Illustrated Lessons About Adobe Fireworks

BUTTON AND PICTURE FOR WEB PAGE WITH Fireworks - Fireworks Lesson 2

2008-12-21 06:40:35

Object producing lesson for web pages with fireworks, Illustrated PDF file. Button with Fireworks, (button editor), an effective picture zone (Image MAP) creation, optimization and transfer processes, GIF animation with fireworks, masking, creating menu.

Edit pictures with fireworks, fireworks lesson 1

2008-12-21 06:33:58

Basic Painting Concepts: Pixel, DOT and DOT Pitch, resolution, LPI, DPI? Detailed Information About Picture File Formats: PICT, EPS, TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD files. Fireworks use lessons, illustrated and detailed explanation, 95 pages pdf file. Fireworks menus, fireworks tools, Fireworks to organize reism.