Knitting, textile and weaving clothes

How to sew the sweater?

2009-09-30 14:02:26

In our globalizing world, there are limits in all areas, so Many of our habits and acquisitions that have been going on from the past to the present day are rapidly replaced by global. It leaves it to change. Not by standing against this development, on the contrary, with development we can get it. Like many other sectors in the clothing sector It is in an approach that can direct developments. Technological developments are now an indispensable element of all sectors. Our aim is to keep up with this rapid change. Our traditional flat knitting production but It was intended to meet the needs of our immediate surroundings. Today, flat knitting production Apart from a social phenomenon, it also has economic value. To create this added value In the flat knitting sector, sufficient and suitable elements are needed. All studies are to create a more efficient production with less labor force. carries. Our aim is to guide all our students who draw their target on this path. With this flat knitting sweater lesson in your hand, only production stages have been shown. not an understanding in line with the targeted line. All the studies have been done to our students to have themselves a place in the sector. to guide.

How to sew shawls and wefts?

2009-09-30 14:01:58

Human beings since the formation of the world, everything in the sense of wondering He lived with his passion for discovery. This feeling has made people experience new developments and It makes it alive. The situation is the same in the textile field. The sense of covering over time, the conditions of life With the change, it was replaced by dressing, that is, the adornment completion. The person who always pursues search and innovation, never producing something new He's not tired. Every day a new model has developed design. With this course we have prepared for you, you will be able to sew scarf and shawl models. Same With this course, accessory designs using new decoration techniques You will be able to contribute

How does satin fabric touch?

2009-09-30 14:00:58

Dimi Braided Fabric Woven Course About the warp preparation, drawing and fabric weaving required to weave Information has been given. A sample fabric in fabric weaving class You have learned the process steps to weave. In this course you will have the opportunity to repeat your previous operations. Sample You will increase your work experience on the counter. Satin braids in textile usually bright and It is used as a type of knitting used for touching slippery fabrics. In this lesson You will learn to create satin -braided fabric with weaving technique. To be able to use the sample counter with the information and skills you will get at the end of the work You will develop skills. The applications you will make in this course weaving in the future It will form the basis for you during your work on their machines.

How to use an ironing machine

2009-09-30 14:00:24

Dry cleaning is a very old business. According to the rumor "Jolly Belin " in The maid accidentally reduces the gas lamp on a stained product. Spilled on the product Jolly, who realizes that the stain on the spilled place is also magically destroyed He starts to remove the stains in the dress of the people around the waist with this path and gave it He also said dry cleaning on behalf of this service. Today, depending on the development of social life and textile sector Products have been started to be produced. In addition, both the food sector and the other Due to the development of industries, many stains are encountered in our daily lives has been. The production of stains and textile garment production in the clothes we wear and clothing production Dry cleaning machines used for the removal of stains formed in the phase are sensitive It is necessary to purify clothes and fabrics from their stains without deforming. is an element. The first traces of the iron extend to the age in which primitive man steps to earth. Technology, stage By changing the face of the step iron, both in homes and in the sector that produces textile Today it has transformed into an indispensable vehicle. Nowadays, the development of flat knitted clothing production sector and production With the acceleration of the flat knitted fabric without disturbing the structure of ironing and Ironing of various features used to iron straight knitted fabrics or clothes machines have been improved. By learning the properties of dry cleaning and flat knitting ironing with this course You will be able to use the machines.

How to use a knitting machine

2009-09-30 13:59:38

Technology has entered into a rapid development after the invention of machines. These inventions are As in the area, it has enabled the development of socks knitting machines with knitted area. The development of clothing industry and fashion was also effective in the field of socks. Every clothing With its comfortable use feature suitable for the field, with very wide color and pattern options, all ages Sock collections are prepared and applied in the group. These collections Various socks knitting machines are used to produce. Mechanical Socks Knitting Machines It is one of these machines. Due to the use features of mechanical socks knitting machines, due to working techniques The need for qualified labor force in the sector is increasing. Classification of mechanical socks knitting machines with this course, mechanical socks You will be able to prepare the parts and parts of the knitting machines for production. This Information and Skills Basic for Works and Transactions in Production and Quality Control Departments in the Sector will create.

Overloklu Remayöz

2009-09-30 13:58:51

Straight knitted clothing production, which is a branch of the developing and growing textile sector of our age The sector, the best quality of the product it produces in the most economical and ways to make ways to make is looking for. Straight knitting enterprises, by investing in order to increase their production capacity, new, new, developed and economic machines. This is the Overloklu Remayöz Machine is one of the machines. Flat knitted clothes used in the production sector The person to use should be able to prepare the machine for planting, make the sewing settings, the machine serial It should be able to use it in a way and do cleaning and maintenance of the machine. This course aims to meet your needs.

