Beauty and Hair Care

Personal Care and Hygiene

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Being healthy is an item with the priority of human happiness. A healthy life Many of the measures to be taken for our daily lives And it consists of easy efforts. No matter wherever it is, some basic that regulates daily life Knowing the rules by knowing, protection of health and sharing with other individuals It makes life easier. The most important of these rules; Cleaning, healthy eating, physical and Mental work, regular life, cigarette, alcohol, stimulants and far from drugs Correct and appropriate methods for stopping, protection from accidents, cope with problems use. Every person is responsible for his own cleanliness. Cleaning is just visible contamination It is not enough to be done when it happens. For example, washing the face when he wakes up from sleep, Change of laundry is daily cleaning applications. Initially one's own health Cleaning is the most important means of protecting the health of others. Just body Not cleaning, but also to keep everything used and every environment clean. Personal care, which is the basic rule of our daily life, is more important for our business life. The self -confidence of the personnel who have made full personal cleaning is full and with self -confidence. does. We should never forget that we serve people. Your guests are from us The complaint may damage both us and the business we work for. Thanks to the hygiene and health rules you will apply, our business and home life is healthier will.

Body massage, breast massage and important regions

2009-04-04 12:31:46

Massage; Handly applied, with unique principles, technically rhythmic and It is the whole of systematic movements. Massage has a special importance on the human body as a touch language. If the body massage is made in accordance with the technique and consciously, the desired result is achieved. can be. It should be known that unconscious massage will harm human health. For this reason, there is a need for therapists who are experts, educated, principled and complying with professional ethics. In the first part of our learning activities, leg massage; In the second part, foot Massage; In the third part, hip massage; In the fourth part, back massage; The abdominal massage in the fifth part; In the sixth part, hand massage; In the seventh part, arm massage; In the eighth part, the breast massage; In the ninth part, neck massage; In the tenth part, we discussed the classic massage techniques applied in the scalp leather massage.

Topics to be considered when using nails

2009-04-04 12:29:34

Beauty and Hair Care Services is a very important in today's developing world. The sector constitutes. With the development of technology, new researches are carried out and new developments are experienced every day about this field. In order to follow these developments closely, sector employees should develop their talents and have sufficient equipment as knowledge skills and infrastructure. For this reason, employees should be able to follow technology closely and be aware of the developments. Many professional branches within the field of beauty and hair care services hosts. Hand and foot care are just one of them. So much so that hand and foot care Even the subject of the nails in it is a profession in many developed countries today. branch. In these countries, 1000 hours of 1500 hours of trainings are taken for just nails. Hand and foot care, which are limited to the understanding of classical manicure pedicure for many years. In our country, the issue of nail nails has been included and rapidly becoming widespread. This learning material we have prepared has information about the nails prepared for you to be. When you complete this module, the nail techniques You will be able to recognize and apply these techniques when the appropriate environment and tools are provided.

Beard and Mustache Shaping Techniques

2009-04-04 12:26:26

One of the skills that are important in the profession of male barbershops is to customers' wishes. According to beard mustache and hair shaping is to make. Today men are ladies Although it attaches importance to its exterior appearance and care, an effort to look differently They are in. In recent years, men, instead of shaving their faces completely different beard and mustache They prefer to use shapes. In the second part of the first part of our learning activity, in the second part, beard and We have discussed the mustache forming, the third part of the edge favorite shaping techniques. At the end of these learning activities, hair, beard and mustache styling You will be able to apply the applications in the best way.

Topics that men should pay attention to hair and beard

2009-04-04 12:25:07

Some of the hair, beard and mustache shaving, which are indicative of men's care requires subtleties. These processes are made by using sharp tools on the skin because it requires a calm and resourceful hand. The skin and hair structure, which differs in each person, are important factors in shaving and their correct diagnosis will increase success. For successful shaving application with this document The necessary information is given. In the first part of the learning activity, we discussed hair shaving and beard shaving in the second part. At the end of these teaching activities, you will be able to apply hair and beard shaving in the best way.

Permanant, Defrize Permanent Hair Forming

2009-04-04 12:23:08

Human beings are constantly in her hair with a sincere impulse and a little pleasure. He felt the need to make changes. With this desire, some of them are flat. Most of the time, with the desire to bring, some of them are wavy. In the hands of hairdressers, hair health is also exposed to irreversible wear they are left. Important changes in hair ties in permanent wave and permanent plain processes Since these products are working with chemical products that make up, these products are not an expert unconscious. In the hands of people in the hands of false applications can cause serious damage to hair health items can take the state. Therefore, qualified people who will be aware of the importance of their work In order to train, we have prepared this learning material for you. Permanent wave application method in the first part of the learning activity; second We have discussed the permanent plain application method in the section. At the end of the learning activities prepared, permanent wave in all kinds of hair and permanent plain You will be able to make creation applications in accordance with the method.

