Men's Jeans Planting

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Men's Jeans Planting

Blue Jean, whose homeland is USA, has spread all over the world with the influence of fashion trends. It has become a universal garment. Jean trousers with fabric cotton cotton cotton The reading of the word cotton, which is an English equivalent, therefore as Jean for our language has passed. With its popularity and ease of use in the fashion world, the choice of people of all ages Jean trousers also have a very important place among the clothes. Jean fabric And easy care features have made such clothes indispensable for children. “ Children's clothing modelism ” One of the requirements of the branch “ 12-16 age male jean Pants Production ” The subject is discussed in this course and information and information on the subject Explanations are given. In this course, 12-16 years old men's jeans cutting, planting processes and You will gain information and skills about the last iron and control procedures of Jean Pants
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    I want to produce men's tk dress, we make dress but I want to learn band -style

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