Preparing a blouse mold with drarap technique

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Preparing a blouse mold with drarap technique

One of the mold preparation techniques is the method of obtaining mold with drarap technique. There are such models that it is very difficult to obtain with other mold preparation techniques. Same At the time, non -standard body dimensions and body structures are available. This is where drapage at this point technique is needed. In fashion houses in line with the wishes of people and in accordance with the body dimensions, Personalized clothes are being studied. In these studies, a drarapage is a predominantly used method. Drarap technique, draped, plenty of shirk, flywheel, symmetrical and asymmetric models success allows it to be implemented with. Models prepared by this method Preparation of the mold It gives an idea about the stance and general appearance of the model and if necessary It allows the changes to be made instantly. Personalized designs are made in the field of Haute-Couture. These designs, which require creativity, can be applied quite easily with the drarap technique and It also gives pleasure to the working person This method, which requires creativity and intense labor, to other production methods as well as profitable. With this course, you will learn to prepare a blouse pattern with drarap technique and many You will be able to apply the blouse model easily and with pleasure.
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