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Learning Difficulty in Children

2009-08-21 05:04:30

Urgent Answers on Education and training are very important for children as for every individual. However, There are some children who have some problems and difficulties in terms of education. These are learning They are children with difficulty. Children with difficulty in education are within normal limits; But in learning They are children with difficulty. Children with learning difficulties, mentally insufficient and behavior We should not confuse children with disorder. Children with learning difficulties; speech, Listening, thinking, writing, having difficulty in solving mathematical problems, understanding, Inadequacy in one or more of the psychological processes in using written and oral language show children. In this course; The characteristics of children with learning difficulties, classification, By learning the issues of diagnosis, prevalence, reasons, trainings, prevention, in this field You will be able to help their development effectively. Children with learning difficulties New information and skills to prepare and implement activities suitable for the characteristics You will win.


2009-10-09 11:21:49

Today we will talk about pepper with your pain and dessert. New benefits of pepper, which is also very valuable in terms of health, emerge. it comes out. In recent years, healing on cancer disease of pepper The effects have been revealed. In addition, it opens appetite by increasing stomach secretion. Good for nerve, stomach and secretion glands Income facilitates digestion. It is diuretic, seaside, rheumatism and muscle It is good for pain. Regulates blood circulation and pressure. Such a useful vegetable It will be our benefit to not miss our tables. So did you ever think about how to grow pepper? What is considered in breeding? This With the course, this information is given to you in a short and understanding. After that, we believe that he will be more enthusiastic about eating pepper, maybe pepper You will force your growing opportunities. Then what are you standing, let's balcony or Let's take the first step in pepper cultivation in available environments. You will see that growing will also give you as much pleasure as pepper and pepper products, You will be proud to produce in every pepper you are harvested.

Commercial Notebooks and Documents

2010-08-10 21:44:17

In the maintenance of commercial life in a healthy and regular way, the books and this The records of the records to be processed in the books are of great importance. The merchant who does not keep his account well cannot succeed. Which goods were taken to the enterprise from which companies? How much do we owe to which companies? What are our payments by periods? Which goods were sold to which customers and in what way? Sales according to periods What is the condition? Which goods have increased and which goods decreased? Reasons affecting sales what are Monitoring the economic activities of the enterprise, monitoring debts and receivables, stocks Commercial activities should be recorded on day for control. Which notebooks do merchants use? How to write transactions in commercial books? Used to save transactions, called accounts What are the characteristics of the charts? What is a single layout account plan, how to use it? How are records examined? With this course, it is aimed to gain commercial book editing skills. Thanks to the course you will recognize commercial books and learn the rules of writing. Bill, You will learn about the account plan, one layout account plan, the features of the accounts. In working life, book -holding knowledge and skills at work, your success, your prestige will increase. It will evaluate your sales work better and take the necessary measures and your sales You will be able to increase.

Issues to be considered in recruitment

2010-09-01 20:00:55

After graduating from your school, you work in a branch -related sector you graduated from. You will enter. When applying for a job, you do the necessary procedures in the most accurate way and You will have to explain yourself very well. Because the managers who will hire you with you The first assessment of the relevant assessment will be at this stage. Therefore, your job application is the right Doing it will be one of the most important factors in recruitment. After starting the business life, the ladder of success is one by one. When you need to rise to your office and get personnel in the department you work, this job is at all. You will understand that it is not easy. Finding both the best staff and anyone It is a difficult process to do this without hurting. To have the necessary information for this and You will need to gain experience. In this course, applying for jobs in your field, buying staff, defining the job, Terms, definitions, abbreviations, documents and forms you will find. Need in school applications, skills and professional life You will recognize the concepts, documents and operations you will hear.

Asparagus flower and maintenance

2009-10-15 15:12:11

Plants; It makes our world livable with its colors, scents and beautiful images; In addition, plants are food source for us. Our clothes, the items we use are very much Most of them and drugs that make up the raw materials. In the beautification of our environment, We also benefit from plants on our happy days. Many plants produced under the name of ornamental plants give us happiness. With some We decorate our homes, some of our parks and gardens. Seeing them growing, Watching it is an indispensable pleasure for people who deal with them. Ornamental plants have a very different color and smell. To raise them It gives people a different pleasure. Cut flowers are also plants in this group. Some, big bushes Some are small. In our vases with their flowers, fragrance and images It changes the air of our rooms. Cut flowers start to enter our lives from the moment we are born. “ past get. ” Visitors who come to hospitals decorate our room with flowers suitable for the season. In our happy moments, flowers are always with us. Giving flowers and buying flowers It makes people happy. Growing flowers requires labor, patience. While you learn these lessons You will enjoy the pleasure of growing cut flowers and experience the happiness of giving flowers. Much You will share the happiness of many people.

