. The possibility of fire on board and results; The structure, burden, working way, working places of the ship It depends on the control of the people who enter their training and many other elements. Especially The load of the ships is decisive in the measures to be taken for fire. A fuel tanker or a liquid oil gas (LPG) carrier with a fire risk of a cast dry cargo ship The risk of fire and possible consequences cannot be one. The measures to be taken are also different and may be complex.

Expert Swimming Techniques

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Sea and lakes; Beauty can be seen as economic gain potential. Sea and The lakes also offer them while presenting them. With dangers every moment We know that we can meet everywhere; However, the dangers we encounter at sea It is obvious that survival is more difficult to get rid of the dangers on land. In the sea The maritime must be able to get rid of the dangers without being damaged. The sea that may emerge in the sea vehicle or the sea that will consist of oil and derivatives In fires, the layer on the surface of the sea can burn and this sea burning in the victim may have to pass through the field. In this case, a good mermaid must do, first the sinking ship to protect from the dangers and to reach the vicinity of life -saving tools. This In the course, to be breathing on the water surface, safely under the water surface to be able to swim and in the meantime, your ears are not damaged by pressure You will find and apply the information to provide. This information is also the first techniques of the dive called free diving. It will allow you to explore the unique beauties of gold by giving. A task of the eardrum is also in accordance with the pressure changes that affect the body or It is to control air pressure by stretching out. For the membrane to do this task The air pressure inside and the outside air pressure must be equalized. Pressure of the eardrum The need for balancing is caused by pressure changes outside the body. External pressure, Apart from water mass, at sea level, equal to the internal pressure of the body and 1 atmosphere value. 1 atmosphere increases at every 10 meters depth from the surface of the water to the bottom.

Weather Estimation Methods

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Meteorology, the atmosphere surrounding our world and in this atmosphere Science examining the changes and investigating the reasons based on scientific and mathematic principles branch. In the early ages when human beings could not explain the meteorological events, these events The forces of the creator were divine. So the northern wind in Borea Greeks, Pluvius Rain in the Romans, thor thunder in the Scandinavians, RA Egyptians sun They were the gods that define. The first deliberate interest in meteorology is the wind direction in the 5th century BC It was measured by the Greeks. The origin of the word meteorology is also Greek. based. The first part is “ meteor ” “ things in the air ” Meteoron “ Stop. This word is later in Latin and Meteoros ” as the rise of air and#8220; used in the sense. The second part of the word is “ Loji ” it means science. Meteorology science with short -term weather forecasts He has made great contributions to his life and development. Today's Technology Thanks to it is very healthy and much longer term forecasts can be made and needs This information can be delivered to everyone anytime and anywhere. However, the fact that meteorological events are very much affected by the geographical structure of the world, Meteorological predictions also make general. Therefore, short -term and local Seafarers who need meteorological estimates, albeit limited, can make air forecasting must have competence. Seafarers need two basic meteorological prediction in the air. Rain and wind. This course will give you the proficiency of making you short -term and local rainfall estimation. This In the way you will be able to provide better quality service while shipping and handling your ship.

Vhf antenna and vhf radio

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The importance of communication at sea is limited ship opportunities and the dangers experienced It comes from being vital. For this reason, the first thought of communication at sea, the property and the communication in emergencies that threaten the environment. Coded communication tools and providing visual and auditory communication at sea for many years Methods of electronic communication devices and methods used in the sea With its development, it has partially lost its vital importance and its use has narrowed. Instead of them Incoming new electronic devices in the wars of sailors with sea dangers on ships It has become the most important weapons. These devices are far away from sailors and very easy as a radio-telephone and radio-telex communication. Radio Telephone Method Due to its ease of use in marine communication It is widely used. VHF radio on devices where this method can be applied most easily It is necessary to have devices and they must be kept on all ships. For this reason, VHF radio Devices and Radio Telephone Communication Method It should be known by the captains and all deck and radio police officers. This course is in general how to use a VHF radio device and this device and how to apply the radio-telephone method.

Using VHF-DSC Hand Radio

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The importance of communication at sea is limited ship opportunities and the dangers experienced It stems from being vital. For this reason, the first thought in communication at sea, It is to ensure communication in emergencies that threaten the property and the environment. Call for help with radio telephone technique, the survival of the survivor is very In order to reach a station that can help him with his time, He had to spend. This is either the survival of the victim's work or help it means partially renunciation from his call. But the development of technology It has made a great contribution to overcoming this problem with its DSC technique. Also this Technical, because it may be sending a written message at a much longer distance. To large areas with much more stations to help the survivors, It has created the opportunity to send understandable messages. How this course is in general how DSC method with a VHF radio device will explain that you will be implemented.

