Men's Planting

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Men's Planting

Underwear has an important place in our clothes. Men's panties are soft and Models that should be produced from fabrics that will not irritate the skin it should be selected, maintaining body temperature, absorbing sweat and protecting it from external influences. It should be hygiene. In addition to cotton fabrics, synthetic fabrics produced. Round knitted fabrics are very suitable for the production of inner clothes. Underwear Women, men and children's underwear are grouped according to gender. In this course, the male pantyhs used in male underwear with the technical work You will learn male panties production techniques. In the course, used in men's underwear Slits and panties are examined with different forms and models. The information you have acquired and The skills you have gained will help you to get to know this branch and the working conditions of this branch. It will form the basis for your next education.
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