Visual C# Net - 1 input and object -based programming

2008-12-14 08:08:03

With this document, you can learn the following issues about Visual C# Net: - What is object -based programming? - Net framework structure - Class, members and objects - Samples and answers questions - Object -based programming with C#

Semiconductor and switching systems in biomedical devices

2009-06-06 14:10:47

In particular, close to all of the biomedical devices are operated on uninterrupted power supplies because the power outage is unacceptable. In addition to the biomedical device supply, the superiority of IGBTs in induction systems and wide adjustment characteristic features constitute the common use in physical therapy devices. The fact that special semiconductors can control large currents with very small voltage values ​​increased the safety of both medical staff and patients using the device. With this course you will learn switching systems and special semiconductors on biomedical devices.

Legal Terms and Meanings 2

2009-12-31 20:33:59

The most important and effective of the rules that regulate social life, of course, law rules. These, regulating our attitudes and behaviors in society and compliance They are the rules provided by the state force. The aim of the legal order in a country is to ensure the order of society. Your law, In order to ensure the order of society, to meet his needs, to comply with his conditions must. The legal order is the basis of civilized life on the one hand, and on the other hand in society It is an assurance of living. The legal order provides peace, trust, equality and freedom in society. The purpose of these course notes is real and real and to distinguish between legal entities and driving licenses, the concept of debt and the debt To be able to make correspondence and file correctly by using events information, various contracts to teach how to regulate in accordance with the rules.

Edit pictures with fireworks, fireworks lesson 1

2008-12-21 06:33:58

Basic Painting Concepts: Pixel, DOT and DOT Pitch, resolution, LPI, DPI? Detailed Information About Picture File Formats: PICT, EPS, TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD files. Fireworks use lessons, illustrated and detailed explanation, 95 pages pdf file. Fireworks menus, fireworks tools, Fireworks to organize reism.

Hotel businesses and guests

2010-02-02 10:08:22

Domestic and foreign guests, touristyle in both our country and abroad They go to centers to spend a nice holiday. Our guests are in these centers There are different and important expectations from the accommodation enterprises. The most important factor in meeting these expectations; them, accommodation in accordance with their expectations to direct their businesses. If we do not do this guidance correctly, set out for a nice holiday We end the dreams of our guests. He spent them, wasted their time, regret living and questioning the reasons for this, to seek the right through judicial authorities We turn it into an individual starting. To bring together the right people in the right place, but instead of the competence of the task Bringing, making accurate determinations and making the operation elements can accomplish. Because In particular, the features of the accommodation businesses where they work together, Organizational structures, the types of accommodation they apply and the features of their rooms are very good. should know. It should correctly analyze the features of the guests and their expectations from enterprises. That's when the complaints that may arise during the holidays and after vacation are eliminated. removable. Our tourism enterprises, especially travel agencies and accommodation businesses Every year, advertising expenses in their budgets are increasing their share. For this share to fall The first step to be taken; In the guests who spend their holidays through their businesses, to increase the share of the guests who are happy with the services. Better than a satisfied guest It cannot be an advertising tool. Therefore, especially the travel agency found in our field The staff who have taken the necessary training courses when choosing their personnel in the future preference they will. You take accommodation businesses and guest lessons in our country in the future As the elements that make great contributions to the development of tourism, you will give.

How to make ice cream, important tips?

