Female tracksuit mold

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Female tracksuit mold

The textile sector is associated with many different fields. An increasingly important in our country It is a field of employment. With a planned training in this field, it is possible to find a job. In this course, a sub -branch of textile is applied in the field of underwear “ female tracksuit Mold ” information will be given. In the course, the female tracksuit and the pattern of gold, template And the Pastal plan will be given. In addition, taking a quantity through women's tracksuit pastry, weight Making your account and the auxiliary material calculation will be mentioned. Essential The technical sheet and the mold were taken from the company operating in this field. With sample planting The mold was checked. The information given with this course has been prepared in cooperation with the sector. This is what you will get By improving the skill of drawing women's tracksuits and women's tracksuit in this field in this field You can easily take part in the companies operating.
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sena gürsoy ready -made tracksuit mold

I want to sew under the tracksuit but I can't find a mold, I would be glad if you help

14-12-2010 21:32

    nefise akyalçýn Tracksuit Molds

    I'm a male female tracksuit molds.

    10-01-2011 10:06

      perihan tracksuit

      I want to sew under the tracksuit and female blouses

      11-06-2012 09:45