Latitude and longitude calculation

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“ Maritime ” In the field of ship management ” “ yacht captain ” Captain ” The main works of their profession: ÿ To take a ship from one point to another at sea, Keeping the ship in the sea and the road, ÿ is to ensure that the ship is operated in accordance with its purpose. One of these basic works is “ to take ”, maritime expression of the ship “ is to do. “ basic course ” The lesson, As the name suggests, the basic information required to do this work is given is the course. The basic is the carrier structure on which the main structure is based. If basic, healthy and robust If it cannot be installed, the main structure cannot be installed or collapsed. For this reason, you, maritime is essential One of his work, “ taking the ship from one point to another point at sea ” Your job is healthy In order to be able to do this, you should learn and assimilate this lesson. Reference is taken in the naming of equator latitudes. The latitude of a point is that point It is named according to the angular distance between the equator according to the world center (Figure-5). This NAME Angle value and the end of the end is made with the close polar symbol. In the north and south of 90, there is a full -grade latitude of 90.

First Aid Questions and First Aid Training

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As a requirement of your profession, you will be working on ships in the future or as an officer. You will be found. Please note that only passenger ship, hospital ship and some military and special It is necessary to have a doctor on ships. Neither a doctor nor what It is very difficult to find a medical officer. After helping the sinking ship in the storm Then, aid comes to the sailor who gets sick or accidentally after hours. It is also an advanced If we are at a distance from the country's help hand, in four minutes, the heart of the heart In six minutes, thirty minutes for the shock, six hours to the one who is about to explode appendicitis If we can't intervene, we can lose a person, a friend. For this reason, all of us, in accordance with our position on the ship, at least a number of We must have basic health information. In addition, National (Regulation on Seafarers) and In international (STCW) rules, all sailors “ Basic First Aid ” In addition, ship first aid “ And “ Medical care ” It requires the provision of trainings. Basic first aid “ Training, instead of only STCW requirements Not for us to bring our heads at sea or to take care of our heads, but our whole life It can be realized at any time and that we are in or near Even in accidents, it will be life -saving.

Ship use tips

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A sailor, in the difficult conditions of the sea, while performing his duties on the subject of everything Knowing very well has to be a very good sailor. “ Saber ” same Since there is a stage in the crew department on the ships at the time, When they are people, these people receive seniority over time and increase their skills “ master Shipping ” they take the title. These people are indispensable for all kinds of ships in terms of their work. They are among the staff. The prerequisite for being a good sailor is to be a good sailor. A good sailor It is the right arm of the officers. SEERS OPERATOR OF DEVICES THAT ARE IRON RIGHT, MATAFORA, CRANE Although it is, the maintenance attitudes of paint, varnish works, deck department devices they do. In addition to all this, rope affairs are also a sailors' arts. is another area. When you learn the issues mentioned in this course and start implementing, the first of the shipment The stage is the first rank of maritime “ Miço ” The first to professional maritime You will have taken your step. They are small boats without deck with shovel boat. Tree of different sizes, They are made of materials such as sheet, polyester. (Figure-1) Between the coast ship on ships Transportation, coast or scaffolding rope to give rope and paint, repair, control They are used for purposes. For those with flat back, the possibility of being used by installed motor from the stern is available.

What is a water flea, how to grow

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Aquaculture, which has developed and has a production branch in the world and in our country The best care and nutrition of fish is one of the most important issues in cultivation. Full In controlled fish cultivation, larvae with an egg sac (mullet, carp, tilapia, Chick, sea bass, etc.) What they need live eating in the first nutrition period is known. Live feed, choices and nutrition times of fish larvae according to species Varies. LIVE YEAR USE AS THE USE The meat quality of the fishes grown Increasing high life with the elimination of diseases caused by feeding In order to ensure the ratio, the quality of eggs and sperm obtained from rootstock fish is better. The use of live feed is of great importance because it is. On the other hand, the preservation of color brightness in the production of aquarium fish and It is of great importance to using live feed in achieving reproductive condition. For example discus, In the fact that many aquarium fish such as beta and angel fish can reach reproductive condition and in the realization of a successful puppy, these fish are fed with live feed. If the success is increased. Water flea (Daphnia) species living in fresh waters and ranging in length between 1-3 mm Crustacea. The reason why it is called a water flea among the people is water The type of jumping in it is to make sudden movements. Water fleas species as live feed in fish cultivation for many years is used. Water flea, which is frequently used in the nutrition of aquarium fish, It causes a very good development in fish.