Paint stages in textile and party forming

2009-09-30 13:58:14

As qualified, quality, creative and high motivated individuals in the field of textile You need to capture and adapt to developing and changing technology. We aim to grow up in the qualifications expected by the textile sector, textile It is important that you know how to create the right party for the material. At the beginning of finishing processes, weaving and yarn on the raw fabric It is great to detect the errors and to prevent errors that are possible to solve it. is important. Otherwise, after creating a party from fabrics and implementing training procedures Then, to encounter errors in the final control phase, against the inevitable costs can bring against. For this, the information in this course is in accordance with the technique and correct When you learn as you will be a step ahead of your competitors in your business life. You can correctly control the material to be painted with this course and the machine You will be able to create a party in accordance with the capacity.

How to prepare Poses in textile

2009-09-30 13:57:24

In the field of textile, qualified, high quality, creative and high motivation, developing and changing Individuals who catch and adapt to technology are needed. We aim to grow up in the qualifications expected by the textile sector, textile You should learn to prepare the correct training process for the material. At the beginning of the finishing procedures, the methods to be applied to the material are determined and correct. When you create recipes, he took a step ahead of your competitors in your business life. you will be. With this course, the pre -training process, painting process and errors correction process You will be able to prepare and apply.

Preparing rotation and template for textile

2009-09-30 13:56:34

Coloring the developing technology fabric and different in transferring the pattern to the fabric provides opportunities. Thanks to these techniques, making different applications more systematic and It is possible to do quality studies. Rotation printing process, which is one of the methods of transferring the pattern to the fabric, template It starts with the preparation process. Schedule preparation is the first and most important step of the printing process. Studies in the process of preparation directly affect the print quality. The smallest error to be made during the transfer of the pattern to the fabric losses, feature losses, The template preparation was repeated and the loss of time and the increase in the cost will. With this course, rotation template preparation steps will be considered in these steps. With the application activities by learning the points, problems that may be experienced and solutions You will also have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in practice.

Tahar and Armur Plans in Textile

2009-09-30 13:55:54

Connecting the yarns with each other in order to create fabric with weaving technique Drawing the knittings on the pattern paper It is a skill to win. Opening of mouthpieces, throwing wefts and taping constantly in order to produce a woven fabric. Repeated basic operations. Taurus plans of the braids While determining its place in the frames, the beef plans are also the frames in the process of creating mouthpieces. shows the order of movement. Therefore, the weaving weaves It will allow you to start the basic operations required for touching. At the same time, a fabric sample can be re -touching or a new fabric to design for; Knitting report, tahar plan, Breakage plan trilogy and with each other It will be possible by knowing the connections very well. At the end of this course, the information and skills you will obtain and in the textile-teaching area You will be able to draw the plans of the weaving knittings used. COURSE PAGES As it progresses, it is drawn with every weave knitting only together with the plans of bar You will see that it becomes meaningful, it is applicable.


2009-09-30 13:55:03

High quality, skilled, not problematic, solving, high motivated in the textile field As individuals, you need to adapt to the rapidly developing technology. Today, when technology is progressing rapidly every day, the consumer's request and It cannot meet various fabrics that are colored. As it is known, to the fabric Weaving, knitting and printing techniques can be given patterns; But softness to the same fabric, Hardness, water repulsion, brightness properties such as neck procedures can not be given without applying. This Therefore, finishing processes are of great importance in textile manners. Natural and Synthetic can be applied by learning and classifying the neck operations that can be applied to all fibers, various textiles You will be able to soften the fibers and make plumping finishes.

Knitting techniques, how to make knitting?

2009-09-30 13:54:15

The knitted surfaces, which are started to be produced with simple skewers and crochet, after the invention of the machines It has entered into a rapid development. Today, the most important of textiles today The knitting industry, which is one of its branches, is developing every day by using the latest technology and It is growing. Comfortable use features, wide color and pattern features due to their use is becoming widespread. In all season collections of each age group; underwear, top clothing and It is possible to see it as outerwear. Usage features of the machines, working techniques in transition from surface to product and Due to its characteristics, the need for qualified labor force trained in the sector is increasing. With this course, basic knitting and basic knitting elements and formed in knitting You will be able to distinguish the properties of the fabrics. This information and skills planning in the sector, It will form the basis for work and operations in production and quality control sections.

