Types of ceramic ornaments

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Ceramics made in the early ages, plastic After shaping the clays in hand, dried and outdoors or in the soil in the pits They are simple containers made by cooking. Prehistoric Ages to the Present of the ceramic for production purposes methods And cultural dimensions continued by improving its existence. According to the regions, where different cultures live from early ages to the present Ceramic forms also vary. The concepts related to local form research, the region After learning the form and decor features correctly, his observations about the subject Transferring his own style to paper by adding his own style remains in the creativity and dexterity. When you complete this course, recognizing local ceramics, the form, decor and You will be able to make original designs by studying your motifs and adding your own knowledge and skills.

Clay pattern and decoration making

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In various periods of history, in various cultures, human beings, culture, His belief, his relations with different cultures, aesthetic feelings to stones, wood, carpets; However, the soil that existed before the existence of human beings, again, the easiest and most of human beings He took part in the adventure of civilizations as a material he can reach quickly, He shed light on art history and became the closest friend of those who created art. First People started to paint their faces and then their containers. The beginning thus caused the emergence of decorative techniques. This course is you with your knowledge and skills about semi -finished decorating techniques will win. Semi products; Free method, mud lathe, casting or mechanical ways shaped products. Like this Ceramic products by enriching the forms you have created with the decor techniques you have learned you will be able to create.

Glass construction stages

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The shaping branch of ceramic and glass technology, Turkey and in the world It is a developing and preferred profession. This profession, which has a bright future, is the best You should learn basic knowledge and skills in order to do it in the figure. You will take this lesson Information will be one of the foundations of your professional knowledge and skills. To the present day No material is used in different areas as glass. Glass Multi -Purpose Apart from its use, with its simple glass and decoration with other materials and techniques. What can be done is also quite high. Each glass manufacturer uses various materials for glass suitable for its own business. Assistant contribution The material also varies according to the necessity. For example, the ancient Egyptians used soda. Mediterrenian This feature of their countries has affected the formatting of glass. Each glass manufacturer Preparing mixtures to obtain glass suitable for their requests. In these mixtures A wide range of use is provided with changes. In this course, glass production stages, glass errors and test methods, The properties of the glass due to the composition and production conditions and the physical and chemicals of the glass You will be able to learn and research strength conditions. The possibility of using this knowledge and competence within the wide range of use in the industry you will find. When you complete the other classroom and raise yourself well in the professional field You will be able to work in the relevant departments of the organizations serving in the field of glass industry.

Making ornaments with ultraviolet

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This course gives information about ultraviolet bonding. This lesson When you complete the ultraviolet lamp forces, adhesives, ultraviolet lamp You will learn how to use it, paste the glass and make quality control. Glass with ultraviolet Paste; Your diversification of your work, creating new forms and new decoration elements such as beads or glass and metal for your designs permanently It is necessary to paste. The applications you will make, you put forward new designs will allow. The information in this course will provide convenience in the profession you choose. Subsequent When you complete the lessons and raise yourself well in the professional field, You will be able to work in the sections.

Ceramic cups making stages

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In order to produce ceramic, it is necessary to recognize the material first. Sausage The method is used to work with mud and what the mud gives It is the perfect way to learn. Meet the mud and how to shape it Learning that it can be given is the first step of this profession. To create extraordinary products with mud after learning the basic techniques It remains entirely in one's creativity and dexterity. The first time to start this business with the sausage method You will take one of your steps. When you complete this course, the form shaping technique with sausage method You will learn and use this technique to produce new products.


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The paints used in the glass in the glass area were gold, platinum,, enamel and lüser. Now Luster varieties, organic paint (mat-metal-hem metal both matte) colors, craft paint, Cracking paint, thermoluster (thermoplastic gold-traditional matte gold, -Themoplastic) paints etc. Paints are produced in the paint industry. By preparing schemes to see this a wide variety of paint colors and texture You will find the opportunity to see the products. To select the most suitable colors The schemes you will prepare will guide you. These paint schemes, by serving the task of a catalog It will make your job easier. In addition, you show these paints with scheme, better color It will help you have knowledge and discover new colors.