Emergency aid on board, intervention in drowning

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Despite all measures in environments where sea vehicles such as sea, lake and river can be processed Accidents can be. This does not want any mermaid or seafarer Although there are results, we should have the purpose of getting rid of the accident with the least damage and loss. Most of the accident In order to get rid of less damage and loss, the emergency duties given to you in the sea vehicle distribution You should definitely abandon your life vest by following the ruler and then leave the sea vehicle. After leaving the sea vehicle and providing your own security You will think of helping. In this case, neither yourself nor other survivors You need to danger and help. After leaving the sea vehicle with the information you will get here, unconscious or unconscious In the water -assisting intervention, which can approach the survivor appropriately in water Living in the vicinity by removing the survivor from the danger environment You will be able to move to vehicles or safe zones. This information, you, but also in a difficult situation to other sea vehicle survivors will also allow help.

How to prepare a ship cruise plan

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The plan is designed to follow a work, a work. Unplanned The studies lead to loss of money, time and labor due to non -foreseeing problems. Planned work is a sine qua non of every person's success. This means a little more for a captain of a captain, especially for a commercial ship captain. Commercial ship where the minutes of the hours are calculated according to the situation, not the days The losses in their work to the ship operators of the captain's salary as much as the floor and solid losses it causes. For this reason, planned work also means professional reputation for a captain. comes. Before the ships go to watch, the ship captain evaluates the expedition from all aspects. While making the expedition plan, the ship includes the safest and shortest routes. Prepare the navigation plan. He does his checks after the navigation plan is ready and He applies that plan in the course. In this way, without loss of time, money and labor takes it to its target. If the ship is small tonnage, the first officer or personally It is fulfilled by the captain itself. A yacht captain and the captain of the fishing ship According to the expedition, it has to make this plan. This course is the safest and shortest and short of the arrival port. Describes how to make your course plan to take the road. According to national and international rules, safe cruise and work on ships, goods, goods And many publications for environmental protection must be available. Some of these publications Some indefinite part is also lasting. Periodical broadcast occurring It can remain up to date with the condition of processing changes and renewing at the end of a certain period of time. Publications.

Ship tracking system

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Very complex and unknown secrets in fault detection and repair in electronic devices there is no. What is necessary to find and correct the fault is a certain method. It is the use of the information you have learned within the framework of logic. The devices produced today The repair has become quite difficult. This is due to the micro without spare parts of the devices is made of electronic materials. Fault detection is performed on such devices; However, repair may not be possible. Faulting pressure for relieving such faults It is replaced with the circuit card intact or the device is renewed. Before starting the fault detection and repair of electronic devices, you must be static. It is necessary to take precautions against electricity. As it is known, the electricity formed by friction of two objects It is called static electricity. For example, while removing the dress on us, walking or our hair Static electricity may occur in our body when scanning. This amount of static electricity formed is in the air Depending on the amount of moisture, it varies between 100 volts and 35000 volts. As the amount of moisture increases The amount of static electricity decreases. Although the voltage value is high in static electricity, current The value is small. The small current value means that the voltage will not be ineffective. does not come. For example, when a person walks on the carpet, approximately 4000 volts ’ The electricity is stored. This person has a mosfet with a threshold voltage of 100 volts or 250 volts. It will fail when it touches the CMOS with the threshold voltage. That people are uploaded Due to static electricity, many devices are damaged. Especially eeprom (electrically There are memory integrateds such as wiped and programmed alone. Very sensitivity should be shown in the malfunction detection and repair of the devices. Fault detection and repair Antistatic materials should be used in the operations. Antistatic materials of static electricity They are materials that prevent the formation of electronic circuit elements. That Materials can be shown as an example of anti -static materials: metallic bags, packaging Foams, tablecloths/coatings, anti -static bracelet cord and cable, anti static The aprons and shoes are not always electronic. With this Mechanical faults, loose or missing screws, worn parts, broken or poorly connected Cables may cause faults on devices. First of all, one of the easy ones in fault detection should be started. For example, starting from the supply voltage of the device to the output values Measurements should be made and the problem should be tried to emerge clearly. Device Document, catalogs or schemes should be used. Defective circuit during repair It is not always possible to replace the elements with the same. In this case another Elements of the same feature produced by the companies can be preferred. Repair of the device After completing, it must be employed and kept under observation for a certain period of time. At the end of this course, the information and skills you will obtain and the malfunction detection of navigation devices You will be able to make and produce solutions for repair.