2009-11-19 16:08:10

Ice cream pleasant aroma, taste and appearance by many people Season is a dairy product consumed by loving. Although the energy content is not much, vitamin And its rich in minerals increases its importance in terms of nutrition. It is not known where ice cream first emerged. But to its construction Many things are said about. In some sources, ice cream is at the beginning of the 16th century. Italy is also discovered in Italy. Again, according to some sources, ice cream is the first time ice cream It was made in England after the discovery. In our country, the first ice cream production in 1900 Istanbul and Kahramanmaraş. Today, ice cream sector, food industry and milk technology fastest It is one of the developing and increasing branches. Ice Cream Sector in our country The most important reason for rapid growth is that the raw material is abundant, cheap and varied. Milk again Our people who do not like to drink very much in summer and winter months show extreme interest in ice cream This supports the development of the sector. Ice cream; In general, milk and dairy products, sweeteners, stabilizers, Emulsives, drinkable water, color, aroma and condimental substances of the mixture As a complex product obtained by processing in special layouts called freezer defined. In this course, the necessary information about ice cream production, packaging and hardening issues And you will have the opportunity to apply in your working life by acquiring skills. You acquired All information and skills will ensure that you are qualified staff in this sector.

Legal terms and meanings

2009-12-31 18:11:01

Legal Secretary, such as the judicial organization, bar associations, law offices, legal advisors He is the person who writes the writings of institutions and organizations and holds the records. If the Legal Secretary Works at the Law Office (the plaintiff's attorney to the lawyer After giving) the article prepared by the lawyer on the subject in accordance with the duly He writes on the computer and takes it to the courthouse. About all kinds of articles about the cases from the courthouse plugs it into the file. Saves the days of the hearing in the monitoring book. Prepares receipts and Signs, calculating the necessary court fees and other expenses, It deposits the money in the relevant places. With the card given by the baron to him (some kind of authorization certificate) He receives a copy of the documents regarding the case from the court or execution office. Knowing the basic concepts in the field of law in order to carry out all these procedures, It is necessary to distinguish the courts and the areas of duty. In this course, you commercial law, Capital law, concept of judiciary, authorities and elements, administrative law, execution bankruptcy law Basic information will be given about. After learning the information contained in this course Many concepts related to you will no longer be stranger to you

cylinder cleaning of the typhdruk printing machine

2009-10-09 10:54:11

This course is explained in practical teaching. material. Cleaning of cylinder, as in machine cleaning, the printing operator does It is one of the necessary routine work. Correctly made of cylinders, cylinders in the next jobs It allows use. At the same time cleaning, the storage of cylinders in the warehouse is one of the prerequisite conditions. When you have completed this course, you mold removal of the cylinder properly, cleaning and storage in warehouses; removal of printing rollers, You will be able to clean and keep it easily. If you obtain the targeted competencies in this course, the typhdruk cylinder cleaning We believe that you will grow as qualified elements that can do and wish you success.

Carving furniture types

2010-01-13 22:38:20

Wooden Technology Area Functional Values ​​and Use of Spaces, Aesthetics With its value, the places where we live and work are a warm, cute and colorful environment. It allows it to come. This field reveals the product by combining art and technique. Wood in the area and Wood products as well as paint, varnish, color, glass, plastic, steel and metal, such as metal products is used. The employment opportunities provided by this field are available and potentially It is one of the important activity sectors of our country with the power to create added value. In our country where wooden technology is developed, both domestic and international Wood decoration makes significant contributions in meeting increasing needs. Surface engraving is an indispensable part of the wooden decoration branch. Motif-Pesen In particular, the art of the original Seljuk and Turkish ornamental art will be reflected in the information. You will be able to do furniture such as crates, chairs, coffee tables and rahle. During the surface carving construction, the types of decorations, which trees made, You will be able to apply by learning production steps and machine carving.

Basic Principles of Hydraulic Systems

2009-05-11 13:33:41

Plastic is the raw material of many products we use in our daily lives. Having a wide range of use makes the processing of plastic and plastic important. Like many machines used today, the machines used in plastic processing include hydraulic systems. People who run these machines, In order to operate the hydraulic systems on the machines in a healthy way, it must have the competence to establish hydraulic circuit. This course aims to give you this competence. In addition to using the hydraulic circuits and the circuit elements used in these circuits, the information required to use the hydraulic circuit systems found on plastic processing stalls is explained in this course. If you successfully finish this course, you will be able to get to know the hydraulic systems on plastic processing machines more closely and run them in accordance with the rules.

How to clean Flekso Machine after printing?

2009-10-05 07:52:06

This course is the necessary preparations during the cleaning of the flexo printing machine. It is the instructional material in which the correct construction is explained in practice. Cleaning of flexo printing machines requiring technical knowledge and very attention It is a job. Correct cleaning phase both printing quality, and flexo printing It affects the life of the machine and the cost of printing. Large -scale for this Printings choose their employees working in this business very meticulously, educated and scientific. They prefer employees by methods. In this course, the necessary information and application activities to do this job given. If you care about your work and take it seriously, it will lead you to success.

