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Turkish traditions

2010-03-02 22:31:43

Anatolia, due to its geographical location, many civilizations and culture throughout history The intersection has been the point. Anatolian culture, floating from the experiences of centuries It has become a set of values ​​that are shaped, transferred from generation to generation. Anatolian culture has its own situation due to its historical ties. Anatolia Throughout history, various migrations, different cultures, wars, trade, trade It is a geography where the paths pass. Anatolian culture traditions, customary traditions, folk dances, cuisine of the world It is one of the rich cultures. The qualities of Anatolian culture are not known enough in the tourism sector The introduction of Anatolian folk culture is sometimes wrong. This situation for centuries It causes great damage to cultural values ​​formed. Turkish in tourism enterprises Most of the activities related to promotion of culture are inadequate or shallow content It does not contribute to the promotion of Anatolian folk culture because it has been. Cultural values, incoming Anatolia of the staff working in the tourism sector to transfer the guests correctly to the guests It is very important to consist of individuals who recognize and transfer folk culture correctly. With this course, our dear students who will work in the tourism sector You will recognize your culture and learn. At the end of this lesson, what you learned to the guests You will be able to transfer correctly

Hotel reservation procedures

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With the first lesson of the booking course in the front office, with a booking course The booking office and some basic knowledge and skills by recognizing the hardware in this office you won. Now, how about progressing one step further? The second lesson of this course Reservation Registration Procedures Course and Reservation Acceptance and Registration Procedures, Changes and cancellations, control of waiting reservations, warranty methods and reservation tables You will gain the necessary information and skills by learning. The competences you have gained with this course are a good front office and a reservation element. It will bring one step closer to your goal. Now ready for working life, self -confidence As you have won individuals, you will feel better. This is your successful, sought and It will allow you to be the elements where you always have the chance to rise in the profession.

How to become a tourist guide

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In this course, the best way to visit domestic and foreign guests who visit our country What the job of professional tourist guides who have undertaken the task of introducing, which With the ways to become a professional tourist guide and the profession of guidance. It is aimed to provide the necessary self -information about the relevant legal legislation. Our country To introduce the best way to domestic and foreign guests, tourist guides themselves It will be possible with equipment in the figure. At least one foreign language can speak in the best way, Thanks to guides who know our historical, cultural and artistic values ​​very well, Turkish tourism In addition to providing foreign exchange input to our country that will develop, our place in civilized countries will strengthen. Tourist guides, accompanying visitors in the process of traveling their travel It facilitates its organization, and the travels of visitors are as smooth as possible and It allows it to be enjoyable and gives the right information about the places visited. Tourist While the guides perform these roles, visitors travel and trip on the one hand While determining the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with his experiences, on the other hand By creating a model both with the information they provide and with their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors. Türkiye and the Turkish image reflects and determines. Türkiye and the Turkish image in terms of positive impressions, satisfied with the country The importance of returning visitors for a stable and developing tourism sector is obvious. In line with the legal legislation in our country, guidance without a guidance certificate It is considered a crime to engage in activities. Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the course of your hand How to finish the courses or guidance departments of universities opened by It is necessary to be a professional tourist guide and to get a guidance identity. Important information has been tried to be given.

How to Marketing Hotel Room

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The fact that accommodation businesses can survive their commercial lives are primarily room depends on sales. Such businesses, other revenue -generating side units (restaurant, bar disco, swimming pool, sauna, laundry, game halls, sports facilities and sales stores such as); It depends on the success shown in the sale of rooms. Because he stayed in the guest facility As long as the process will spend in these places within the enterprise. The sale of the room is that only the guest comes to the business and demanded the room and the room It does not mean to settle in the room by accepting it as it is. Especially competing businesses, In order to grab the large part of the demand for the environment or region where they are located It is necessary to carefully identify its sales policy carefully and apply it meticulously. However, Socioeconomic or physical changes in the environment, the business policy of the business and It may require the change of management form. For example, to the region where the business is located Large and qualified accommodation facilities or architectural construction in the region and The deterioration of the natural environment can make business management new decisions regarding sales policy. The most important function of the pre -extend in accommodation businesses is to sell rooms and sales to increase. Therefore, the front of the front of the guest should analyze guest psychology very well and which He should know very well how many to sell the room. The room type sold is within the business of the guest The volume of extra expenditures to be made will be determined more or less. To guests The sale of the room is also linked to the way the guest arrives in the business. Guests, one Different channels to accommodation business (travel agency, reservation, without reservation such as). For every guest who comes to the business using different channels Separate room sales technique, registration and placement methods are used

