Nightgow mold

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Nightgow mold

Textile ready -to -wear sector technological and economic experience in the field of underwear In recent years, developments have brought the need for qualified personnel in this field in our country. The need for qualified staff is only with vocational training to be given to people who are directed to this profession. will be provided. Lingerie, which is as old as the history of humanity, is as old as human history, to fashion trends over the years. by changing shape to people's liking with a wide range of models and fabric features presented. While people give more importance to their outerwear before, nowadays They attach importance to their clothing as much as their outerwear. Because we know that the interior of man The beauty of the clothing is reflected in the outerwear. The choice of underwear is very much for both our health and our clothes to look clear. It is important. An important factor for healthy development of a selected underwear in accordance with body lines will. With this course, women's nightgown and Babydoll pattern, template, series and necessary tools With the calculation information, this information is very needed for the trained labor force You will have the chance to implement in the clothing sector.
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melisa Learning sewing

I like to sew sewing very much for 1 year, but I haven't learned much about it, now I'm dealing again and I'm trying to sew something yourself and I help you and improve it a little more

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