Women's shirt mold

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Women's shirt mold

Our country has an important place in the field of ready -to -wear and abroad. This Due to its feature, it has to make production at international standards. Desired The realization of a production requires quality workforce that has grown in this field. Qualified In the establishment of the labor force, vocational and technical education has an important place. is known. The model application technique varies according to the model of the garment to be produced. Model The more you practice in the application, the higher your model application skill will increase. This Model applied shirt mold after the course of the course by preparing the model for the shirt and You will be able to calculate the auxiliary material.
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Nurcan Women's clothing molds

I want to open a business on women's clothing. But I do not have enough information about this. How can I get help.

25-11-2011 12:26

    I became a member, but I can not reach the topic I want, help !!

    27-11-2011 12:48

      güler karakol Lady shirt planting

      I want to sew women's clothes, can you help me?

      28-08-2013 11:57