Women's vest mold

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Women's vest mold

The desire to dress differently in people's ready -to -grow clothing sector positively affected. In line with the opportunities offered by the developing technology, this sector Turkey has also taken its rightful place. While the vest was a Ömenli accessory of men's clothing Today, it plays an important role in women's clothing. Vest from leather, weaving It is made of surface (fabric) and knitwear. Clothing production technology field, prepared for the Branch of Women's Clothing Model “ Women At the end of the vest pattern ’ ’ at the end of the course, making a model application, preparing a women's vest template, Women's Vest Lining Lining Template, Women's Vest Primer Lining Serial Drawing, Women's Vest Information and skills about preparing a lining pastal plan and making auxiliary material calculation You will win. All of the specified activities will be carried out at school at a time of 40/32 hours. At the end of the course, the subjects and resources and addresses that can be reached are given. You say We wish you students to be useful to you students in the field of women's clothing model.
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guliz Good morning

I am sewing a vest for my daughter, I just started sewing, if you write the process of processing, it is good day.

19-01-2011 10:44

    nihal boz I'm learning new stitches

    Thanks to you, I will learn to sew six to fifteen age group.

    12-05-2011 01:11

      seren How to sew the low -sleeved dress

      I just start sewing, I want to sew dress from low -sleeved summer popli.

      27-06-2011 19:23

        ASIYE DEMIR Mold

        How can I storytelling your clutch molds

        12-11-2011 15:11

          hamide vest mold

          I want to plant a vest for my 10 -year -old daughter, can you help me take out

          15-01-2012 12:23

            tülay bayram Women's Vest Mold 40 Size

            How can I remove and sew it

            24-01-2012 12:47