Autocad Illustrated Lessons

Three -dimensional drawing and transfer commands with AutoCAD

2009-06-03 11:39:39

With AutoCAD, you will learn how to make two -dimensional and 3 -dimensional drawings in this course. AutoCAD is an indispensable program for 3 -dimensional applications such as plastic industry and moldism.

Autocad Basic Commands and Menus

2009-06-03 11:37:33

CAD: Computer Aided Drafting/Design at the beginning of the name AutoCAD, which is the initials of CAD ’ or BDT “ Computer aided design ” means. Using CAD program, technical drawings are drawn in a computer environment without using classic drawing equipment. In this course you will learn the use of basic commands and menus.

AutoCAD installation, menus and general promotion

2009-01-09 16:36:32

With this comprehensive document about AutoCAD, you will continue with the drawing of simple projects with AutoCAD starting from the installation process. Menus, line types, arrangement tools ...