Men's Pants Planting

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Men's Pants Planting

Dressing has been one of the inevitable needs with people's existence. This need; lifestyle, personal likes, social environment, cultural hardware and so on. With the contribution of the factors It has gained diversity. This diversity also expresses themselves to people's style of clothing. It is reflected by the choice of clothes they can. One of these types of clothes is trousers. Trousers; Wearing the body from the waist of the body, surrounding the legs, under the knee to the ankle Men, women and children of children with different lengths. Pants, which are indispensable for men and women's clothing, both work and work It is among the preferred clothes in its environments and in private life. Pants models are pleated by classic models as well as in accordance with the fashion of the day, Jean, double, large (Spanish) legs, capri and so on. It varies according to model properties. This When determining diversity, as in all clothes, the place, time, environment, economic and social location, season, fashion of the day, fabrics and accessories. should be kept. In this course, men's trousers technical works, model applied men's trousers Cutting, planting, final ironing and final control processes are explained. Found in this course If you apply the activities, the information you acquire and the skills you gain, this branch and this It will help you know the working conditions of the branch and basic for your next education will create.
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ayla þen Big Size Men's Pants

I want to sew pants to my wife, but it is not beautiful, my wife is hundred

17-02-2010 15:11

    zeynep aydýn Men's Jeans Pantalon

    I want to sew jeans to my wife. How can I sew.

    26-05-2010 13:24

      bilge kayar men's pantalon

      I want to sew pants to my wife, can you help me?

      16-04-2011 12:33

        sultan köse Men's Sweat Shirt Mold

        I want to sew my wife sweat shirt. Can you help me?

        01-05-2011 18:34

          mehmet erol pants mold

          I want to plant pants for myself, I would be glad if you help.

          02-02-2013 21:07

            ali.t trousers

            Friends, if you want to sew a good pants, you should know how to take the measure first, go to a tailor

            28-03-2013 21:40