Dress Production

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Dress Production

Dress, a single piece, providing comfort of movement, sports and fantasy types found, dressing area is a wide variety of clothes. In general dress; Neff-Non-collar, without lawyer, The front or behind is open, buttoned or zipper. A wide range of models It is a type of clothing with features. Dresses according to fabric and model features evening dress and sports style, weaving, knitting It is produced from fabrics or other surfaces (natural or artificial skin). All age It is preferred by individuals in the group. Model Applied Dress Production When you successfully complete the course, dress cut, you will be able to do. By learning the ebel sewing operations, the latest ironing and final control procedures you will be able to do. With the help of sample dress production given in this course, dress in many different models You will have the chance to produce.
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serpil dress mold

Mrb I would be very glad if you give information about the dress mold model and explanation from you austuralia

16-07-2010 10:07

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    31-10-2010 17:12

      duygu dress mold

      Hello. I can sew with the mold. But I don't know how to mold. I'm gonna set myself a dress for my daughter's wedding. So looking for a dress pattern sitting on the body with short sleeves or sleeveless round collar. Can you help me with this.

      03-04-2011 12:20

        beste one question


        18-04-2011 21:01

          misafir Dress Production

          I asked you about the stages of the dresses until you made you the model of the dress or something you wrote tomorrow I need to take this homework

          14-01-2013 16:04

            miras Dress Production

            The dresses first buy the fabric, then they all buy the appropriate fabric, then they start to sew and they can do it like they want, so friends are very easy :) :) :) :) :) :)

            16-04-2013 21:15