Pre -training of woolen in textiles

2009-09-30 13:53:15

A number of pre -finishing in textile decentralization before coloring transactions. Each of these operations gives the product a special feature. Some While the procedures smooth the surface of the product, some operations are also water absorption or Increases whiteness. All features earned are a number of benefits during coloring and Provides convenience. At the same time, these processes are made of error -free coloring It helps. Woolen products were washing, carbonization, bleaching, dinking and finally, respectively Preliminary training by passing the cracking process. Woolen in the front of wool Washing, carbonization, bleaching and optical You applied the whitening. At the end of this course, the information and skills you will obtain and woolen products. You will be able to crack.

Protein woolen fabric painting

2009-09-29 19:29:09

In addition to being the oldest raw material used in wool textile industry, In terms of physical and chemical characteristics and in other fibers in terms of physiology Elasticity, heat isolate well, high adsorption and less wetting ability, It is a fiber with superior properties such as high strength and felting. Consumers and curiosity that are sensitive about using natural products With its historical past, it is not only a fabric, but also affecting many civilizations Silk is the symbol of nobility. Silk, which is a natural fibers, is sanitaryware, home textile It is one of the main materials that decorate our homes with its elite. Your silk to colors The difference in the light reflection with the depth and brightness it brings, the silk is very special and sought fiber. In this course, the preparation of protein fibers for painting without damaging, reactive and acid You will learn how to paint and increase with the dyestuffs. This information and Skills will give you space in the protein fiber painting industry.

Cellulose fabric painting

2009-09-29 19:28:21

As qualified, quality, creative and high motivated individuals in the field of textile You need to capture and adapt to developing and changing technology. Cellulosic, which we aim to grow in the qualifications expected by the textile sector It is important that you know how to paint in accordance with the technique with fiber directly and reactive dyestuffs. carries. With direct and reactive dyestuffs for the cellulosic textile material to be colored When you learn to obtain the desired color by identifying appropriate chemicals You will be a step ahead of your competitors in your life. You will recognize direct and reactive dyestuffs with this course and the cellulosic material You will be able to paint with these dyestuffs.


2009-09-29 19:27:32

Developments observed in the manners, in general, workmanship, water, energy and Process developments with a decrease in chemical consumption, artificial and natural fibers Developments in the paintability of the problems experienced in the painting of sensitive fabrics It can be listed as developments for elimination and environmental protection. in recent years Rather than radical changes and new inventions in the field of painting technology and machines, A wide variety of innovations in the direction of improvement of machine features and process optimization has been. The importance of working with the method of absorbing these innovations and developments It has brought it to the agenda. Especially the advantages of the use of the pad-bech method It has provided the development of the area of ​​use. The first of all processes working with the method of impregnation The part, which is my name, works with the same logic as small differences. With the help of this course, the application of pad-batch, pad-rol and pad-jig methods With the help of these methods by learning their fields and usage characteristics, You will be able to paint.

Fabric coloring and pulling techniques

2009-09-29 19:26:47

On the one hand, quality and on the other hand in economic efficiency, finishing transactions Today's purpose and homework. When it comes to quality, the desired color tones and color to reach their darkness, to obtain sufficient smoothnesses, the desired features and appropriate The creation of the desired attitude and surface characteristics with mechanical operations comes to mind. Economic Reduction of costs, maximum earnings, and minimum to the environment It means obtaining repeatable quality by damaging the extent. Following this brief statement, Air Flow and Blow Draw the importance of the use of DYE painting machines once again. is requested. Air Flow and Blow Dye Coloring Machines, Economic and Ecological Painting It creates good examples for machines. Working principles, parts, programming of the machines mentioned in this course There are sections describing their employment, post -process maintenance and cleaning. The departments have been tried to be created in such a way that you can easily understand. This About Air Flow and Blow Dye Fabric Painting Machines to get all the necessary information and according to this information, when the appropriate environment is provided Applications by selecting the desired paint material and auxiliary chemicals to the desired fabric It is aimed to be able to do it.

Fabric coloring techniques 1

2009-09-29 19:25:07

The textile sector is an important sector that contributes to the growth of our country's economy. Textile finishing technology is also used in daily life. to gain features such as whiteness, color, pattern, attitude, compliance with use, the same It is an important branch of the textile sector, which aims to increase attractiveness and attraction at the time. . People cover their bodies many years ago, at home and for various purposes They colored the textile products they use by painting them with natural dyes. We can apply the painting methods that people use at that time in our home. But Of course, we cannot paint too many textile products. PLACE METHODS The proper painting of many different textile materials provides. But the rise of painting costs (waste water, paint, energy, etc.) Due to the machine manufacturers have started to produce more economical machines. This is very For the use of technological machines, well -educated, specialized elements are needed. With this course, jet and over-flow machines that paint fabric with pulling method Topics related to working systems, parts, working conditions, maintenance and cleaning you will learn. Will be able to practice with these machines in the business environment You will reach the competence.

