Electronic Circuits and Electronic Programs

Electronic Foundations - Logic Circuits

2008-12-21 05:39:04

Two -based (binary) number system, desimal, hexadesimal, octal, ascıı code system, basic logic doors, and (and) gate (logical impact), or (or) gate (logical collection), not gate (note) gate, boolean mathematics , And not (NAND), or not (NOR), special or (exor) doors, integrated (IC) use, TTL and CMOS Integrated, Integrations

Proteus, heat and use of ares

2008-12-21 03:58:47

This document is prepared to help people who want to use proteus. With proteus you can draw electronic circuit and design printing circuit.

Proteus, Isis and Ares Electronic Circuit Analysis Program Explanation

2008-12-21 03:56:02

The Proteus program, which is a product of Labcenter electronics, consists of two sub -programs: Isis and Ares. Electronic circuit drawing and analysis can be performed in ISIS. In Ares ’ Print circuit drawing of the circuits drawn in the ISIS ’ manually, printing circuit drawing can be made.