Food and Food Products

How to prepare the Kuver

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The education that provides the necessary education for a quality service In their institutions, as the needs of the sector change, the training to be given in parallel with this direction it is. In order to adapt to the developments of tourism education given in secondary education institutions Within the scope of the projects prepared, you will learn to prepare Kucer in this textbook. You will use this information in your professional skill and daily life. One You will learn from aesthetically an aesthetically. With this subject, which is one of the important building blocks of your professional life, the vehicle used You will learn to choose, move and place on the table. When you combine with the technical knowledge and skills you have received in previous courses, qualified You will take a big step towards becoming an employee

Tips for Guest Acceptance

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Food – Beverage services include important and wide employment of the tourism sector It is one of the favorite areas. With the wide job opportunities provided in the service sector, the country It has an important place in its economy. When you successfully complete this course, you can meet the customer in restaurants, You will be able to serve customers and collect their accounts. You know More than 40 % of the revenues of hotel businesses, food and beverage services provides. The first impression of the guests with you as soon as the guests come to work It provides you with great responsibility. For this reason, the acceptance of the guests and Afterwards, you will win the subtleties with this lesson. In our country, where hospitality is a virtue, guest acceptance, the host of the guest and It is no longer a subject that everyone knows with their subtleties, a profession and science became like that. How to treat important people, according to the courtesy rules of people You will be able to reach and use the information that will be met at the end of this course. Service Will target the element, chief and management levels and to achieve this goal. You will have taken one more step. People who prefer quality prefer to receive the service they need in restaurants is. Quality customer makes quality personnel compulsory. Trained Service The need for the staff makes you a sought -after element in this field.

Food Service Methods

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The taste of the food is as important as the taste of the food. SERVICE IN THE MEANING OF WORD by the service personnel of food and beverages to guests, with appropriate teams and a certain It is the art of presenting according to the rules of the service method. The better and good the service The satisfaction of the guests and in parallel, the profitability rate of the enterprise is also high. Service In a harmonious way in a harmony, talented and knowledgeable staff Presentation by it is very important. In this course, the food prepared in the kitchen is according to four main classic service procedures. You will see and learn your presentation to the guest table. These classic service procedures are upper class It is applied intensively in food and beverage enterprises. In this prepared course; French, British, Russian and American service procedures will recognize And you will have gained the ability to apply. Thus, the highest in the tourism sector Employment as a qualified element in the enterprises provided by the level of service at the level of service you can be.

Open Buffet Types

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Open buffet service shape people do not select the food comfortably, get as much as you want and more He was born to meet the desire to eat in a wide time. A service that is quite seen in today's hotelies, especially in holiday places format. In recent years, this service It has been widely implemented. Taking food from a kiosk with many kinds It pleases the guests. A place where buffet guests can come and see and get their food, tables It is covered side by side and covered over and can be installed by closing the skirt (skirt). Professional Hotels fixed marble, glass, round or oval etc. For Open Buffets Foods on the desks prepared and in large spacious halls. It is placed on the tables in a open way. The preparation of the hall is made within certain rules. However, we can say that there is no limit to decorating foods. It is the transformation of his skills into art. How to make the dishes you have learned to prepare with this course for the buffet You will learn that it will be prepared and you will gain the ability to prepare open buffets. Moreover You will have the opportunity to prepare open buffets in what you have learned.

How to serve alcoholic beverages

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While preparing this course, with qualified elements and knowledge and skills at the international level It is aimed to train successful bar elements equipped. High alcoholic beverages after taking the course to the higher positions in bars You will increase your knowledge and culture about drinks. Today, bartender is a very sought -after profession. But educated bartenders are very They work with high salaries in the bars of luxury hotels. Thanks to this lesson and Each high alcoholic beverages when you complete the course; business in hotels in the sector you will be the element you are looking for In other and independent bar businesses; Gin, vodka, in accordance with the method and technique, ROM is able to work more efficiently by learning the tequila service and features. You will have won. In this way, accommodation in the bars within the enterprises and You will have the opportunity to work in independent bar businesses.

