Dress molds

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Dress molds

The desire to dress differently in people; diversified clothing. EVERY PERIOD OF Fashion Instead of standard clothes to produce different clothes instead of standard clothes has brought. In addition to creative intelligence, you must have basic and knowledge. The model application technique varies according to the model of the garment to be produced. This After the course of the course you will be able to apply dress model on the basic body mold. Model The more you practice in practice, the more your model application skill will improve. In the model applied dress model given in the course, a coupled model choice has been. At the end of the course, model application, template, laying, primer and preparing and You will learn how to calculate the material.
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dilek I can not see

I can't see any model here.

27-12-2009 23:22

    Zeliþ I need pdf

    Dilek friend, first download the file above the pdf file above. Just below the Adobe site, you just need to download PDF. It opens me.

    28-12-2009 01:00

      ahiskali Thanks

      Thank you Zelis I couldn't look at me, but you are explained, I downloaded it too, thanks

      07-07-2010 19:20

        What about me

        30-01-2010 11:36

          yasemin Me too

          I want to learn to sew in different models and dresses.

          22-06-2010 13:12

            arzu dress

            I want 2010 Elbise Models and Molds

            22-06-2010 21:53

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              CENNET Sewing and embroidery

              I love sewing but I can't do it without seeing the molds, I want dress and find patterns

              18-12-2010 13:17

                How to download dress molds

                30-05-2011 13:13


                  I love planting a lot and I have been sewing for many years, but I want to teach your wedding dress dresses and dress new different models and sewing

                  16-06-2011 16:35