How to book hotel

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Resiarvation procedures in accordance with travel agency standards You will be able to gain competence. Business in the resarration department of these gains You can turn it into the possibility. Reservation Branch Reservation Procedures With MÖDÜLÜ, you will be able to better learn new approaches and strategies in the sector. Trip When you learn the reservation procedures of the agencies, in tourism enterprises and especially You will be able to find a better job in tour operator and local agencies. In the future business life, this mödül's provisional information and skills applications Their gains will always be the most important guide for you. In this course, all studies and stages related to resarvation are included. Objective, the needs of the sector, who will work in the field of travel agency to raise and train in line with the direction. Working when you complete the course Your skills using the information you have obtained about the tour organization in your environment You will improve. As a result, as an element of businesses in this regard, You will have information.

How to make a tour operator at the hotel

2010-02-02 10:10:30

Developments in the tourism sector in recent years ‘ ’ Tour Operator ’ ’ has removed the concept. Changes and innovations in the tourism market, Has directed new information about tour operator. Tourist coming to our country Tour operators are now known together. With this MÖDÜL offered to you, the package tour production stages, the country of the tour operator His share in tourism, on the issues related to what the duties of the tour operator You can get information. Package tour, which is the product of tour operator at the end of the course You will be able to prepare. Thanks to the competence you will get with this mödül, you can easily easily. You will be able to work.

Special situations at the hotel

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Accommodation services within tourism enterprises are one of the most important income sources. It constitutes one. For this reason, he will be able to work in the field of accommodation services and There is a need for personnel who are trained in their fields. The staff who received accommodation services training, as well as standard field knowledge and skills It is also necessary to have information about other guest problems. At the beginning of them Business staff, in the face of unusual events that are not very common in the accommodation sector should be able to develop behavior. When an unusual event in the accommodation businesses of the business personnel? It is unpredictable in advance. Disease, death, accident, theft, murder, fights and so on. Examples of unusual events. Which when the business personnel encounter such events? They should know that they should show behaviors. Business personnel in events encountered He should be able to behave naturally by preserving his coolness. On the contrary, a behavior is in the business It can cause other guests and personnel to be in a hurry.

Hotel Guest Registration Procedures

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The first part he encounters when he arrives at the accommodation business is the front of the front. In this section, the guest, as well as leaving the facility Check-out. The first contact point at the entrance of the guest to the facility reception. The first ties between the reception deski guest and the facility were established, the same It is the place where the services received from other departments of the guest at the time are followed and registered. The first impressions of the guest who came to the accommodation business on the facility In addition to being the place it has acquired, it also has an idea about the way other departments work. will allow it to be. The guest is a positive welcome when it comes to its accommodation facility. If he encounters the greeting process, his thoughts and judgments about the facility will also be positive. That is why the receptionists are at high level in human relations and professional fields. It is useful to be equipped with information. Welcome and greeting the guest of the receptionist The format will extend the time of the guest's stay at the facility or shorten it. No business He does not want guests to accommodate short -term accommodation. Therefore, the reception staff Its importance can never be underestimated. The guest will also leave the accommodation facility from this department. Registration, follow -up and controls of all expenditures within the enterprise and the guest All documents regarding their payments are kept in this section. The guest from the accommodation facility at any moment Records for the guest should be kept up to date as if they are to be separated. Regular for this, A systematic and practical front of the front is needed. These systems of the accommodation facility It varies according to its size, personnel structure, management approach, etc. There is also a need for qualified personnel for accommodation systems to work correctly and effectively. This course was prepared to make a contribution to this. As a result of this course, the guest entry operations will be able to work completely and If necessary, you will also be able to make checks on these transactions.

