PHP and MySQL Lessons

PHP lessons part - 5

2008-12-13 23:03:01

In this document: Using PHP MYSQL access. You will learn commands such as MySQL installation for PHP, MySQL commands, Create Table, Insert, Select, Delete, Update. In addition, many MySQL functions are described in the document.

PHP lessons part - 4

2008-12-13 22:58:59

With this document, you will learn to refer to form using PHP, types of input on the form, content control with PHP, class (class) with php and object (Struct) defining it, reading and deleting files with PHP.

PHP lessons part - 3

2008-12-13 22:53:49

In this document content: You will learn function use with PHP, ready -made functions in PHP, sequences with PHP and various series operations.

PHP lessons part - 2

2008-12-13 22:50:02

With this document: You will learn basic issues such as PHP variable types, constants, PHP operators, php control structures, php cycles. 27 pages in total

PHP lessons part - 1

2008-12-13 19:12:33

In this course, you will learn basic issues such as PHP's work, Apache installation, PHP history, advantages and disadvantages of PHP, MySQL installation, and Phpmyadmin installation.