Preparation of Porcelain Plate Pattern

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Tableware and ornaments; Porcelain, ceramic and tile white, monochrous, patterned and Without patterns or without porcelain and tiles, from ordinary soil, gray, tiles and pottery As a household item or toilet items in white, monochrome and other forms As used, as well as ornaments made of porcelain and tiles. can be used. Porcelain, tiles and ceramic tables and ornaments manufactured by manufacturers; home series, decors, hotel series, prestige series, corner stores and promotional products classified. Most of the table ceramic items are used to offer food and drink; One The part is used as a cooking container. Some of the ornaments functional home vehicle and its equipment (candlestick, spice, napkin, ovary, etc.) The part is used for decoration purposes (trinkets, panels, lampshades, vases, figurines, etc.). Sofra and ornaments with so many use areas are a very big place in our lives. covers. People who produce and use these products to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye They gave great importance. In most of them, decors were applied with various techniques and In this way, they look more beautiful. The Shablon decor technique is only one of these decorating techniques. Table and ornament With this technique, which can be easily applied on its belongings, the imagination of the person who makes the application It is possible to reveal different products. When you complete this course, the table and ornamental products of the template decor technique You will learn to apply on it and decorate various products with this technique.

Making clay and gypsum tiles

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Wall panels produced from clay and defined as ceramic building materials collectively, Starting from the early ages, it has an important place in architecture. Different periods and different Technical facilities, features for use, likes and similar conditions in regions It has brought diversity to the production of the material. Giving importance to ceramic education is increasingly in the interior and outdoor spaces of the ceramics It has provided its development. To create visual excitement in human beings, life It makes efforts to enrich. For this reason, artistic studies to internal and outdoor spaces In order to carry it, wall panels were used in artistic ceramics. The design of the Derser Panel Model should be in design, suitable for the place to be applied, The two should integrate each other. Forms of units that will form a whole in original art products and dimensions depends on the pre -determined solid rules, but depends on the choice of the artist. A geometric by producing units of the same form and size to realize the design of the artist It can monitor the partitioning method (dercer) if it requires design, the whole block can also make a panel. The shape of the wall on the wall panel, the surface is flat or embossed to be covered with monochrome or multicolored secrets or decoration with a row technique to the surface Application has been left to liking. When you complete this course, the working loom for the Derser Panel Model will learn to prepare, learn to prepare the plaster used in model shaping, plaster You will be able to break down. Designing Derser Panel Lesson and in accordance with the technical picture rules You will be able to draw the construction picture of the panel model. Suitable for the technique of the panel model You will be able to shape.

Glass Coloring Techniques

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Secondary operations applied on glass decoration, technological developments Parallel develops and changes every day, with new techniques and equipment diversified. Decoration techniques on glass are also their share of these developments and diversification. it takes. To spend and place a pattern on glass until ten years ago While it is necessary for dexterity, now by developing new techniques of your skill and ability, It is possible to use design to offer faster and quality products. In order to offer you this development step by step in this course, your skills and ability will direct the design. With this lesson ten years ago, the pattern on glass You will improve your dexterity that can draw and cut it by covering it with paper bands. Another With the application, the pattern can create a more quality pattern, which can create a foil output from the computer To get the sandblasting transfer to the glass by gluing the pattern sand and glass you will be able to patter. To be able to sand the glass surface patterned in this prepared course You can see all the necessary techniques together, the product and pattern you choose to yourself or You will be able to apply by selecting the most suitable masking technique for your conditions.

Glass Painting and Printing Machines

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Pine; It has different features that can be used in almost every field and this It is a material that provides extensive job opportunities for reasons. The operations on glass are It is varied that each requires a special expertise. The widespread production of glassing from ancient Egyptian and Romans. We see that decoration has been reached after the seventh century. Depends on how the glass is made As, many of the information we need to know on the glass have been kept hidden for a long time. This The situation remains valid even in today's glass production. Nowadays, many of the works that require manual and mastery are on automatic machines. And with the possibilities of developing technology, it is produced more series. Here is this mass production One of the methods is sieve printing on glass. In this prepared course, sieve printing machine, decorating with sieve printing, printing We will discuss the subjects. At the end of the course, in the light of the knowledge and skills you have learned, with static paints on glass Or you will be able to decorate the glass with hot sieve printing method.

