Lady Athlete Planting

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Lady Athlete Planting

Women's athletes are the top pieces with straps, waist -waist or free -rounded tops. It is underwear that absorbs, protects the sweat of the body and makes up the upper clothing properly. Ready It has an important place in the clothing industry. Women's Athlete Production, especially in Istanbul It is done in many centers and in major businesses. It is produced in different models and from different braided fabrics. According to the athlete model It can be firmly sitting or abundant, the back skirt length can be the same length or short as the front. Your athlete The use of lace in the front or upper half of the upper half is very fashionable recently. Lace athletes as accessories that complement their clothes by ladies is used. Lived colors are used, print and lycra mixed, stretching Athletes made of knitted fabrics with high capability are the training of female athletes He attracts his attention as his clothes. With this course, the athlete production stages, apparatus used in planting athletes, this He has the adequacy that can learn the apparatus processing processes and sew women's athletes. you will.
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