2-6 years old child mantle planting

2009-07-26 07:11:55

Children's clothes are of great importance among the types of clothing. In children's clothes When selecting the fabrics, accessories and models used, the movements are not blocked and The fabric does not damage the skin. Change of seasons to the structure of the clothes reflected. Clothes made of thick and woolen fabrics to protect from cold in winter preferable. One of these clothes is mantle. When you successfully complete the 2-6 age child mantle planting course in the sector You can have the ability to work in the enterprises producing in the field.

Bezayağı fabric woven

2009-09-25 14:33:30

The fabrics ordered or designed in the firms where weaving fabric is produced Samples are made before the production is produced. The reason for this is series Seeing the errors that may arise in production in advance and test the production of designed fabric is to. “ main weaves ” and “ Tahar and Breakage Plans ” Bezayağı, twill and satin with lessons Knowledge and skills about the drawing of the braids, the construction of tahar and bee plans You will be able to win. When you complete all the activities related to Bezayağı fabric weaving course, sample To recognize the counter and the main elements, to prepare warp on the sample weaving loom, To connect the prepared solution to the bench, to make the strength and combave of comb, to be delivered to the frames. You will be able to move according to your plan and do sample fabric weaving operations

Hand Chinese needle weaving

2009-08-31 13:46:17

The Chinese needle technique has an important place in processing techniques. From the name As can be understood, the Chinese needle was first applied by the Chinese. and the 19th century It is seen among Turkish embroidery. Image as if he made painting with colorful yarns gives. With the harmony, order and artistic appearance of colors, Chinese needle technique has reached. With this technique, with the fusion of colors with each other, our daily life and nature Aesthetic products that look pleasing to the eye by bringing together various colors can be created. Using the Chinese needle technique, various events from nature and daily life We can apply it on floors. This course, which is prepared for a professional course, is provided with a suitable working environment, China Needle Determining the need for models and materials in technique, preparing the fabric for processing, Chinese needle Application of Technique, Auxiliary Needle Techniques Application, Ironing, Quality Control Information and It includes skills. This course will give you the ability to make the Chinese needle technique by hand.

Fanila Molds

2009-07-26 08:04:43

Garment, like all other areas of textile, one of the rapid developments in the textile sector The area has also been greatly affected. This interaction area in itself It has made it necessary to divide into branches, so the qualified people who specialize in these branches has increased its need. Underwear, which has been developing rapidly in our country in recent years In the sector, the need for this qualified personnel has reached the highest level. The materials used in the underwear sector are from the materials used in outerwear Because of their differences, this gap has become more difficult to close. Here in the sector Vocational educational institutions in order to meet the need for qualified personnel There is a big task on it. Underwear First, only the body of outerwear, helps protect the external influences While wearing to be, it is now seen as a separate aesthetic element. The right underwear should smooth body lines, and the outerwear appears clearer. It should provide, develop the aesthetic sense of man with different models and materials and the original It should continue to help protect the body from external influences. In this course, one of the basic parts of men and women's underwear, Fanila Mold, Fabric features, stretching rates, templates and serials in addition to creating Fanila By taking the necessary main and auxiliary material calculation information, with the information and skills sought You will have the chance to be a equipped element.

Auxiliary equipment in molding 1

2009-06-03 11:57:39

Production with auxiliary equipment is an important issue in the field of plastic technology. Considering the place of plastic in our daily lives and the width of the use of use, this importance will be better understood. The raw material of many products we use today is plastic. Although plastic products are made of the same plastic material, different features are desired according to the diversity of use. The same plastic product is exposed to sunlight in one environment, while the other may be exposed to pressure or cold. However, there may be demand for different colors for the same products. Considering such cases, plastic raw materials should be prepared, and plastic raw materials should be prepared in a homogeneous mixture with some additives according to their use environments. In addition to the reasons described above, the acquisition of plastic from oil brings a great burden on the national economy. Plastics remain in nature for a long time and produce environmental pollution. For this reason, incorrect products, runners and scrap plastics that occur during production should be recovered. Thus, in addition to preventing environmental pollution, it is also contributed to the national economy. Production 1 course with auxiliary equipment is a course prepared to gain skills in this direction. In this course you will be able to prepare the mixture of raw materials used in plastic processing machines with additives suitable for the desired features. In addition to the molds of simple, small and low -production products, you will be able to reuse plastic processing machines by breaking the incorrect products, runners and scrap plastics that occur during production or occur in the process. However, you will get information about mixer, crushing, hand injection machines and plastic material.