Hotel businesses and guests

2010-02-02 10:08:22

Domestic and foreign guests, touristyle in both our country and abroad They go to centers to spend a nice holiday. Our guests are in these centers There are different and important expectations from the accommodation enterprises. The most important factor in meeting these expectations; them, accommodation in accordance with their expectations to direct their businesses. If we do not do this guidance correctly, set out for a nice holiday We end the dreams of our guests. He spent them, wasted their time, regret living and questioning the reasons for this, to seek the right through judicial authorities We turn it into an individual starting. To bring together the right people in the right place, but instead of the competence of the task Bringing, making accurate determinations and making the operation elements can accomplish. Because In particular, the features of the accommodation businesses where they work together, Organizational structures, the types of accommodation they apply and the features of their rooms are very good. should know. It should correctly analyze the features of the guests and their expectations from enterprises. That's when the complaints that may arise during the holidays and after vacation are eliminated. removable. Our tourism enterprises, especially travel agencies and accommodation businesses Every year, advertising expenses in their budgets are increasing their share. For this share to fall The first step to be taken; In the guests who spend their holidays through their businesses, to increase the share of the guests who are happy with the services. Better than a satisfied guest It cannot be an advertising tool. Therefore, especially the travel agency found in our field The staff who have taken the necessary training courses when choosing their personnel in the future preference they will. You take accommodation businesses and guest lessons in our country in the future As the elements that make great contributions to the development of tourism, you will give.

Organization in Hotel Services

2010-02-02 10:07:32

The most important function of accommodation businesses in the tourism sector accommodation services. Good provision of this service It depends on the success of employees in the department (section). Because, people are first First they want to have a holiday in a clean, hygienic and regular environment. We will be able to organize in the Household Services Department with this course. And you will be able to gain skills. Also, you, both in your daily life and in your work life It will provide convenience. He will teach you the tricks that will separate you from other people. Information about the Operation of the House Services Department and its location in the accommodation sector You will have the owner, the characteristics, duties and business plan of the employee staff you will learn. To this rapidly developing sector today, the knowledgeable, resourceful and business -loving staff needs.

Hotel Room Decoration and Design

2010-01-18 00:33:37

Accommodation services are an important place for the guest to have a happy and peaceful holiday. keeps. In the beautifully arranged room, the guests sleeping in a comfortable bed are well rested and They wake up fit and start the day happy. In the success of this sector, the importance of qualified staff providing quality service is very important. Our country is in the region suitable for all kinds of tourism as a geographical location. Various tourist products Tourism activity is done every day of the year by producing. Dear friend, he made a accurate decision in your life by choosing this profession. you are. In the tourism sector, the need for qualified personnel is increasing day by day. As the careers of the employees working in the sector increase, the income level increases. In this sector, it is possible for qualified personnel to find a job with high knowledge skill level. not.

Hotel Decoration Materials

2010-01-18 00:32:04

In our world where transportation is easier and distances shortening, people for various reasons They are constantly changing. Increasing the movements for tourism purposes of tourism sector It has accelerated its mobilization and the increase in the occupancy rate of hotels. Hotels that meet the housing needs of people who go away from their homes Accommodation services, the guests staying comfortable in the rooms where they stay. These places need to be decorated very well in order not to get bored. In the interiors of the hotel, it will decorate; Imagination rich, dancing in colors, The need for qualified elements that can organize enjoyable places and gain knowledge and skills in this business. has. My dear colleague; By choosing the tourism sector, a very colorful, enjoyable and active You start the profession. If you love and willingly do this profession; in time Your career will rise and your income level will increase. Knowledge and skill level, qualified elements always in the tourism sector They can easily find a job. I congratulate you for choosing this profession and wish you success.

Hotel department tasks

2010-01-18 00:30:50

You will be principled and honest tourismists, so that you can work with customers or It will easily intervene and easily intervene between customers and sector employees. You will be able to analyze these problems correctly. Thus, in preventing advertising You will be able to play an important role. As people participate in tourism movements, especially in our country's tourism There will be developments. It should not be forgotten that it is difficult to please people. However it is never impossible. For this reason, serious, proper business understanding, good When the service is combined with quality, the problems on this subject will spontaneously eliminate it. Today, how protective consumer laws are for the consumer It is also known for all of us. So much so that especially our tourism potential Until the sinking of the company that makes mistakes in the European countries where the ideal comes It is known that there are losses due to transactions and compensation and compensation paid. With this course, you accommodation sector, employees, work they do, I tried to give the working principles of the departments and some terms used. Most Mostly, I mentioned some of the problems you may encounter in these departments. Study Never forget that you will encounter a lot of problems throughout your life. Because Try to obtain maximum information about the sector by following the course very carefully. Information and The experiences you have gained in applications with skills will always guide you.