How to produce green tea

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Increasing the variety of products that are subject to the food industry, the final product It is durable, reliable and diverse, the living standards of the consumer's taste In parallel with the increase and the change of social life life, the difference and difference The show is the quality or supply form that the consumer is looking for in packaging, Factors such as the importance of diversification requirements in weight, in fact, manufacturer It is seen that the mass reflects it to the food industry with conscious or instinctive impulses. The situation is fueling the competition among producer companies and giving a new direction to the industry and helps to develop rapidly. In line with these developments, qualified searches in the sector The need for employees is increasing. Tea production and processing is a branch of development based on regional production. At the end of the course, the tea leaves, which are an important process in green tea production and the ability to be referred to the classification unit after the process is finished you will have. You will be successful in your section where you have come and this success We know that we will increase our competitiveness and produce better quality products. This is what our country expects from us. Your success and happiness, our and our country success. He hopes that the course will give you the necessary information and skills, successes We wish.

Diseases caused by the lack of vitamins and minerals

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Living is the most natural right of every living thing. Sufficient and balanced diet is also quality It is one of the necessities of life. However, our food preparation, cooking, Vitamins and minerals that we have to buy to live healthy during hiding All nutrient elements, especially, suffer great losses. With this course in the body work The duties, resources, resources of vitamins and minerals with important tasks in the body The amounts to be taken, the health problems that are deemed of inadequate, food You will learn the losses that have occurred in processing and ways to eliminate these losses. This course will be a good guide for your daily life and in your business life. It will know the importance of vitamin and mineral losses in every environment you are. You will direct your work accordingly. Please note that it is the most expensive value to replace when health is lost. In us It will take the necessary measures before losing our health, rich in vitamins and minerals. It will consume foods and food during the preparation, cooking and storing of nutrients We will take precautions by minimizing the loss losses

Characteristics and tasks of enzymes

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All biochemical reactions in the lively It occurs under the control and order of synthesized enzymes. Accordingly, enzymes They are the basic substances necessary for life. People are noticed and revealing the existence of enzymes Unconsciously from the activities performed by these substances They could not benefit. For example, in Malt beer, a rich source of amylase, papaya The water of the papaya plant containing the enzyme was used to soften meat. The main inputs of the food industry are generally vegetable or animal origin. It is natural in the structures of unrelated and animal foodstuffs. There are many enzymes. Enzymes in foods, processes applied to food Or it is greatly affected by the environmental conditions in which food can be encountered. Accordingly Enzymes reflect the current status and quality of the process. From natural enzymes Some positively affect the quality of the person, while some of them are uninterrupted. It causes transmissions. With this course, causing changes in the desired and undesirable direction in the quality of food The methods of recognizing enzymes and interfering with the activity of enzymes scientific You will gain application skills within the scope of the rules.

What are the lipids

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Food, living things to survive, protect their health and grow Providing, energy session, carbohydrate, protein, which they use in the construction and repair of tissues, Fatamin, vitamins, minerals, such as nutrients, natural or in various ways after processing It is then defined as biological systems of animal or herbal origin consumed. Nutrients, enzymes, pigments with various functions in the structure of foods, Chemicals such as toxic substances, organic acids, aroma substances that make up taste and odor compounds. In each food, these chemical molecules have different variety, quantity and quality. Lipids are found in foods in daily life and one of the nutrients. lipids we call. Energy, protection of internal organs, body temperature constant In addition to physiological functions such as retention, lipids are also important in food processing and storing. It has functions. Oils alone are a nutrient as well as ready -made canned, bakery products, Food and so on. It is used as an additive in the production of foods. Giving food to foods and structure, emulsion, facilitating heat transmission Changes in the structures of lipids; such as urgency, loss of color, reducing nutritional value It can also have negative consequences. Soaping through the feeding of double bonds with H Events such as margarine production of oils with changes in the chemical structure of lipids is happening. You will be involved in the food industry “ lipids ” The structure of lipids with the course and can know the varieties, the physical and chemical properties of lipids, these features You will be able to determine the places of use in the food sector.