Men's Fanish Planting

2009-07-26 08:43:36

Underwear; A worn in our clothes used by women, men and children It is a kind of clothing. Protecting the body from external influences, providing hygiene, such as sucking sweat It is used because of their needs. In addition to cotton fabrics, woolen, cotton, Synthetic mixture is produced from fabrics. Round knitted fabrics, underwear It is preferred in production. Fanila can be produced in different forms and models in male underwear. Model The V -neck, zero collar, long or short arm is used. Arm and collar edges Or can be cleaned with resin or riban can be used. It can be produced in different colors. The main and auxiliary material must be compatible. In this course, you will learn about male fanila cutting, production, final ironing and control processes. The information you acquire and the skills you earn are the underwear branch and the working conditions of this branch It will help you recognize and form the basis for your next education.

Fish back knitting technique

2009-09-02 08:09:58

Basically, jewelry, ” to influence the other ” It is used to decorate and decorate various parts of the human body to protect. is also requested. The roots of jewelry in Anatolia are very old. Works created by hand labor, It is integrated with the emotions, thoughts and spirit of the masters. Handicrafts are more than the verbal It is full of a rich burden of meaning. To constantly change the rapidly produced technology and tastes In spite of the Anatolian jewelry, in accordance with the contemporary art understanding, the abstract existence continues makes it. It is a necessity to transfer traditional artist creativity to new generations will. Because the jewelry made with handicrafts is original. Silver Kazaz Knitting is a local art made in Trabzon. Moreover It is one of our traditional handicrafts that have been disappeared. Therefore, this handicraft We have to protect and live to future generations by keeping it alive. Trabzon Maturation Institute, P.K.S.O. and K.M.L. Silver Kazaz Knitting Practical Courses trying to keep it alive. In the techniques found in the silver survivor, herringbone knitting chain task sees. In the teaching phase of techniques, the herringbone technique is first taught. Then respectively Combining bolt, ball, openwork weaves and techniques is taught to create products. At the end of this course, the technical stages of herringbone, which is knitted silver kazaz, illustrated and you will learn with written explanations.

How to sew shawls and wefts?

2009-09-30 14:01:58

Human beings since the formation of the world, everything in the sense of wondering He lived with his passion for discovery. This feeling has made people experience new developments and It makes it alive. The situation is the same in the textile field. The sense of covering over time, the conditions of life With the change, it was replaced by dressing, that is, the adornment completion. The person who always pursues search and innovation, never producing something new He's not tired. Every day a new model has developed design. With this course we have prepared for you, you will be able to sew scarf and shawl models. Same With this course, accessory designs using new decoration techniques You will be able to contribute

Fruit and attention to be careful

2009-10-09 11:28:37

In today's conditions, fruitism is as important as ornamental plants and vegetables. Various kinds of fruits of different flavors and human nutrition also have a very important place. How beautiful and enjoyable to eat an ice -cold watermelon or melon eaten on summer days, an apple or peach that is severed from the branch. Have you ever thought about how they were raised while eating those fruits? Just as every person needs some things to live, fruits also have wishes to catch up; Temperature, water, fertilizer, moisture and so on. Here you will learn how the fruits that come to our house with this lesson and do not miss our tables, and after which stages you reach. At the same time, you will be able to grow any suitable fruit tree in the garden of your home, albeit amateurish. Thus, you will be able to better understand the importance of fruits in our lives.

How to use an ironing machine

2009-09-30 14:00:24

Dry cleaning is a very old business. According to the rumor "Jolly Belin " in The maid accidentally reduces the gas lamp on a stained product. Spilled on the product Jolly, who realizes that the stain on the spilled place is also magically destroyed He starts to remove the stains in the dress of the people around the waist with this path and gave it He also said dry cleaning on behalf of this service. Today, depending on the development of social life and textile sector Products have been started to be produced. In addition, both the food sector and the other Due to the development of industries, many stains are encountered in our daily lives has been. The production of stains and textile garment production in the clothes we wear and clothing production Dry cleaning machines used for the removal of stains formed in the phase are sensitive It is necessary to purify clothes and fabrics from their stains without deforming. is an element. The first traces of the iron extend to the age in which primitive man steps to earth. Technology, stage By changing the face of the step iron, both in homes and in the sector that produces textile Today it has transformed into an indispensable vehicle. Nowadays, the development of flat knitted clothing production sector and production With the acceleration of the flat knitted fabric without disturbing the structure of ironing and Ironing of various features used to iron straight knitted fabrics or clothes machines have been improved. By learning the properties of dry cleaning and flat knitting ironing with this course You will be able to use the machines.

