Men's jeans molds, 12-16 years old

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Men's jeans molds, 12-16 years old

Jean clothes from constantly changing fashion They can be used for a long time without impaired. The desire to wear jean pants that provide ease of movement and ease of use in daily life and increasingly increasing without gender difference. Jean pants as a fashion It is seen and the developing fashion trend is now very different. Jean Pants only with different models and cuts as sports clothes; Different Fabric Features And it has become a type of garment that can be used at any time of the day with its eye -catching embroidery. The ready -to -wear area, which is located next to the developing industry in our country, is very big in exports. is important. In order to make ready -made clothing production in international standards, ready -to -wear The mold information covering the basis must be in accordance with the requirement of the age. With this course, 12-16 years old male jean pants pattern have completed the preparation procedures You will be able to draw templates. You will be able to prepare a paste picture by making serial drawings. Fabric and material account to determine the fabric properties for jean pants you will be able to do.
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