Ceramic Motifs 1 - Leaf Motifs

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Ceramic Motifs 1 - Leaf Motifs

The most important common element in all Turkish decoration arts is the motif element. Ornament In all the art branches of the arts in the arts, showing parallel characteristics We see that motifs are used. The differences between them are the material It is due to its processing. For example, in stone works, motifs are engraved on the surface When processing, the secret of the tiles is processed with secrets. Very important for all decoration arts Motifs, which are grouped among themselves, again, which has a very important place. Motifs appear. Leaf, which is loaded with important tasks with biological structure in the realm of plants It also shows many differences in terms of. Despite this, the leaf used in tile art The output of the motifs and the location has always been a simple leaf motif. What kind of leaf Regardless of the drawing, the drawing is first started by drawing a simple leaf cross -stitch. All Since it constitutes the basis and main cross -canvass of the leaves, the grasping of the drawing technique and It is very important to draw in accordance with the technique. Simple Leaf Drawings 1 course is a course prepared for. When you complete this lesson, you are the right-left Simple leaf motifs and double cluster leaf motifs to the desired dimensions and technique You will be able to draw it properly
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