How to educate olives

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Many of the research that we consume is not appropriate and appropriate. It may cause serious dangers for human health as a result of not being kept in conditions. reveals. The foods we consume to protect our health cleaning and hygiene It disrupts our health when produced in environments where the conditions are not appropriate and by unconscious persons can turn into a significant risk. The product we produce is reliable “ from field to table ” Hygiene at every stage and requires the application of sanitation rules. Good -quality raw material supply, Personnel-Specification-Economic Cleaning, Apart from the Metropolitan Application of Product Processing Stages, appropriate Packaging, storage and distribution under conditions, such as maintaining under suitable conditions process “ reliable product ” is the need to say. When the raw material comes to business, dust, soil, chemical drug residues, foreign It is the highest of pollution with factors such as substances. Therefore processing The first step of the step is “ raw material cleaning ” It is very important in terms of purification of physical pollution elements. After this It is possible to obtain quality products suitable for health when working carefully and meticulously. will. With this course, the raw that comes to be processed as table olives or olive oil Cleaning the item, recognizing and using the necessary tools, simple care and cleaning You will gain knowledge and skills.

Olive construction stages 2

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Obligation from olive grain is a completely physical process. Therefore, one In the sense, olive oil can be considered as fruit juice. Ie olive oil “ pure oil ” not. Because some components found in the olive fruit during the processing process are together with oil. is taken. These components provide the characteristic aroma of olive oil, and health It is useful for its useful. Obtaining oil from olives, washing-red-dick kneading-oil respectively covers operations. Breaking the grain in oil production and the quality of the oil obtained from kneading and the most important stage in terms of quantity. Equipment used by methods applied It also affects the quantity and quality of natural oil to be obtained. According to the characteristics of olives to obtain natural olive oil with this course Grouping, washing properly, breaking and kneading olive dough, these operations By learning the issues to be considered in order to achieve successfully, the necessary equipment to recognize and use, simple care and cleaning knowledge and skills You will win.

Olive construction stages

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As you know, one of the tables of table green olives is the olive olives. Filling In order to prepare olives, the ripening of the olives first, the seeds It must be removed and filling materials must be placed in the core cavity. For this Deciding on the filling material/materials to be used, the filler material It must be previously processed according to its feature. Some businesses filling they will use Preparing their materials themselves, while some businesses take processed filling material They use them in the olives they prepare. Nowadays, the olive olive is one of the highly demanding varieties. Your demand is too much In parallel, businesses also attach importance to the processing of this variety. The materials are increasing day by day. Compliance with olives in terms of color and taste Many foods, taking into account the appreciation and preferences of consumers, provided that they provide The substance can be used for filling purposes. Indeed, new ones We see that it is added. Trials with different products on this subject and the consumer mass It is possible to put into practice with ideas. Thus, the manufacturer's innovative and productive Volume of the material used to the extent that it is. will lead to realizing. With this course, the filling materials that are widely used today You will learn to prepare for the filling. In accordance with the characteristics of the food used; Stages such as sorting, cleaning, realization of fermentation To prepare filling by performing, recognizing and using the necessary tools and users, simple You will gain knowledge and skills to do care and cleaning.

How to make olives

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From table green olive types “ Crushing Olives ” And “ Boots olive ” very much in our country It has been among the olive processing techniques (methods) for many years. Green with this technique The processing of olives is to meet the family needs both in the olive processing sector and It is widely used in home production. As a characteristic of these methods in the processing of olives among the first procedures “ breaking ” / “ drawing ” operations. The processing technique has been going on since ancient times With the effect of the breaking and boot processes were traditionally handled by hand. Table The increasingly strengthening of the olive processing sector and the professional approach of enterprises Development, with the contribution of technological developments today “ Traditional processing Techniques ” These processes can be considered as machines. Like this Faster, more regular and more successful product processing is possible. With this course “ breaking ” And “ Boots ” The purpose of the transactions and the effect of the final product to comprehend these operations, to recognize and use the necessary tools, simple care And you will gain knowledge and skills to clean up.