German learning site 4

2010-01-17 12:37:15

In today's conditions, the German, which is necessary for all sectors, is very much in the tourism sector. more important. We are working with foreign guests in travel businesses as well as appreciated, It increases the importance of German in professionally. Target market range Businesses that do not increase and expand are doomed sooner or later. Because Since we will not only work with domestic tourists, communication problems are suffered and the customer There will be a decrease in satisfaction. With this course you will be able to communicate very easily with our guests, which is yours. It will allow you to find a job easier in the sector. With this lesson we will take, it is very much to get a share of the cake in the world as a country. You will play an important role. Bereiten Sie Mit Export Partner Ein Dialog über Eine Hotelsuche Vor. Sie Sind says Kunde und der der der der der reiseagentur-angesstellter .machen sie ein rollenspiel. Wechseln Sie: ie personnelenzahl und Die, Zimmerararararar, Die Hotellagen, Die zimmereigenschaften Die Preise. Hotel Vielleicht Noch Freie Zimmer Für

German learning site 3

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In today's conditions, the German, which is necessary for all sectors, is very much in the tourism sector. more important. We are working with foreign guests in travel businesses as well as appreciated, It increases the importance of German in professionally. Target market range Businesses that do not increase and expand are condemned to disappear sooner or later. Because ourselves not only with domestic tourists but also in our communication with foreign tourists We must develop. As a result of this course, you will be able to communicate very easily with our guests, which is yours. It will allow you to find a job easier in the sector. Hier Finden Sie Die Neuen Wörter Aus Dem dialogue. Hören Sie Ihrem Lehrer Gut Zu und Wederholen Sie Sie.

German learning site 2

2010-01-17 12:34:50

As in every field of our country, well -educated staff in the tourism sector needs. The well -educated employee is a foreign language he learned as well as his professional skills He is a person who speaks. Unlike mother tongue, it is different thanks to the foreign language learned will face people, cultures, job opportunities and show our hospitality you will. At this point, our country will be the tourism center of Europe and even the world. In your success, you will have a big role. MIT dem. He says Reseptionist Will Dem Gast Holfen.

German learning site 1

2010-01-17 12:33:01

In today's conditions, it is known that foreign language is important in every sector. Subject This importance increases one more time when tourism is. Our country is experiencing an important development process in the tourism sector. In this process It is only good to evaluate the employment opportunities that will be opened to us in the best way. It will be possible with trained qualified elements. At this point, our country will be the tourism center of Europe and even the world. It will have a major role in your success.

Turkish Folk Culture

2010-01-17 12:30:35

I think how important your contribution to the promotion of Türkiye will be we agree. Turkish people, which is one of the most important reflections of Turkish culture The correct transfer of his art is about how accurately known. Turkish tourism Development; Knowing our cultural values ​​that exist and disappear and will be realized with the survival. Conscious of our historical and cultural values As tourism soldier; Turkish folk arts in the best way to our guests who visit our country It is your duty to present. We aimed to help you with this. At the end of this lesson, the Turkish people You will have the ability to promote your art. Knowing the Turkish Folk Art of your profession Learning the cultural information you will need at every point will increase your ratio.

Classification of Tourism Businesses

2010-01-17 12:29:07

Today, when the tourism industry continues to develop rapidly, people travel In parallel with the increase in diversity in causes, the enterprises that provide services in the tourism sector Increases in diversity are also observed. With this course, the tourism industry, travel businesses in the tourism industry, Accommodation enterprises, transportation enterprises, food – beverage enterprises, recreation ( Entertainment – resting) during the travel of people The opportunity to learn formalities such as passports, visas, customs procedures they encounter you have. The information and skills you will get, the issues you will need in the sector contains. Therefore, in terms of your professional future, “ Tourism Enterprises course ” nün You must be aware of its importance.

Places where tourists go the most

2010-01-17 12:26:45

Always making decisions about the future, regardless of age and period, It was difficult. Choosing profession in accordance with our personality, tendencies and abilities, It directly affects our future private and business life and thus our success. The tourism sector is a lively, colorful, lively, open to innovations and development. A sector in which three million people work directly in a short period of about 25-30 years became like that. It is especially preferred by young people. Communication with people It is a profession of interest for those who love to establish nature, country, different cultures. has been. With this course you will take the first step to get into this profession. Why people You will learn that you are traveling, what you enjoyed, what their demands are. In this way, you will be more successful in your business in the future.

