Female jeans pattern

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Female jeans pattern

In the origin of Blue Jeans, Italy's 15th Century, Genoa and France The denim fabric produced in the city lies. This cotton fabric called "Serge de nîmes " It has been in use for centuries, evolved in itself, took the name denim and Blue Jeans combined with the indigo paint obtained from the indigophora plant grown in India He created his legend. In 1850, the first brown canvas for the Miners of California of Levi Strauss. Jeani made and in the 1890s “ 501 indigo ” Producing jeani under the name of Blue Jeanin Beginning as accepted. The legend of Jean has increased its value over the years and a daily life is an indispensable It has become a sportswear style. Jean, especially the priority clothing style of the young generation has been. However, Jean production in the textile sector has increased day by day and imports it has become a big market containing. The information given with this course was prepared in cooperation with the sector. This is what you will get By improving the skill of drawing women's pants pattern with lecture training, in this field in the sector You can easily take part in the companies operating.
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    izzet pants

    There are children's trousers.

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      eda Model Applied Women's Pants Pattern Planting Processes

      Model Applied Women's Pants Pattern Planting Processes

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