Batteries and batteries prices

2010-07-21 10:56:30

The main task of the battery on ships is the right current that will first move the main machine to feed the engine. Besides, to meet the needs of other auxiliary machines battery is used for. As technology develops, batteries developed. Day by day to technology It is developed in parallel as quality and high capacity battles. Nowadays Mostly used battles are lead-acid batteries. The difference of batteries from batteries is that they are charged. Care of batteries is very important. The most important battery in batteries is controlled by water. Batteries lose water during charging and discharge processes. Because Charging and discharge events cause the battery to heat up and evaporate the water in the electrolyte It is possible. The decreasing battery electrolyte must be completed with pure water. Mechanical and chemicals of grids used in lead acid batteries today In order to increase its durability, it has taken calcium instead of antimony. Antimony, It accelerates gas formation during the operation of the battery and causes excessive water loss. This Therefore, batteries require continuous care. To eliminate this negative effect of antimony Calcium is added to the grills. The advantage of calcium has reduced gas formation by 75 %in normal charging voltages. is. Therefore, batteries do not require water addition in normal working life. These batteries are the most advanced batteries that are used today and do not require maintenance. In this course, the structure of batteries, work, maintenance operations and charging You will learn the transactions and make their applications.

How to draw simple ceramic motifs

2010-01-14 16:01:51

Tile is an important branch of art that provides Turkish culture. “ Turkish decoration art ” Tile motifs, which constitute an important part of it, have survived to the present day. Drawing simple motifs has been included as the main subject in Turkish tile art. Tile motifs; In our daily life, container, ornaments, trinkets, space decoration and decoration In addition to its material, it is still taking its place today with its ease of use. Simple Motif Drawings with the lesson in tile art acquisition of basic skills aimed. When you complete this course, you are the desired motifs. You will be able to draw depending on the technique. However, it is necessary to do these operations You will get basic information. These information and skills, your motifs in your tile art, You use the problems and skills you gained from this course. It will help you remove it. When you gain the targeted competencies in this course, in the ceramic and glass field You will grow as qualified elements and contribute to the development of the country.

How to choose soil suitable for flower

2009-10-19 10:03:11

Each living interaction with the environment in which it is in. Living things They meet their environment. The environment in which they grow is important for plants. Water from the soil and The soil structure is good for taking nutrients and to grow and develop the roots easily. must be. Scientific studies have demonstrated which types of plants develop well. The necessary arrangements to evaluate our land well and get good products We should be able to do it. We can get various fees by mixing our land with various substances. These fees It will cause good development of our plants. Microorganisms or pests that sometimes damage our products in our lands can be found. They can be harmful to plant roots, trunks, flowers and fruits. We must sterilize to save our land from these pests. In this lesson You will learn sterilization types and methods of application. Our lands may not always be smooth. Water can accumulate in pit places. More We know that water will damage plants. Therefore, drainage in which excess water is evacuated You will be able to apply the systems by learning when necessary. Nowadays, agricultural machines are made with machinery. Which machine, for what purpose will learn that it is used both from time and labor costs earnings. you will provide.

Ornamental trees and care that can be sewn in the garden

2009-10-11 06:28:04

Outdoor plants are part of the world of plants. But in the world of plants There are many outdoor plants, which is why these plants are classified. This We will discuss the trees in the section. The hill formed by branches and leaves, which is between three and seven meters in length Carrying the crown on a single body, giving exile, thickening by increasing diameter every year Long -lasting plants are called woods. It consists of 4 main parts: a tree, root, body, branch and leaf. These parts Properties such as form, size, volume are the basic features that shape the tree. Your tree In order to live and develop; Light, temperature, carbon dioxide, oxygen, water and mineral substance is necessary. Trees give oxygen to the air by assimilating. In addition, trees are nutrients for living things and Used to provide shelter. While the trees perform these functions, around them It is mutually in one -to -one relationship with all living and inanimate beings. The destruction of trees, It means deterioration of the living environment. So we know the value of what we have must. In fact, our growing new plants are important for the preservation of natural balance. You When you complete this course, you will have information about the trees. The general of the trees You will learn their features, production, landscaping areas and important types. You will be the quality element of this sector.