How to solve the bitterness of olives

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As you know, in the olive fruit structure, the bitter substance called oleuropein contains. The aim in the production of table olives is to sweeten olives by reducing this substance and It is to keep it for a long time by providing durability to olives with salamura. Eliminated Olives with different names such as boots according to different application methods with olives, crushing olives named. Various methods are also used to eliminate pain. These methods; painfulness It differs according to the substance used in removal. Only with water or naoh (sodium Hydroxide) can be performed with bitterness. To the table of table olives to be processed, Duration, the production facilities of the enterprise, etc. appropriate bitterness according to conditions One of the methods is used. In some table olives, olives; directly It is brought to eating maturity thanks to the fermentation that is processed with brine/salt. In this way, olives are also purified from the bitterness in the fermentation process. However, this causes the processing time to last longer. Elimination of bitterness in olives in the lesson with water and naoh (costik) to eliminate bitterness you will learn. In addition, the difference between the methods, the positive and negative aspects of the transactions, to recognize the necessary tools and equipment by comprehending the effect of the final product. You will gain knowledge and skills to use, simple care and cleaning

How to choose olives

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Acceptance of olives to the business, cleansing olives, elimination of olives, table, table Olive fermentation courses and the necessary information for table olive production were given. Table olive production, basically the stages covered in the lessons called above is happening. Some small to be realized in one or more of these stages It is possible to obtain various types of table olives with differences. With these details during the application, appearance, flavor, aroma and so on. In the product in the product Diversity is provided and the table olive market is enriched. The product obtained is also different is mentioned with names. Obtained by methods applied during the processing of green olives The main varieties; Crushed olives, boots olives, Spanish -style green olives, Filling olives, olive paste and sliced ​​olives. To the table of table olives to be processed The raw material feature used according to the auxiliary substances used, The processing time varies. Methods applied to the processing of table green olives with this course to recognize the necessary tools and equipment by comprehending the difference between You will gain knowledge and skills to be able to use, simple care and cleaning

Before cooking in vegetables and fruits

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Vegetables and fruits; Easy to keep and move, by changing some in the desired direction Increasing its diversity or ensuring that it is consumed in the regions and seasons they are not present It is kept in various ways. Protecting vegetables and fruits by drying, freezing and applying heat treatment can be or processed in various products. Vegetables and fruits with which of these methods Regardless of the main product (process), certain preliminary procedures must be passed. Washing, sorting, classification, stem extraction, core extraction, shell peeling and boiling The main preliminary procedures. Processing vegetables and fruits that have not been pre -made to the main product It is not possible. Preliminary operations; Producing hygienic and healthy products, the basic to be applied Facilitating the work of the transaction, preparing products according to consumer appreciation, microbial Slow down activities, stop enzyme activities and consume raw materials fulfills very important tasks such as making it. Preliminary procedures, each vegetable and fruit It may vary according to the product to be processed according to the product. With this course, the preliminary procedures to be applied before the vegetables and fruits are processed, this preliminary Information about the purpose, methods of the process, and the diversity of machinery used in the food industry You will have the owner.