Chemical and physical tests in textile

2009-09-29 19:23:34

All branches operating in the field of textile, as much as possible customer satisfaction They try to produce that can win. However, customer satisfaction is high quality can be provided with. Naturally, after passing through a series of quality tests It must be approved. These tests have been determined by our country and many countries. According to national and international standards, both during production and on a product basis is done. At the end of this course, the information and skills you will obtain are national and international Washing private, rubbing test tests and weight detection in accordance with the standards you will be able to do.

Fiber Fabric Painting Method 4

2009-09-29 19:22:34

Today, natural fibers are not used alone. Largely with natural fibers It is possible to produce new products by mixing synthetic fibers. My mixture With its creation, it is more convenient both at cost and more useful than its usage area. It is possible to produce products. Textile is one of the income sources of many countries. Textile in our country Products are exported to many countries and large income is obtained. You are not problematic, but investigating the problem in every aspect and strives to solve it. As a textile manner, he always follows the developing technology and a careful and researcher. Success will always be with you as an individual who reaches a solution with the way of working. With this course, the paint of wool/polyacrilonitril, wool/polyamide and acetate mixture fibers You will be able to learn and apply.

Fiber Fabric Painting Method 3

2009-09-29 19:22:10

Employees say that painting fibers is an art in finishing technology. To paint the different components that make up the mixture fabrics with the same color tone, still It forces textile manners. At the end of painting different components, as desired It will motivate you more to be able to color. It is necessary to know the physical and chemical structures of the fibers that make up the mixture. When you know the painting techniques of the fibers with the structures of the fibers, the fibers that make up the mixture It will not be very difficult for you to paint and fetter the target color. With this course, dyeing of polyester/ wool and cotton/ polyacrilonitrile mixtures You will be able to discover this art by learning and applying the methods and painting machines.

Fiber Fabric Painting Method 2

2009-09-29 19:21:43

The inadequate of textile fibers obtained from nature with the increase in the world population It rapidly increased the need for regenerated and synthetic fibers. The low cost of artificial fibers produced as an alternative to natural fibers and Excessive usability has increased production over time. In this time consuming New products have been revealed by blending with natural fibers. Thus the mixture The formed fibers have strengthened each other's weak points. The painting process of the mixture fibers that are widely used today with the least error You should do it. With this course, cotton/polyester and viscose/polyester mixture fibers You will be able to learn and apply.

Fiber fabric painting method 1

2009-09-29 19:21:15

Textile is such a broad world in our lives that wherever we look, what If we use it, it is almost impossible not to encounter a textile product. A person who is a manner to the fibers of all the color and color effect he sees in nature Since it is possible to reflect, it receives great pleasure from this work. Your sky and the blue of the seas, the changing green tones of trees and plants, the eye -catching animals Inspired by the colors of the flowers, the images of the flowers, to the textile products It is a beautiful feeling to make it color by applying it. That emotion, You can experience too much in accordance with the information you will learn from the courses. With this course, the fibers obtained from nature and the fibers obtained by chemical ways learn how to paint a new product obtained as a result of the mixture. you will be able to apply.

Knitting errors? Topics to be considered in knitting

2009-09-28 13:30:43

Errors that occur during the knitting process, affecting production and quality knitting It causes the sales and use of the fabric to decrease. Therefore knitting In all production stages of the fabrics, starting from the yarn to the apparel You will learn the remedies of detection and removal of errors in accordance with the technique. Knitting technology is developing as parallel to rapid technological development today. Errors that occur during the knitting process, affect production and quality, knitting fabric It reduces its quality and increases its cost. Increasing production and quality of production, It is possible by preventing and eliminating the errors that occur during production. Determining the causes of error affecting fabric quality and obtain these errors and get zero error. Total Quality Management application has become widespread. As a result of the researches, machine elements of knitted fabric errors, raw materials and It was seen that it was caused by the working environment. These detected errors are eliminated For the abolition of technical staff and personnel have great duties. Knitting Technical staff who will work on their machines will be able to understand and use new technologies. They should be as talented and educated. The information and skills you will obtain at the end of this course and the field of textile-organization He learned what the knitted fabric errors are and their remedies to resolve you will.

Preparation stages for knitting

2009-09-28 13:30:05

As individuals qualified, quality, creative and high motivated in the field of textile, You need to capture and adapt to developing and changing technology. We aim to grow up in the qualifications expected by the textile sector, knitting It is important to use the machines. The opportunity to recognize and use these elements that constitute the production phase of the textile profession It will allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors in business life. With this course, the parts of knitting machines in the preparation stage of production, use Preparation of fields, maintenance and repair works for production with coil sequencing processes will form the basis of the field.