How to paint ceramic with compressor

2010-02-09 23:52:19

The profession you choose is one of the most preferred professions today. Future Basic knowledge and skills in order to do this very bright profession in the best way You should learn. This course gives information about paint application with compressor. This lesson When you complete, how the compressor works, appropriate paints, paints You will learn to spray paint with the compressor. The information in this course will provide convenience in the profession you choose, later When you complete the courses and raise yourself well in the professional field, the glass sector is related. You will be able to work in the departments

Size and Scales in Construction

2009-08-28 14:34:50

As it is known, structure and construction have existed since the existence of humanity. The construction sector is very It is a wide sector. Its importance is increasing. With the rapid development of technology, he wants Technology manifests itself in our sector. This is a separate function for construction adds. At this point, we have a lot of work. To humanity and our environment in this field It is seen that there are many things we can give. Therefore, in our profession, ourselves We need to train well and follow technology very closely and daily. In this way to determine our place in this sector, the best way We should work and complete our education. In this training, vocational accounts course in an important position it comes out. Certainly, the location and importance of occupational accounts in the construction sector it is too degree to take it. Measurement and Scales Course is also an important place in the professional accounts. It is that you have information about the measurements and scales that are intended from this course. What is the measure? such as the environmental accounts of geometric shapes … you will learn the subjects. Mostly, will they work for us in our daily lives? Otherwise only Are we going to use it in our profession? Here you will find all this and the results in this course. We believe that at the end of this course, there will be no questions when you repeat information. And We hope that at the end of this lesson, you will all reach the necessary competence. To take your place in the construction sector, your knowledge and skills for a lifetime Hope to guide you in length; We wish you luck.

Boat Paramphet and Verdevela

2010-07-09 22:10:00

With this course, the construction of parampets and vardevalarda in accordance with ship standards you will be able to do. PARAMPET AND VARDEVELAR RAILGERS OR RAILGERS OR IN THE BALCONY OF THE APARTMENT OF THE APARTMENT They are structures similar to the system. Paramphets and VARDEVELS enter the ship's equipment part and on the main deck is available. The location of parampets within the ship; It is in two places: head and ass. However, the assembly of the ship's scaffold and starboard direction with parampets VARDEVELAR is made of pipe and full round material. At the end of this course; PARAMPET AND VARDEVELA DIMENSIONS IN THE STANDARDS IN CLASS BOOKS and you will be able to manufacture and assembly within the framework of these rules.

Draft Principles in Photography and Graphics

2009-05-20 13:46:11

In design education, the student tries to see the objects more clearly with many explorations and trials made under the leadership of formal elements such as shape, form, color, texture and visual rules such as rhythm, direction, ratio and balance. By seeing the different width and height differences of a shape, establishing relationships between shapes and trying to produce new forms. It concludes by establishing connections between form, surface and space. All these practices of the student are aimed at improving his creative thought power and aesthetic intuition. In this course, we will discuss issues related to creating new forms from basic geometric forms, arrangement of new forms according to the draft principles and creating three -dimensional forms on the base. At the end of the course, you can use the skills you have learned in all art -related fields and prepare compositions in accordance with the principles and elements of the draft without error.

MRI device installation

2009-12-14 14:46:59

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Systems The most important medical of our age is one of the inventions. Information about the installation of MRI devices with this course you will learn. How careful and careful at every stage of biomedical devices We know we need to behave. MRI devices are also very important for both institutions Devices are also quite expensive devices. During working with these devices The sensitivity to be shown is important. In addition, MRI devices affect their work on their surrounding devices due to their structure. and is influenced by the work of the devices around him. Installation Preparations and Insulation Based on the awareness that the environment in which the environment is worked is a health institution, much more It should be noted that sensitivity should be shown. How important the time is when working on biomedical devices should not be forgotten. Every false movement to be made while working with biomedical devices to human life and Considering that it can harm the quality of human life, it is basic. It should be one of our principles.

