Skirt planting

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Skirt planting

Increasing the confidence of people to them, giving them a separate appearance and personality Kazanızan clothing increases its importance every day. Those who want to get the profession of tailoring, They receive training for personalized planting, the simplest steps of tailoring skirts and skirts They start their technical work. In this course, skirt planting and skirt technical studies are explained. This course success When you finish it, you will have taken the first step in the tailoring profession.
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emel pattern

I go to the sewing course I would like to see the molds

08-12-2009 16:50


    I want to be informed in detail about the patterns

    15-03-2010 19:57

      þengül eroðlu skirt molds

      I want to sew skirt, I want to take advantage of your site in this, thanks for your help.

      06-04-2010 01:50

        I can't open lessons

        24-05-2010 18:24

          Fethiye Codd

          You get the skirt galıbısın on top of the rain on the gursun gursun galemle jizin from the flour of the end of the flour of the jizdin cutsin kadi kadi gumasın on top of the gorsin gumasin gumasin aha boo ...

          01-06-2010 17:04

            gülnihal I want to learn

            I also love to sew, but I can't do the mowing job, I would appreciate it if you help me

            05-06-2010 11:00

              gülnihal me again

              I can't open the pages.

              05-06-2010 11:25

                cennet I want skirt models

                I want to plant skirts

                25-12-2010 23:54

                  saadet yýldýz pattern

                  I would like to learn all kinds of molds

                  19-03-2011 23:26