How to dried vegetables

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The drying process is the oldest method used to protect food. Dried Foods maintain their durability for a long time. Because because the amount of water it contains is low Microorganisms that disrupt the food cannot develop and multiply. Dried foods, unlike other processing methods, nutrient values It also becomes positive in terms of. Food Eice Values ​​Iron, Posa and Other Increases in terms of carbohydrates. In previous years, drying process is usually from solar energy outdoors was made using it. Today, in line with the research conducted in the sun Drying is not very healthy, the product from the air, the soil of some microorganisms It was found that it was contaminated and the development of mold was seen and different drying methods developed. In recent years, fabricated drying is healthier, delicious and It is possible to obtain nutritious products. The drying sector is a sought -after and preferred area today. Because spice The demand for redborn for its construction has increased. In recent years, especially Europe's very intense Upon request, dried tomatoes are produced in the Aegean region. Ready soups, baby foods, ready -made food contribution than dried vegetables Dusts (such as fountain mortar, spicy food salts) use sectors that produce. You apply the preliminary processes applied to vegetables to be dried with this course, to store drying methods in appropriate warehouse conditions by packaging the dried product you will learn.


2009-11-26 16:29:31

The main purpose of canning of vegetables; by preventing the phenomenon of deterioration Together with the nutritional value, color, aroma and physical structure of the vegetables, the sensory qualifications, In short, it is to prevent its quality from being negatively affected at least. Vegetable canned lesson, canned of okra, canned food and artichoke can include the process steps and application activities in canned production. In the future, canned factories will be one of your working areas. Industrial Your contribution to production will be great. You can be successful in this regard, canned vegetables It is possible to learn the course very well. To better understand this course “ canned production technology ” “ fruit and Preliminary procedures in vegetables ” will be useful to review the courses. This course will guide you about producing canned vegetables.

What should he pay attention to when making jams

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Jam and so on. Products are loved by many people, both for breakfast and tea It is a food that is located on the tables with high energy value. The raw material of jams fruit and sugar. The fruits and vegetables traded with the shaker can be stored for a long time. In addition, without using sugar recently, the taste of the fruit (fructose) Sugar -free jams are made. People in line with the conditions of the geographical region where they live and the products they grow A large number and variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, shells, etc. They made various jam production. Nowadays, many different with their search for innovation Jam is produced using materials and color to our tables with various trials is brought. Known apple, quince, apricot peach, plum, cherry, fig strawberry, blackberry and so on. Rose, orange, lemon, eggplant, carrots, tomatoes and so on. jams added. Traditional home jams made in almost every home decline in the past has shown. In many houses, jams made as winter preparations in many houses today the effects of the age, Urbanization and women's participation in the business world can not be done in the old density. Businesses for jam production to facilitate life due to all these effects established. It is superior in the production industry by using high capacity vacuum systems. Production is done. With the latest systems used in healthy conditions and technology Compliant jam production are the organizations that make collective nutrition and experience time problems It has been ready and qualified products for individuals. Recognizing the raw materials and auxiliary substances necessary for the production of jam in this course, Preparation, jam cooking, filling, cleaning of the machines used in jam production and In your work life by acquiring the necessary information and skills in maintenance. You will have the opportunity to apply. All the information and skills you have acquired in this sector It will make you become a qualified element.

Quince Jam Recipe, Cherry Jam Recipe

2009-11-26 16:28:04

Jam varieties were selected as an example of cherry jam and quince jam in the course. Jam In addition to cherry jam in production, cherry jam production is very similar is done. Reminding us autumn with its yellow color, Ayva, as well as table consumption, jam, gel, It can also be evaluated as marmalade and juice. Also, the pectin ratio is high It is also used in the field of food industry because it is. It can be stored for three months without disturbing. Information and information about cherry and quince jam, which is preferred among jam varieties. Skills are included in this course. In this course, the necessary information for the production of jam varieties and You will have the opportunity to apply in your working life by acquiring skills. You acquired All information and skills will make you become qualified personnel in this sector.