Hotel Decoration Materials

2010-01-18 00:32:04

In our world where transportation is easier and distances shortening, people for various reasons They are constantly changing. Increasing the movements for tourism purposes of tourism sector It has accelerated its mobilization and the increase in the occupancy rate of hotels. Hotels that meet the housing needs of people who go away from their homes Accommodation services, the guests staying comfortable in the rooms where they stay. These places need to be decorated very well in order not to get bored. In the interiors of the hotel, it will decorate; Imagination rich, dancing in colors, The need for qualified elements that can organize enjoyable places and gain knowledge and skills in this business. has. My dear colleague; By choosing the tourism sector, a very colorful, enjoyable and active You start the profession. If you love and willingly do this profession; in time Your career will rise and your income level will increase. Knowledge and skill level, qualified elements always in the tourism sector They can easily find a job. I congratulate you for choosing this profession and wish you success.

How to serve alcoholic beverages

2010-01-22 21:29:47

While preparing this course, with qualified elements and knowledge and skills at the international level It is aimed to train successful bar elements equipped. High alcoholic beverages after taking the course to the higher positions in bars You will increase your knowledge and culture about drinks. Today, bartender is a very sought -after profession. But educated bartenders are very They work with high salaries in the bars of luxury hotels. Thanks to this lesson and Each high alcoholic beverages when you complete the course; business in hotels in the sector you will be the element you are looking for In other and independent bar businesses; Gin, vodka, in accordance with the method and technique, ROM is able to work more efficiently by learning the tequila service and features. You will have won. In this way, accommodation in the bars within the enterprises and You will have the opportunity to work in independent bar businesses.

How to Press Card Card?

2009-10-04 00:30:39

Business card; Corporate logo and communication representing the person and the institution to which it is affiliated It is a printed material containing its information. Today, people communicate with each other Business card, which is a tool for them to be able to establish, by people belonging to each sector and field is used. Preparation and printing of the business card, which has a valid place in our daily lives It is performed by printing houses. Considering the multiplicity of the number of people using business cards When purchased, the business potential of the printing presses of the business card reproduction is easier. understandable. In this course, you gain information and skills about business card reproduction aimed. If you obtain the targeted competencies in this course, more We believe that you will grow as a qualified person and wish you success.

Ship Rib Skeleton Drawing

2010-07-27 16:51:13

Posts, which have an important place in shipment elements, are human beings It constitutes a similar to the rib system in its body within the ship. Ship It ensures that it is resistant to the forces affecting the board sheet. Nowadays, ships in the land waters of the world and the amount of load they carry Its capacity is directly proportional to mail sizes. In order to form the ship, the definition of the mail in the pre -manufacturing course, Postal types and manufacturing issues are given. By achieving the construction of recording elements, he took the step of swimming of the ship at sea you will. Posts constitute the ribs of the ship. It shapes the ship and external against water pressure The system that strengthens the coating sheets is called mailing. If the mail is not built, the boat The coating is bent or bent inward or outward. Forms and cross -sections of mail It varies according to the type of ship. Sorting of mails at equal intervals throughout the ship listed. In the skeletal system of the ship, mail profiles are in the head, medium and stern sections of the ship. changes. The manufacturing of the mails, according to the places where they are installed, the variety, measurement, The strength and connection shape is designed in design offices. Ship in Endaze Picture Mail profiles are issued. (Figure 1.1.)

Book Production Methods in the Printing House

2009-10-07 13:44:02

Paper crushing folding with machine, especially in book production, the book Considering the place in our daily lives and the width of the area of ​​use will be understood. Nowadays, many products we use especially in the field of education raw It forms paper. In this case, the paper used for different purposes The processing of the materials is very diverse and the machines where the papers are processed Using also requires a number of skills. Basic at the beginning of these skills It comes to use the machines where the operations are performed. Layer Paper Crimean Lesson is prepared to gain the skills in this direction. is the course. In this course, you, the Crimean machines, the Crimean varieties that can be made with the machine In addition, make the necessary settings to break the paper correctly and to the post -Crimean quality You will be able to make controls. However, it is necessary to do these procedures You will obtain material, vehicle and machine information. This information and skills, Crimea It will help you solve some problems that may arise in their machines. If you obtain the targeted competencies in this course, printing technology We believe that you will grow as more qualified elements in the field and wish you success.