Herbal remedies that increase sexual power

2010-01-14 07:28:41

Plants used for the most effective herbal remedies that increase sexual power. Herbal teas, Ginseng, Fennel, clove grain, Poppy seed, Pollen, ginger, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Iris, Licorice root. You can find the deeds in the PDF file.

What are the ways of protection from pregnancy

2010-01-07 16:21:10

In spite of the development of all issues in today's Turkey, the issue of sexuality is still a shame and young people are not given information about the ways of protection from pregnancy. The course, which was discussed in schools for a while, was not implemented due to some circles. But it is a fact that our young people slowly start to live in the style of Europe and America, and in the future, lack of sexual knowledge may become even more dangerous. One of the misunderstood points is that girls and boys can study in separate classes in the lessons where sexual information is given. Already in foreign countries, mostly classes are divided in this course.

Pills that increase sexual power

2010-01-07 16:16:55

In this document, you can find a detailed explanation about pills that increase sexual power and plants that increase sexual power. You will especially benefit the plants that increase sexual power. Herbal solutions are always healthier. But sexual pills are always more guaranteed;)

Pregnancy and Pregnancy During Pregnancy

2009-04-04 12:51:41

Birth, many operations together it is a great miracle. Many people cannot understand how this miracle developed. The happy conclusion of this exciting event is healthy by coming to the world healthy The ability to grow up, the baby's development, birth event, newborn period It is possible by knowing its characteristics and the factors that affect it during these periods. From the first moment decided to have children, mother and father candidates Their lives change. Now they have to think about their babies with them. Mother and With the birth, which is a turning point in fathers' lives, many women Changes occur. How every human being can live one day, how this miraculous event was formed, prenatal, What can happen in birth and postnatal periods and what to pay attention to should know. With this module, what kind of development the baby follows in the womb, this What can affect the development, the birth event, the characteristics of the newborn baby, By learning the characteristics of periods of puerperium and lactating, it can be done in these periods. You will be able to analyze what problems of errors can cause. The information and skills you will get from this module, some children you will encounter birth Being unhealthy as a result of imprudences before and after and after It will form the basis for you to be a conscious mother in your life. Also from this module When you share the information you will obtain with the people around you, it contributed to the consciousness of society. you will.

Sexual organs and pregnancy, work of male and female organs

2009-04-04 12:50:02

With this document, you will learn about the work structure of the genitals and the events that develop during pregnancy in writing and illustrated. Most of our population in our country, women of fertility and Children make up. Health levels of women and children is an important determinant. In order to exist healthy mothers and children in society, women are primarily They need to know their bodies and know their functions. Knowing and implementing the basic conditions of being healthy is also very important. The mother's healthy pregnancy will be both healthy and will be born It is closely related to the health of his child. For this reason, mother and child health is an integral whole in the training of healthy generations. Healthy children are the greatest desire of every parent. This desire In order to realize, women and men should consciously know the importance of health and be equipped with the right information about the genital system, fertilization and pregnancy. You will get information about the subjects.

Pregnancy Protection, Pregnancy Prevention Methods

2009-04-04 12:46:55

With this document, you will learn about pregnancy protection methods (condoms, birth control pills, needles ..) and the issues that need to be considered. Families do not know enough methods of protection from pregnancy and for various reasons Failure to apply increases the fertility rate. The fact that the mother's age is less than eighteen or over thirty -five, the period between pregnancies is less than two years and the number of pregnancies is over four and four and the factors that cause mother and child deaths. Children are the basis of our future. Providing them a good future If we want, we should apply family planning methods and ensure that families have children to have a number of children. You can use the information you will learn in this module in your own life. You can also provide information to families and your environment. With this information, the risk of death due to pregnancy and birth is reduced and healthy children You can contribute to its birth. You don't know these issues right now. However, at the end of the module, it has sufficient information You will see that you are and you will even get rid of the wrong beliefs on this issue. Remember that our country is like you contemporary, well -thinking, researching, technological It needs conscious young people who capture development. That the basis of society is formed by educated mothers and their children. We should not forget.