Ceramic irritation methods

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When we look at the art of tile, which is one of the Turkish ornamental arts, what kind of art this pleasure is it is better understood. ‘ tile ’ In Turkish ’ Made in various forms such as coating, cooked soil square, polygon The surface has color or patterned and small sizes of bright and transparent layers is the name given to the plates. But the Turks both in the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, from the tile containers, bowls, vases, oil lamps and so on. They made a wide range of products. Therefore tile The word as a material and labor integrity of all this usage item is made should be detected. A group of forms adorned with surfaces in tile art is also a general It creates upright forms with expression. However, in tile art, a wide variety of forms is used. Among these varieties, vases, hedgers, jugs and cubes are just some. The upright forms used to decorate the surfaces in the tile are manually shaped in the lathe. Forms completed forms, after cooking biscuits, decor It becomes ready for work. Using patterns in accordance with the forms and dimensions of the forms, Form surfaces are decorated. When you successfully complete this course, the first stages of decorating upright forms You will learn the basic information about the file shooting, pattern transfer and irritation. You will be able to make various applications related to these issues.

Tile ornamental painting technique

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A group of forms adorned with surfaces in tile art is also a general It creates upright forms with expression. However, in tile art, a wide variety of forms is used. Among these varieties; vases, ewrs, ​​jugs and cubes. The upright forms used to decorate the surfaces in the tile are manually shaped in the lathe. Forms completed forms, biscuits after cooking decor It becomes ready for work. Patterns prepared in accordance with the forms and dimensions of the forms The form surfaces are decorated by transferring to the form surfaces. The first stage of the decoration is printed The drawing of the edge contour lines of the patterns is the irritation studies. Upright forms You have gained the necessary knowledge and skills in the irritation course. Steep Learning the basic information about the painting of forms, to be able to make successful applications It is important for. In addition, as the number of applications increases, more practicality and hand angel It should be remembered that it will be won. When you successfully complete this course, decorating upright forms ’ You will reinforce your general information about painting, which is the stage. At the same time various upright You will be able to paint forms using different techniques

Making glass ornaments

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It is a plastic material that can be shaped when the glass is heated. At room temperature Since it cools too quickly, correction and retouching cannot be made during forming. This Therefore, all correction and retouching operations are performed after glass products appear. One of these procedures as secondary procedures in glass is malatura. The dictionary meaning of the malatura means deformity, malfunction, disruption, and prison. Malatura is the machine where these problems are solved in the glass. Malatura means correcting the ultimate, ie the product's mold mouth, closed, mold track, Mouth bottom, feet, sluggish or production error, such as correcting with malatura It is possible to do. In this course, whether a new product from production or decorative Applied (decor, gold, platinum, luster, enamel paint) by identifying the errors of the product, download, correct and polish the parts that require malatura and return the product to production. You will be able to earn or prepare the product for production.

Ceramic handmade box making

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This course is information about the plate technique from free forming techniques and will gain skills. Easily supplying materials and tools required to apply the technique It can be and need you to create successfulforms after a short training stage. The only thing that is your own style is your intuition and creativity. Ceramic, which is as old as human history, has always been an active role in its century adventure. has played. Perhaps the first person's food will not disintegrate among the two hunters The Sumerians he shaped 4000 years ago by making the Sumerians a plate they told. It is used in the same naked space shuttles. And today The plate technique is one of the basic shaping methods of the ceramics. you will learn. When you complete this course with success, the box used in daily life is like a spoon As you can use simple forms, your visual impressions are the product of your personal creativity. It will also be the basis for you when you want to have your original designs.

Plaster Pim Making Technique

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An important stage of industrial productions is a model and mold production from gypsum. Casting to molds provide serial and standard production. In order to produce ceramic First of all, the material should be recognized in the model and mold production of the plaster plaster Knowing its features is the first step to start. After learning the appropriate techniques used in plastering, plaster It is the necessity of model and mold shaping. Pim used in mold making It will be ease of keeping you together without being very fragmented. When you complete this course, it will be in the gypsum, model and mold shaping You will be able to prepare the plaster used, you will be able to make plaster. For mold making Learning the required pim (lock) system by learning the pim varieties easily you will be able to apply. You will be able to use this technique for model mold making.

Making ceramic ornaments

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Ceramics is one of the oldest handicrafts in the world. When human beings find fire and With the discovery of cooking the forms they make from mud, ceramic place in human life has taken. It has taken its place today by showing developments over time. Ornament in our house today Hold on a lot of ceramics in a lot of areas from the belongings to the body of space shuttles. it comes out. In addition to technical knowledge and skills in ceramic form design, design elements and The comprehension, assimilation of the principles contributes greatly to creativity. Design, a work It is an issue that should be emphasized in its formation. A deal or made In order to try design, his purpose, creativity value, consciousness, customary to be outside and have a original quality. For this reason, personal accumulation, creativity and aesthetics by comprehending the design principles The work, which arises as a result of the studies carried out with the combination, is the nature of the work. This work It provides competence to the person's ability, interest and love through education. When you complete this course, today and the past and the worldwide ceramic art and in the light they have learned by understanding the facts about his artists, his own original form design You will be able to and shape.