Wind Types: How to make wind forecast

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Meteorology, the atmosphere surrounding our world and in this atmosphere Science examining the changes and investigating the reasons based on scientific and mathematic principles branch. In the early ages when human beings could not explain the meteorological events, these events The forces of the creator were divine. So the northern wind in Borea Greeks, Pluvius Rain in the Romans, thor thunder in the Scandinavians, RA Egyptians sun They were the gods that define. The first deliberate interest in meteorology is the wind direction in the 5th century BC It was measured by the Greeks. The origin of the word meteorology is also Greek. based. The first part is “ meteor ” “ things in the air ” Meteoron “ Stop. This The word is later to Latin and to Meteoros ” as the rise of air and#8220; used in the sense. The second part of the word is “ Loji ” it means science. Meteorological science with short -term weather forecasts that allow the human son He has made great contributions to his life and development. Today's Technology Thanks to it is very healthy and much longer term forecasts can be made and needs This information can be delivered to everyone anytime and anywhere. However, the fact that meteorological events are very much affected by the geographical structure of the world, Meteorological predictions also make general. Therefore, short -term and local Seafarers who need meteorological estimates, albeit limited, can make air forecasting must have competence. Seafarers need two basic meteorological prediction in the air. This lesson It will give you the competence to make regular or irregular wind forecasting. In this way You will be able to provide better quality service while shipping and handling your ship.


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It is really very important in recent years in terms of aquaculture in our country. developments have been. The foundation of the food chain in the water environment is water living in water and photosynthesis It is a single -celled organisms that can do, that is, phytoplanktonic organisms. Because Phytoplanktonic organisms have an important place in breeding studies. Many of the water creatures intended to grow The first ring of the chain is phytoplankton and the second ring is animal Plankton (Zooplankton) creates. The first step in the nutrition of the creature aimed at production in a breeding study Fitoplankton that creates directly in the cultivation of arthropods and molluscs, directly, various Small animal creatures used to feed the larvae of fish species It is also used indirectly by feeding (such as rolifers, artemia). For these reasons, larvae production, the first stage of the production of aquaculture The importance of a zooplanton type in nutrition is both too much and abandoned. It is impassable. In other words, the most important of success in the production of aquaculture One of the conditions is that the router culture is made at the desired level. Robeer, Rotifera Branch (Phylum), Monogononta Class (Klasis) and Brachionidae Family Brachionus plicatilis, which is located in (Family), is the most used in the culture of water creatures. It is one of the important species. The length of 99-280 microns is around 66-180 microns. The body is composed of 3 parts: the head area, the body and the tail area. income. At the end of the head area (anterior), there is anterior sils. These Siller both swim and nutrients They work as a buyer. Drink under the microscope because the body region is transparent Organs can be seen easily. The tail area contains eggs.

How to work and how to use radar

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One of the biggest helpers of the sailors on board is “ Radar. Thanks to him In the darkness of the night, in the air, in the abdomen, in the rain, the places that cannot be seen in the rain they can see. For this reason, even on all ships and even in yachts that move away from the beach, radar It is obligatory to have. In this course you can prepare for use by opening a classic radar and some of it You will be able to receive basic data. This data is a lot of course, especially the conflict problems will be useful in solution. The main elements of these problems are very similar to the radar screen. You will learn on the maneuver plate. Today, classic radars are located in computer -controlled “ barley ” Radar left. Problem solutions on the maneuver plate are automatically on these radars is done. Therefore, perhaps in your professional life, the classic radar or maneuvering plate you will not use. However, what you learned about classical radar in this course is your barley. You can understand the radars more easily, maneuver sheet work is also developed by barley radar It will allow you to learn more easily. Beyond that, this lesson is yours Maneuvers will expand your horizon. The general classic radar usage described in the first three education activities of this course Knowledge is a general concept knowledge rather than a device usage information. In front of a ship radar The first person as a user must first read the handbook of that radar and unique. should learn the way of use. Skill development will be achieved over time.

Damages caused by ships to the environment

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There is a significant weight on the shoulders of the seafarer in the sea, “ against the environment Responsibility ”. Responsibility; to account for a rules that need to be followed. There may be many contradictory behaviors that cannot be asked to account. But this is your seafarer The account of his responsibility, that is, his responsibility for not being polluted by the seas, sooner or It will be given late or by his heirs. For this reason, the seafarer It is very sensitive. This sensitivity is shared by all country administrations and ships It causes serious router pressures in its operation. In addition to this burden, the seafarer is under the threat of heavy work and emergency hazards. also lives. The responsibilities and threats described by this course are limited to the sea in many ways. It is not the responsibilities and dangers that we face even on land in our whole lives. For this reason, he should learn well what is given in this course, even in other places. You should be able to implement.