Papiyot, hairstyle with the balance sheet

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Hair for centuries without a vehicle, wrapped around its own axis or soil It was shaped by putting ash into the Bigudis. Today, with the development of technology, hair wrapping methods are diversified, but papyot and balance, which requires good dexterity did not lose its importance. Papyot and Bimaling Preparing a Good Environment for Bun Application You will learn the winding varieties. Papiyot wrapping method in the first part of the learning activity; in the second part Bimaling wrapping method is discussed. At the end of the education activities prepared, papyot wrapping and balance sheets to all kinds of hair You can reach the level of wrapping.

Hair styling with tongs, vak and rasta

2009-04-04 12:20:15

People's desire to self -esteem and liked is a phenomenon that has been going on for centuries. He used his hair the most to realize his desire. Sometimes your hair He colored, sometimes made changes in the form. This is applied to hair Some of the changes have been permanent and some have been temporary. Applied to hair today The tongs, random and case are among the temporary hair styles and do not harm the structure of the hair. Tongs application method in the first part of the learning activity; In the second part Application method, and rasta application method in the third part are discussed. At the end of the education activities prepared, all kinds of hair-vak-rasta application to all kinds of hair you will come to the level

Manicure and pedicure tips, illustrated description

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One of the prerequisites of being well -groomed is manicure and pedicure. ELLER CONTACT It is one of the most important elements. EL-MAIN CARE SPECIALIZATION VOCATION While applied as an additional job in hairdressing salons; From hairdressing in recent years It has become one of the basic works done in skin care and beauty salons. Each As in the profession, in this profession, qualified, well -educated staff heard. Manicure application in the first part of the learning activity, pedicure in the second part Application is discussed. At the end of the prepared learning activities, manicure-pedicure application technique You will be able to apply appropriate.

Tips for painless and easy hair removal

2009-04-04 12:16:39

For centuries, people only to relieve their feathers with aesthetic concerns They have tried methods. People both cosmetically and socially Sunday, which is formed to get rid of unwanted hair affecting their lives It has grown. Epilation, which is permanently destroyed by unwanted hair, is the most in the beauty sector. It was one of the main subjects. Fast developments in this area and increased hair removal demand The need for qualified personnel has increased. In this learning material, technical knowledge and skills in epilation in the best way Your learning is to be trained as qualified elements that can make conscious, error -free applications. aimed at

How to make hand and foot care 2

2009-04-04 12:14:38

Specific process to get healthy, well -groomed and young appearance on hands and feet Care containing the steps is called hand foot care. Removal of dead skin in care, Rarving the nails, correcting and revitalizing the skin with paraffin and massage based on the basis. It is very important to comply with sterilization conditions in maintenance. Hand and foot care with natural and cosmetic products with this document; Herbal oils, varieties, features, benefits; Definition of salt, varieties and hand, nail and foot care applications made with natural products; paraffini, features, varieties, benefits, paraffin hand and foot care; We will discuss care tablets, features, benefits and process steps of maintenance applications. At the end of the module, you can use the information and skills you have learned in the fields of beauty and hair care services and you can apply hand, foot and nail care without error.

Oral and dental care

2009-03-08 07:33:13

In this section, our aim is to bring you the consciousness of oral and dental health. This For the purpose, what the cosmetic preparations of the mouth and tooth are composed of them The contents and how to use, will find answers to questions; Healthy teeth and gums To learn what to do, to teeth brushing technique, tooth and gum diseases You will get information about. Remember that healthy teeth start with personal care and with regular doctor's control continues. In the first part of our learning activities, tooth brushing; mouth in the second part Gargaras; In the third part, we discussed prosthesis teeth and care issues. At the end of the education activities prepared, basic information about oral and dental care You will be able to take and use the application methods in your personal care.

Makeup cosmetics and preliminary preparation

2009-03-08 07:30:45

A clean, clean, clean The best service by preparing an environment and exhibiting behaviors that meet the rules of manners In order to give you, we have prepared this education material. Personal cleaning in the first part of our learning activities; Workplace in the second part Hygiene; Disinfection and sterilization in the third part; In the fourth part, the cleaners; The physical environment of the workplace in the fifth part; Etiquette rules in the sixth part; In the seventh part We discussed customer cards. At the end of the education activities prepared, manners and hygiene rules You will be able to learn and fill the customer cards correctly.

