Bezayağı fabric woven

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Bezayağı fabric woven

The fabrics ordered or designed in the firms where weaving fabric is produced Samples are made before the production is produced. The reason for this is series Seeing the errors that may arise in production in advance and test the production of designed fabric is to. “ main weaves ” and “ Tahar and Breakage Plans ” Bezayağı, twill and satin with lessons Knowledge and skills about the drawing of the braids, the construction of tahar and bee plans You will be able to win. When you complete all the activities related to Bezayağı fabric weaving course, sample To recognize the counter and the main elements, to prepare warp on the sample weaving loom, To connect the prepared solution to the bench, to make the strength and combave of comb, to be delivered to the frames. You will be able to move according to your plan and do sample fabric weaving operations
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