Put and Marina Holidays

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The maritime area, which has become widespread and developed in our country in recent years It has a wide place in commercial and social life. Yacht Tourism: Yacht, Sea Journey and At the end of a certain stroll, the tourist consisting of marina elements All tourist activities between abandonment. In our country, yacht tourism, which started to develop after the 1980s years, provided social and In addition to economic contributions, with its contribution to promotional activities and with the foreign exchange input it provides. It has an important place in the tourism sector. Turkey is one of the countries with ideal conditions for yacht tourism. These conditions lie Natural and sheltered bays required for tourism, long beaches, coastal Forests, long season, suitable sea winds, dry and rainless weather conditions, date and Archaeological heritage, swimming, various water sports can be expressed in the form of possibilities. With the bay and marinas lesson; When the appropriate environment is provided, it can be wandered by yacht can detect places and marinas, enter, host there and You will be able to take advantage of the facilities. Our country's temperate climate, sheltered bays, many with different cultures along the coast With its country's geography, natural and historical riches, the world's important yacht tourism is one of the centers. Today, it is the source of important income and employment. We divide the yacht tourism into two as tourism activities with private and commercial yachts. The branch of yacht captain is mainly involved in tourism activities with commercial yachts. It covers the issues related to the training of the captains. The trip to the trip planned trip plan, place, activity and supply elements of the trip is determined before. Trips, whether private or commercial purposes, must be a plan. must be done within. Being planned provides security and efficiency. A captain's real One of his duties is to work efficiently with life, goods and environmental safety on his boat. to provide. Plans in special trips are not usually prepared for a long time and in a short time “ come on Let's do ” plans made in the form. However, plans for commercial yacht trips It should be prepared in advance and marketing should be made accordingly. These plans are usually bed While preparing by enterprises or agencies It is the responsibility of the captain to be held in organizations. On private yachts, usually travel Plans are made by the captains. While making a trip plan, the excursion time and according to marketing conditions and The number of participants is revealed. Then the historical and natural beauties in this region with the appropriate shelter bays and marinas by evaluating entertainment and shopping opportunities determines. Finally, with the supply opportunities at the shelter, cruise plan and travel ruler is prepared.

Ship tracking system

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Radar Observation and Ploting lesson, which is the prerequisite for this course, and the prerequisite for him that the main element of the course is to put the position in the basic course lessons. We learned the principles of the data you need to need. In this course, especially using this information Small tonnage ships in general, close to the choice of the location of the location You will learn the methods. To be able to apply position methods well, both natural obstacles and sea close to the shore, where cruise safety is at high risk due to the intensity of traffic. It is very important in the cruise. It is to go another place with its own power. Cruise systems are named according to the method of putting position. On the Sea Sevi Map The position placed according to the elements of the earth determined by eye or radar Based on the navigation system “ guide course ” is called.

Ship deck materials

2010-07-21 11:11:28

Deck aids, relationships used on ships and with the operation of the main machines They are machines that are not available. Cranes used to load and unload ship loads, Kreynler, anchor and the chain attached to the fundo and virah used for the acorns Iron and Rope windlass, Can Tuesday and Life Lynch used in the msa and viri Mataphoras enter the class of deck auxiliary. Ships can take their loads to their warehouses and in a short time from the warehouses Cranes are used for emptying. Cranes, the time of the ship's unloading and staying in the harbor shorten. Therefore, the loading expenses of the ship decrease by cranes. This For this reason, the type, customs and capacities of ship load cranes must be selected. Ragats, the ship in the port or open to the sea anchoring operations and released into the sea It is used to recover the windlass iron again. Mataphoras (Platoon Cranes) Places and Can It is used for launching the rafts and re -taking them on the ship. In this course, the work, types of cranes, windlass, cres and matafoles And you will learn to perform maintenance. In addition, used in cranes and rags Chains, iron and types of ropes and maintenance processes will be learned.

What is GMDSS - GMDSS Questions

2010-07-21 11:10:43

The importance of communication at sea, limited ship facilities and dangers It comes from being vital. For this reason, the first thought of communication at sea, the property and the communication in emergencies that threaten the environment. For many years after taking its place in the shipment of radio devices He fulfilled his duties and still brings. However, all of the development of technology Seafarers like people also took their share and satellite technology to marine communication sea The communication entered. The biggest contribution of satellite communication technology is the GMDSS system has been in its establishment. Weighted applications for the survival of a victim in the sea, It also benefits from satellite communication technology and from the beginning of 1999 Thanks to the entry GMDSS, now the measures to rescue the survivor has left. However, the success of the system, in other words, at the end of an accident At the end of the rescue of life, the system to learn well and to fulfill the requirements and its application depends on its application. This course is how the GMDSS system, operation, requirements and requirements will explain that it will be implemented.