Face and hair shapes

2009-03-08 07:28:30

Every human being has an aesthetic anxiety that exists from birth. These aesthetic concerns may arise with education as well as in hereditary and cultural differences. Every human being has a different mood. The fact that they enjoy different hair colors, different hairstyles, different makeup techniques can be attributed to this reason. Using painting techniques in hairdressing and beauty services, the desired color and Models have provided convenience in making the selection before applying to the person. In this module, we will discuss the drawings of face, hair, eye, lips, eyebrows, jaws and nose shapes and their correction techniques. Information you learned at the end of the module and skills can be used in the fields of professional painting, hairdressing and beauty services. You can make a drawing application without error.

Skin Care and Beauty

2009-03-08 07:27:12

Cosmetic; Cleaning, beautifying the body, increasing attractiveness and They are the products and substances used to beautify the image. When we talk about cosmetics, we come to mind. To be decorated, look beautiful and smell beautiful, every history It is a social behavior seen in the period. People of the period and the country They have always given importance to decorating according to their culture. Artistic for centuries, artistic, then semi -artistic – Cosmetology, a semi -scientific endeavor, is based on scientific basis However, the 20th century took place. Today, the replacement of active substances of herbal origin In addition to the increasing activity, increasing the problems of side impact with synthetics is seen. While modern man aims to live longer, healthy and vigorous, to look younger, In addition to healthy eating and sports; more need for cosmetics hears. For the use of appropriate cosmetics in maintenance, the effects of products on the skin It is necessary to know. In this context, at the end of the tuition activities in which the basic information is given, it is important to know the effects of cosmetics on the skin correctly and make the right choice and application of products correctly.

Makeup cosmetics and use techniques

2009-03-08 07:25:58

Makeup, closure of defects, to reveal the beautiful aspects of the face Coloring Cosmetics are made with applications. In order to make beautiful and smooth makeup, quality cosmetic products are needed. Makeup cosmetics; foundation, powders, blush, eye makeup products and lip dyes. These products This education is to learn about content, how they are used and types. We have prepared the material. Foundation in the first part of our learning activities and powders in the second part In the third part, blush, fourth part, eye paints, lip in the fifth part We discussed your paints. The contents of makeup cosmetics at the end of the learning activities prepared By learning their features, these products, with the right technique in makeup application you will be able to apply.

Female and male body, genitals and work structure

2009-03-08 07:24:45

The smallest unit of the human body are cells with vitality. Various and very Tissues, tissues together with the gathering of the cells that perform the same number of task. With the arrival of the organs, the organs come together, systems, systems together Organism occurs with the arrival. Physiology, cells, tissues and organs is the science of research. In this learning material prepared for you, recognizing physiological systems You will be able to analyze. With this course you will learn all of them without any additional dick subject about anatomy.

Body and Facial Massage

2009-03-08 07:21:47

A hundred hundred body is aging long before. Facial muscles are distressed, emotions, stretching, negative reacts. Facial grimaces, eyebrows, eyebrow lifting is easy to get used to and this in time The condition reveals wrinkles. For this reason, attentive care of the face is required to delay wrinkles and sagging. Facial care starts with cleaning. Appropriate cleaning by analyzing the skin correctly With cosmetics, sebum on the skin, dead skin cells and sweat physiological removal of residues; Removal of environmental pollution stuck on the skin and It is the purification of the skin from makeup. In addition to the choice of appropriate cosmetics for professional skin care, good massage information is required for the application. For this reason, the ability to use the hands well should be gained by knowing the direction of the muscles on the face, nerve endings, blood and lymph circulation and massage movements. Face and decollete cleaning massage in the first part of the learning activity; second We have dealt with the face and decollete care massage in the part. With cleaning massage, you will be able to apply the maintenance massage.

Hand and foot care, skin care

2009-03-08 07:19:12

We want our feet, hands and nails that carry us all day long to look healthy, well -groomed and beautiful. Our aim to prepare this module is to introduce you to cosmetics used in hand care. to use the purpose of use of cosmetics and methods of application. Beautiful and well -groomed hands not only makes the person feel good, but It allows others to sympathize with that person. In the first part of our learning activities, applied to nails and nails Cosmetics, hand creams and lotions in the second part, and in the third part, applied to the feet We discussed cosmetic issues. At the end of the education activities prepared, basic information about hand and foot care You will be able to take and use the application methods in your personal care.

