Hair and Skin Analysis

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Hair and Skin Analysis

Skin, hair and hair skin analysis, which is the first step of cosmetic applications To do; We have prepared this learning material to learn and recognize the structure, types, diseases of the skin, hair and hair. Correct analysis and diagnosis to be successful in the next operations will provide. In the first part of our learning activity, skin analysis; In the second part, hair and hair leather We discussed the analysis. At the end of the prepared education activities, it will gain the necessary competences, skin, hair and You will be able to analyze the scalp correctly.Hair and Skin Analysis related game : Goldminer - How to play 2 players gold mine game 4 ? Goldminer - How to play 2 players gold mine game 4 ?

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To be more useful to my patients in my pharmacy

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    TiLKi BALD

    5 weeks after starting to use radical products, I have longed for my hair that I longed for for many years.

    09-02-2013 14:11