How to use resin sewing machine

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How to use resin sewing machine

With the development of technology, the ready -to -wear industry was also affected by this development, Series and the necessity of developing quality product. In order to achieve the desired purpose in ready -made clothing production; Production format, used The choice and use of machinery, tools and equipment is very important. The person working on this subject and organizations to know the features and techniques of the production machines to be used It makes it easier for them to achieve their goals. Recognition of machines, contributions to the quality and capacity of production helps in evaluation. Thus, the machine hardware suitable for the production The right decisions are made to be elected and unnecessary investments are not made. Preparation of the sewing machines used in ready -made clothing industry in this course, Knowledge and skills about using, cleaning and maintenance of these machines you will learn. The information you have acquired and the skills you gain, this branch and this branch work It will help you know the conditions, your next education and business life is basic will create.
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The function and official of the regeneration machine

01-09-2010 18:29

    saniye stitch

    I have a reiner machine how can i use it thanks

    11-05-2012 23:46