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The colors of natural foods are among the substances defined as pigment they contain. is caused by. Many natural products such as fruits and vegetables to various colors It has and their attractiveness is related to their colors. In terms of sensory properties of color foods It plays an important role in the attractiveness of food in terms of consumer preference. . Foods; heat, light, pH, oxygen at various stages such as processing, storage and sale It is due to physical and chemical conditions. Therefore, food The color differences that occur during the processing and the losses of the food to protect the color, to ensure the uniformity of the product and to increase its attractiveness. is going. With this course, color by recognizing phenolic compounds and natural color substances in foods You will be able to prevent losses. When you complete this course with success, phenolic in herbal and animal foods You will be able to examine compounds and natural color materials.

Protein in Meals

2009-11-26 16:25:34

The main structure of human, animal and plant cells is proteins. Growth of your cells Since it means proliferation, proteins are primarily necessary for growth. All your body Most of the cells are made of proteins and these cells change constantly is renewed. Proteins to use their own duties desired. If the body protein cannot take enough, the demolished cells cannot be renewed, construction repairs cannot be done, growth does not occur. Proteins taken with foods are building materials that make up the cells of our body. Amino acids that need the body from these large giant molecules in foods we will. Proteins that make up foods and have various biological tasks in living, exterior They can easily be affected by the factors and change their known features. That's why their Knowing their properties will make it easier for us to benefit more and more effectively from them. With this course, the features of proteins that are very important for living things and are very important for living things You will recognize it together and the functions of proteins in the food industry you will be able to determine.

They will be careful when buying milk and hiding

2009-11-26 16:24:48

Milk has a very important place in human nutrition. Milk growth, development and almost all of the necessary iron and vitamin C to survive It includes food elements. Therefore, milk, human nutrition in existing foods The most important food in terms of. It can meet the nutritional needs of the living thing for a long time. In order to benefit more from this superior nutrient, the durability of milk In order to extend and maintain consumer health, some procedures must be taken. The most important process to make raw milk can be drinkable to kill bacteria harmful in terms of health. For this purpose, heat treatment, food technology It is the most important application used. Depending on heat treatment norms (temperature-course) Procedures are called pasteurization or sterilization. Properties of Drinking Milk The safety of the consumer, storage time, taste and aroma is very important. Consumer Based on safety, it is unthinkable to consume raw milk. Since the milking of the milk, the deterioration process begins. For a healthy life Certainly treated pasteurized or sterilized milk should be consumed. Modern Milks treated with technology do not lose their basic properties and nutritional values. In homes Drinking milk produced with modern technologies with the milk we drink by boiling When we meet, we see that the milk we consume is more economical. Drinking milk course, the composition of milk, the importance of nutrition, the milk of the heat treatment The impact of the qualifications, pasteurized and sterilized drinking milk production stages and the used It includes topics describing its recognition. At the end of this course, pasteurized and In your working life by obtaining the necessary information and skills for sterilized drinking milk You will have the opportunity to apply. All the information and skills you have acquired in this sector It will make you become a qualified element.

Water Rates in Food and Foods

2009-11-26 16:23:43

Water is one of the most important needs necessary for all living things to survive. is someone. Although people continue their vitality for weeks without food, they are dehydrated but a few The day can live. Putting water foods into the body, digestion, absorption of nutrients, cells It works in the transport and metabolism. Water is a good solvent of many organic and inorganic compounds. The water in nature can never be pure. This condition of natural water is the purpose of the use of water and It also affects the procedures to be applied to water. Drinking and using water is a certain characteristic desired. In this course; The resources of water, chemical, physical, microbiological characteristics and Foods are included in the form of water. When you complete the course, drinking and The characteristics of the use of waters of use are stiffness concepts and hardness in the waters. You will know about the importance of water in foods and ways of removal.

Tea seedlings

2009-11-24 10:29:26

Tea production and processing are a development based on regional production. At the end of the course, the production of the produced teas to reach the consumer in accordance with the food codex. To provide tea seed cultivation and steel seedlings to produce processes You will have the skill You will be successful in your section where you have come and thanks to this success We know that our competitiveness will increase and you can produce better quality products. Our country This is what he expects from us. Your success and happiness is the success of us and our country.