Body Care and Beauty Cosmetics

2009-03-08 07:17:24

Today, concepts such as beauty, beautification, look beautiful, luxury for most people It has ceased to be a consumption tool and has become a need for. This in the society Expectation, some branches of occupational and art, such as hairdressing and beauty services too much and increased the demand for these professions. The person who will work in these fields of occupational fields with a working environment directly The growing power has gained importance. Because it can be done in applications Even the smallest error can have consequences that will put human health into serious danger. In order to avoid such unwanted consequences, it is necessary to know the physiological characteristics of the human body, the cosmetic preparations applied to the human body and their characteristics. This module, the body care cosmetics used by the employees working in the profession and It is prepared to enable them to recognize the chemicals contained. This module When you read, you will learn the cosmetic preparations applied to the human body, their contents, and what purpose this content is prepared, the functions on the skin. With this information, you will select the most suitable body care products for the structure and species of the skin during the application, and minimize the risk of encountering unwanted situations such as allergies.

Hair and Skin Analysis

2009-03-08 07:15:34

Skin, hair and hair skin analysis, which is the first step of cosmetic applications To do; We have prepared this learning material to learn and recognize the structure, types, diseases of the skin, hair and hair. Correct analysis and diagnosis to be successful in the next operations will provide. In the first part of our learning activity, skin analysis; In the second part, hair and hair leather We discussed the analysis. At the end of the prepared education activities, it will gain the necessary competences, skin, hair and You will be able to analyze the scalp correctly.

Topics to be considered in hair washing and hair washing

2009-03-08 07:13:39

The correct application of hair washing techniques, which is the first step in hairdressing services, is of great importance. In line with the purposes of hair washing activities applied in the hairdressing sector, We have prepared this education material for the purpose of gaining the necessary competences. In the first part of our learning activity, washing of natural hair; In the second part, we discussed the washing of dyed hair. In this context, to train these techniques, qualified, friendly elements that have assimilated these techniques It constitutes one of our important goals. At the end of these teaching activities, you will be able to apply hair washing techniques in the best way.

Hair and hair leather massage, head massage

2009-03-08 07:10:22

Hair and Hair Leather Massage in Beauty and Hair Care Services To clean the hair by loosening, to accelerate blood circulation, to relieve the customer applied. One of the main tasks of the hairdresser is to keep the hair healthy. Keep hair healthy The cosmetics produced in order to make it more effective with hair and hair skin massage. For this reason, we need to know the care products well and apply hair and hair leather massage according to the technique. This learning material is prepared to teach you these issues. In the first part of our learning activities, the cleaning massage of hair and hair skin; In the second part, we discussed hair care and care massage. Hair and hair with hair and hair that can care for hair at the end of the education activities You will be able to apply massage according to the technique.

Massage techniques

2009-03-08 07:07:11

Massage extends from the oldest cultures of humanity to modern societies It is the whole of the systematic maneuvers that are applied by relaxing, therapeutic, manually. In beauty and hair care services, massage is applied for aesthetic purposes and Last day these applications gain importance. Therefore qualified, reliable, friendly He prepared this education material in order to catch up as qualified elements. we are. In the first part of our learning activities, the date, definition, importance, varieties of the massage The main objectives of the massage, the domains of the massage, the situations in which the massage cannot be applied; In the second part, Preparation of the massage room; In the third part, the preparation and positioning of the customer; In the fourth part, the preparation of the massage element; In the fifth part, during massage The slides used; Six, seven, eight nine, ten and eleven in the classic massage We discussed the techniques. General Body by learning massage techniques at the end of the education activities prepared You will be able to make your preparations for massage.

Hair Care Cosmetics and Beauty Secrets

2009-03-08 07:02:29

Hair; Wind, sun, pool, sea, blow dryer, hair color, and changing the wave of hair, such as physical, chemical applications, the structure and appearance of the hair deteriorate. To correct the deteriorating structure and appearance of the hair intended with hair care cosmetics. to maintain hair shape. For this, the most suitable cosmetics should be selected for hair and hair. should be applied according to the method. Hair care by choosing hair and cosmetics suitable for your customers for your customers This tuition material has been prepared in order to do it. In the first part of our learning activities, hair removal cosmetics; second Cosmetics that correct hair appearance in the part; In the third part, hair care cosmetics; Cosmetics that give permanent wave to the hair in the fourth part, hair dyes and hair in the fifth part We discussed the color -opening cosmetics. At the end of the education activities prepared, cosmetics suitable for hair and hair skin You will be able to apply it according to the technique by selecting it.