Ceramic Tile and Tiles Making

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Decorating applications with various techniques are made in hand decor. This One of the techniques is decor with organic substances (paraffin). Tiles can be decorated by creating different effects with various techniques. Hand Decorating techniques are one of the most suitable methods for this. Hand Decorating Techniques Although it is preferred in small workshops and workplaces, it has a very large capacity over time. Production factories have also started to create hand -decor workshops. This is It is caused by people's valuation of handwork. The biggest feature of hand decors is The fact that it is not more than the same product and the products produced require more workmanship. has a structure. Organic substances (paraffin) decor, hand decorating techniques is one. When you complete this course, the carophays of organic substances (paraffin) decor technique He will learn to apply to his surface and this technique is in various superficial applications. you will be able to use.

Ceramic cups and jugs making

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Human beings have been interested in clay since the early ages. Between his two hands He made it shaped and made his food disintegrated, decorated his shelter and face with him but Finding what can happen from the unity of fire on the soil. it has allowed development, change. The soil burned with fire hardened to use The fact that it is more appropriate has made people benefit more from it. So the first Ceramic containers were formed. Over time, cylinder containers were formed due to ease of shaping. Cylindrical containers that are still used today are usually shaped on the wheel. If the targeted competences are gained in this course, the wheel and the simplest form You will be able to create cylindrical containers. When you successfully complete the course, this art will recognize and reinforce your knowledge and savings using the possibilities of technology. And you will pioneer in the meeting where it deserves.

Glass blowing technique

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When making glass shaping operations, being a team and doing the task department Maybe you will have the difficulty, but to work with the team, to produce something together You will also experience the pleasure of creating. To learn this process, the work of the team You will learn all in order. The moment you start work that camping is an art work you will understand. Create a glass product placed even in a timely manner instead of a jewelery requires working with sensitivity. When learning the course of the course with blowing, the tools you will use and You will learn the features to make this production. Environment, recognizing vehicle equipment blow It will provide you with privilege and convenience in shaping. Shaping by blowing You will be ready to realize the appropriate production. With this course, the most important of the main processes of camping with blowing with blowing You will learn the section. For this, hot glass mining, pre -shaping, pre -figure You will also experience the difficulty of creating the product form. The heat that is required by the glass product You will better understand the importance of time in the implementation of transactions. Recognizing pot ovens and annealing furnaces is one of your profession. This Recognizing the furnaces is one of the prerequisites of being a glazier. Annealing (appropriate cooling) It is not possible to create products without knowing.

Ceramic Plate and Book Making

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Ceramics is one of the oldest handicrafts in the world. When human beings find fire and With the discovery of cooking the forms they have made from mud, ceramic place in human life Today, a lot of ornaments in our house to the body of space shuttles. Ceramics in the area appears. By comprehending the design principles, personal accumulation, creativity, aesthetics and ceramic mud New works as a result of studies using formatting methods and techniques emerges. These works are competent by education to the person's ability, interest and love. provides. When you complete this course; By gaining the ability to make original design, ceramic You recognize the raw materials, comprehend the methods of shaping, learn to secretly. Plastic Comprehend the basic principles of the arts, if you watch the innovations in the field of ceramics and arts and new products by gaining the ability to form original form by grasping the need to be creative you will reveal.

Ceramic mold and casting production

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The physical and chemical properties of the important minerals in ceramic production It is very wrong to move to ceramic production without knowing or learning the detail. will. Therefore, the ceramic raw materials of the elements dealing with all ceramics closely to recognize and in which procedures, at what rates of all minerals should be used It is necessary to know. In addition, the terms to be used in scientific research and studies are domestic. It is certain that the use of the work will provide a special respect for the person who makes the work. Therefore, as the time comes to the content of the course, the details of certain scientific terms With the explanations, ‘ Ceramic Raw Materials ‘ will be introduced during a certain importance. Clay group minerals, quartz and Feldsparlar are used. The properties of these materials, the merger rates, grain dimensions, Cooking temperature are the factors that determine the product quality. With this course, prescribing the required additives in shaping by casting. To make shaping with a good casting from the casting sludge prepared according to which You will learn to use the method and how to apply it. Casting road The biscuits at the appropriate temperature by touching and drying the semi -finished product you have shaped you will be able to do.

