3DSMAX (3D Studio Max) Lessons

A simple character modeling and rigleme lesson

2009-04-01 01:51:23

Using 3DSMAX, you can download the course about a simple character's modeling and riglema to the end.

3DS Max and Character Studio 6 - Bulge and Link

2008-12-31 15:09:33

In this sixth course about 3DSMAX Human Animation, Character Studio describes the muscle structure (bulge) system. At the same time, the shape of the character is shown to replace the model without touching the modeling tools.

3DS Max and Character Studio 5 - Biped Part Model and Morph

2008-12-31 15:07:25

In this fifth course about 3DSMAX Human Animation, the use of a model of pieces with Character Studio is explained with bipedio. This technique also allows you to use the Morph modifier and can be preferred in detailed animations.

3DS Max and Character Studio 4 - Physique and BVH Installation

2008-12-31 15:04:43

With 3DSMAX, this fourth lesson about Character Studio is required for the hand -made and joint connections of the human model with Physique Modiferi and upload the BVH file.

3DS Max and Character Studio 3 Physique and Animation

2008-12-31 15:02:01

In this third course about 3dsmax and Character Studio, the details of Physique Modifierinni describe and animation is entered.

3DS Max and Character Studio 2 Physique Modifer usage

2008-12-31 15:00:50

In this second lesson about 3DSMAX and Character Studio, the use of Physique Modifer and the combination of the human model and BONES system.

3DS Max and Character Studio 1- Bipedia Editing

2008-12-31 14:56:44

With 3DSMAX, the first part of this course series, which describes the Biped, Physique duo used in human and animal animations, describes the preparation of the bipeded shape. (Prepared by: Bayram Kurt)