Bridal Planting with Drapage Technique

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Bridal Planting with Drapage Technique

The women's tailoring sector is a big market and in the world as well as in our country. It has a share of usage. Especially the fashion designers who have made a name for HOUTE in this sector They have achieved success with Couture (Personalized Planting) style works. Wedding dress, this It is one of the most important parts of the sector. Wedding dress is a very special garment that all ladies dreamed to wear. This Therefore, in the women's tailoring section, it was a branch in itself and only planting wedding dresses It has created a place in the sector. Wedding dress has been an area where drarap technique is used much in terms of models. With this technique, the models are personalized and that the selected models reflect their personalities It reveals the importance of the drarap system. Drarap work is a work that requires talent, skill and mastery. At the same time Since this work includes an artistic work, being a sought -after element in the market thanks to this study You will gain the feature. In the information age we are in, you work harder to achieve success and You need to do research. In this course, drapage work, the drapage you work for the mold Removing the bridal mold without error by learning to transform and make a wedding dress cutting You will have the skill. We wish you success.
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Bahar Biçer wedding dress sewing technique

Can I learn the wedding dress stitches.

15-05-2011 23:24

    nahide irten female body patterns

    How can I sew coupled bustyer

    28-12-2011 10:08

      HATiCE ÜSTÜNDAÐ Wedding Dress Drapage Technique

      I would be glad if you give information about the wedding dress drarap technique

      25-01-2013 09:04

        hat_ce Wedding Dress Drapage Technique

        Wedding Dress Drapage Technique and Planting.

        26-01-2013 15:39

          muzaffer bridal gown

          I'm a tailor but I want to sew a wedding dress evening dress, can I learn how can I learn

          10-06-2013 11:42