Clay Sculpture Techniques

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The most important element that carries a culture to the future and makes civilizations permanent works. Art has a permanent and unifying feature in this sense. The first of humanity Art since years; It has been continuously developed according to the place, the environment and the technique used. When we look at this development, it is the same parallel to the construction of the goods from the soil. we see. The clay, which is shaped as much as possible, the possibilities of the material, so culture and art The biggest factor that sheds light on art historians with the feature of carrying changes together has been. Because clay is the easiest and most shaped material. Materials in which changes can be followed both technological and artistic in every age has been. . When you gain the targeted competences in this course, the historical process of art As you were informed about, by gaining a personal perspective against ceramic art You will be more sensitive to the art due to the history of the region you live in.

Glass Shaping Techniques

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When learning the course called Free Hand Shaping, the mold you will use You will learn the features to make this production. Recognizing molds in shaping It will give you privilege and convenience. Suitable for mold characteristics, therefore the most suitable You will be ready to realize the production. Mold features as well as recognizing the ovens You will be able to carry and shape the suitable hot glass. While doing this, the difficulty of being a team and doing the task department maybe You will live, but working with the team, producing together to create glass products You will also experience your pleasure. Glassism is an art business. Even placed in the timely Creating a glass product requires working with a jewelery sensitivity. To this profession You're going to have taken a step towards being privileged. With this course, you will learn the Free Shaping Department of Glassing. This Hot glass for receiving, mold filling or molded free unique glass You will be able to produce forms. In shaping the importance of thermal processes that are required by the glass product, You will understand the importance of time while working. You know and work on pot ovens and annealing ovens. it is necessary. It is one of the prerequisites of getting to know, knowing, knowing these furnaces. It is not possible to create a product without knowing the annealing (appropriate cooling).

How to use luster paint

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In order to do this profession in the best way, the future is quite bright. You should learn and apply information and skills. This course will allow you to learn luster paint mixtures and cooking degrees. He will have information about Lüter paints by making different experiments and in other courses You will also use this information. The information in this course will provide convenience in the profession you choose, you are professional. It would allow you to develop in the field

Cloud and geometric motifs

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In Central Asia, the main home of the Turks, is one of the oldest art branches. The decorated with Central Asian Turkish ceramics, usually geometric rarely herbal similar decorations. In Turkish tribes, those who operate intensively about art Uighur Turks. Turkish ornamental art has survived to the present day in continuous development. This The most active role in continuity was achieved by Uighur Turks. XI in the rooted and rich geography. Century XV. Which continued to dominate until the century The most beautiful arrangements of geometric motifs during the Seljuk State and Principalities has been done. Networks consisting of the combination of geometric motifs are very much in Turkish ornamental art It occupies an important place. Huns, Göktürk, Uighurs, Avars, Karluks, Pechenegs in Central Asia. Turkish tribes, which show political and military assets with names, are neighboring cultures China and Indian They were also influenced by their cultures. The cloud motif, which is many common in Chinese works, mythological During the struggles of Simurg and Dragon, which are considered from assets, as a state of ambition and wrath It is the expression of vapor or fire coming out of his noses. ACCEPT THE SOURCE TO THE CHINA CLOUD There are documents showing that it will be. 15th and 16th centuries cloud motif most and It is the most widely used period in decoration. Turks are realistic about this They behaved and chose their favorite nature as a source of inspiration. Necessary In terms of using the ways of using it and the drawing forms, the Turks are the starting point of the cloud. we can say. The success of the valuable artists of the period in cloud stylization is how good It proves to us that they are observers. With the examination of cloud and geometric motifs, which are the subject of the course, You will have information about the development and change of our tile art. The source of these motifs is the traditions and customs of our ancestors, thought, pleasure and reflects its culture. This is the rest of our ancestors by applying cloud and geometric motif varieties in the classics Good heritage will be delivered to future generations. By learning the classic forms of cloud and geometric motifs You will be able to draw motifs. This course is able to prepare patterns by drawing the desired aesthetic motif in the tile sector. It will help to grow elements. When you successfully complete this course, the most widely applied pattern You will meet the need in production. With the drawing techniques you will apply, You will be able to prepare aesthetic patterns by drawing motifs. We wish success in the hope that the course will give value to your life.