Tourism Geography Course Notes

2010-01-17 12:25:28

Tourism geography is to describe the location of all countries and regions of the world and He guides us to find out where they are. So to go We can learn about the places we want or wonder. Geography knowledge is one of the prerequisites of being a good tourist. The place we live in, Geographical Tourism to introduce the region, the country to domestic and foreign tourists We need information. If you earn the information in this course, our country and The climate of our regions; natural, historical and cultural assets; Touristic values; Transportation facilities; Turkey has information about its place and importance in tourism and the right analysis you will be able to do. This information will ensure that you both succeed in the professional field It will enrich your cultural accumulation. We are experiencing the age of knowledge today to achieve real success and our goals We work more to reach, conduct research and correct analysis We need to realize. This is the effort of our young friends will take place.

Computer Automation Programs

2010-01-17 12:24:15

Thanks to the increasing supply demand balances thanks to the developing technology today Obligation to switch to automation in accommodation businesses as well as in business lines born. As it is known, in the field of tourism, especially in the accommodation sector, since years There were two ongoing types of operational registration-catering systems. These were mechanical and manual systems. There have been various negativities that these systems, which have been implemented for many years, brought to the business. The loss of time and money was one of them. Especially for accommodation businesses Considering that the concept of time is very important, it will accelerate things more and more A structure was needed to sit in a regular system. Increased demand for tourism, While the country's tourism revenues increase, accommodation businesses itself It was born in technological terms. Various software companies due They prepared special package software programs for areas for accommodation businesses. These software Thanks to the guest-cabul transactions to be done faster and more advantageous in economic terms situations began to emerge. Increasing the productivity of enterprises, the employee personnel work The relief of the load has made the spread of these simple and understandable programs. Now The most important way to achieve speed in today's knowledge age, the competition over time; to businesses It is to use a software that will provide more benefits and offer the most effective solution. understood. As a result of this course, using computer automation programs about the system You will be able to make all records.

Hotel Office Operations

2010-01-09 21:13:02

Satisfaction of guests in the rapidly developing tourism sector First of all, it depends on the successful work of the House Services Department. Clean, attractive, hygienic Ensuring peace that will not look for the environment and the guest of the guest. It is possible with its staff and equipment with full and healthy functioning. With this course, you can do office transactions in the Household Services Department And you will be able to gain the skill. Office that will have an important place in your working life You will be able to improve your ability to be practical in the most important issues related to transactions. Daily care of equipment, floor car arrangement, floor office editing, form and You will learn the technique of editing the tables. Knowing the business of the tourism sector, which has come a significant way in our country in recent years, and It always needs people who do fondly.

Tourism and Guidance

2010-01-05 00:04:25

In this course, the best way to visit domestic and foreign guests who visit our country What the job of professional tourist guides who have undertaken the task of introducing, which About the ways of being a professional tourist guide and guidance profession It is aimed to provide the necessary self -information about the legal legislation. Domestic of our country and to introduce foreign guests in the best way, tourist guides themselves It will be possible by raising the figure. At least one foreign language is in the best way Thanks to guides who can speak and know our historical, cultural and artistic values ​​very well. In addition to providing a foreign exchange input to our country, which will develop tourism even more, as well as civilized countries Our place will be strengthened. Considering this important role performed by tourist guides; knowledge, skill, Culture, attitudes and behaviors will represent Turkey and the Turkish people and the right to introduce, visitors to return to their hometown with satisfied and positive impressions The selection of qualified people who will provide, as a tourist guide, is a sensitive and serious It emerges as an issue that needs to be handled in the form. In line with the legal legislation in our country, Professional Tourist Guide Identity Card It is considered a crime to carry out guidance activities without being. Tourism Guidance, 2 It consists of the course and by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the 1st course How to continue the courses opened or finish the guidance departments of universities To be given the necessary and important information about being a professional tourist guide worked.

Tour Programs

2010-01-05 00:02:07

With this course, preparing a sample tour program suitable for tourism types and tour You will be able to gain information and skills related to realization. After completing the course, in your work in the field of travel agency You will be able to prepare the tour programs you will use. The information you will receive and you will get Competence will help you succeed in your profession. The research and applications you will make in the reinforcement of the information you will learn will be effective. The importance of environmental awareness in tourism is increasing day by day. Tourism, It would be wrong to think outside the environment and nature. In fact, the environment with tourism At the end of the good analysis of the relationship, one of the main materials of tourism is the environment. It will emerge immediately. This is the information about sector expectations, changing conditions and the development of professions. We will learn in the course with the competences and competences, in the fields of work in the field You will be able to increase your success and prevent other employees.