Preparing skirt mold with drarap technique

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Preparing skirt mold with drarap technique

When the period of fabric production with weaving looms started, Greek and Roman cultures go beyond the first man's clothing style, drapage an aesthetic clothing they used it for. Over time, weaving looms, sewing machines, mold extraction techniques As a result of technological developments such as development, support with computer, mass production and Although the standardization has provided much easier and cheap dressing, DRAPAJ technique It has not lost its importance and necessity. In today's fashion, where individuality and difference come to the forefront, the pleasures of people Mold preparation with drarap technique comes to the forefront in satisfaction. Haute-Couture In the field of (organized clothing), the person who works to make and implement personalized designs gives pleasure. This method, which requires creativity and is intense labor, other production It is also profitable as it is enjoyable according to its methods. With this course, you prepare asymmetrical, draped skirt molds with drarap technique. You will learn and apply many skirt models easily.
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sezen Drapage technique

Drapage techniques expression

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