Art of Diamond and Jewelery

Presentation and Invoice Process of Jewelry

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People order in line with their needs. To these requests in manufacturer companies produces suitable jewelry. The jewelry produced must meet the requests. Because inappropriate As a jewelry will not be delivered, it will cause losses in the enterprise. Your losses are minimized Quality is controlled at every stage of production to download. Some during production Considering that the parts will not be in the desired qualifications, more than the customs in order forms Production is realized. Checking the products and the orders given by the customer are complete It is important to prepare. In terms of safety due to the different product delivery locations Orders that are not all ready are not delivered. Pre -checked orders If possible, the customer is checked. Shipments and invoices are prepared. In the delivery course of the jewelry to the customer, the jewelry produced according to order forms You will be able to make controls and deliver it to the customer without error

Jewelry shapes and patterns

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Stylization, deformation technique, one of the basic elements of design, design It provides the development of creativity. Creativity is new, original, based on known things to reach syntheses. You may be courageous for issues that require creativity, but this The course includes all the topics and techniques that will guide you. Stylizenin Turkish decoration The place and importance in art is very great, especially in people, especially in women The need is natural. Ornamental art, the need to decorate the goods used by people It was born from their hearing. Decoration is a very important part of plastic arts. Stylization, deformation definitions, stylization deformation in this course Psychological Effects and Stylization Deformation Applications The knowledge and skills you have learned at the end of the course are in all fields related to art You can use it.

Jewelry painting and polishing

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The moderation of metals for decorative purposes has been corn, Indian, since ancient times It is known by China and other countries. In the period of Christianity, Romans, Tetones, Solts and some other countries have dealt with minery in European territory. Byzantium Between the fifth and tenth centuries in its civilization, it reached perfection in Istanbul. In the eleven and twelfth centuries, today's Germany and France spread to the France. In the sixteenth century, the artistic moderation event in the Limoj region of France is a new center has been This period is very important in terms of jewelery and painting. Too long At the beginning of the twentieth century, especially in the First World War Then the art of making enamel was again developed. The need of our country in this field In order to meet and direct exports; Knowing technological methods and in the field Productive technical manpower that adapts to innovations is needed. Increasing jewelry aesthetics with enamel, which is a superficial process in this course, and thus Considering that the consumer to the jewelry will contribute to the increase of appreciation, this course In the end, your chances of finding a job and earning with the knowledge and skills you earn will increase.

Placing precious stones in jewelry

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METALS OF JEWARDS MADE FROM CRASS METAL ALLOYMENTS (Rings, Earring, Necklace, etc.) Stone on the bodies (MONTUR) is called the art of nailing. is an important stage. Stones that are more expensive than precious metal for jewelry (diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire) The name of such jewelry becomes a jewel. It is an area where masters who increase the attraction of the jewel and double its value. art of nailing. Those who make precious stones to the montures, that is, those who dress their clothes on the jewelry, coy They'il speak little, they'il be thirsty. They don't really like advertising and talking. They are right. Watching Master while placing a golden monules diamond, that is, Enough to give them rights. Lups are smaller gaps from the needle hole and the needle head They work with small diamonds. To explain what he does This is the best way. "Arif understands ". Find a precious piece of jewel and examine the stones, that's the stones, it is yours The stones you have difficulty in counting and counting the stones that you have difficulty count, they place the masters of the gold monday. This The more skillful the hard work is done, the higher the value of the jewelry. The Grand Bazaar says the tradesmen who deal with the jewelery business in the Grand Bazaar says: "A master of nailing Even a tiny stone can make it glorious ”. The most mysterious place of this jewelry business is the bench of nails. Watching them while stone nail is fascinating. If you get a precious jewelry in your hand, examine it for a long time before we wear it, for him Think of the spilled labor and carry it beautifully deserves. Nailing may seem like a simple stone wearing, but extremely important tasks The masters who undertake the masters, both the business and the country's tourism and economy They contribute. For young people who will choose this job as a profession with the nailing lesson Focusing on the responsibilities fulfilled by the masters, the definition of nailing, characteristics and Their tasks have been examined, evaluated and presented.

Making jewelry with casting machines

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Developing technology, as in every sector, changes in the jewelry sector caused and brought some convenience. In this sector, the jewelry before one by one was produced by. This way of production causes a waste of time and workmanship It was increasing costs. Thanks to the developing technology, different forms of production over time developed and started to be implemented. Jewelery document is one of these forms of production. Thanks to the casting process A large number of jewelry can be produced at the same time, some transactions in the jewelry production stage can be eliminated. In some delicate castings, you need more leveling and polishing operations It is not heard and the stones of the jewelry can be attached during casting processes. Casting process Thanks to both time and labor costs are saving in a short time A large number of products can be obtained. These advantages become one of the inseparable professional branches of jewelery. has brought. Cooking the gypsum mold prepared in the casting course, casting of the mold Placing in the machine, melting the valuable mine in the gap in the gypsum mold You will be able to do it in accordance with the technique of shedding and cleaning after casting.

Gold and Silver Polishing

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People's appreciation, appreciation, artistic values ​​and aesthetics care, decoration and desire to protect their economic values ​​is an important in the general economy. It has led to its place as a sector. Jewelers, precious metal and stones by designing, scientific methods and techniques using care, attention and patience by showing them into jewelry. By Sadkars The jewelry, which is leveled and placed by nailing, comes to the polish section. In the polish section, the surfaces of the jewelry are polished using various polishing tools and equipment. The customer's appreciation and the customer's appreciation and The desire to receive strengthens. After completing this lesson, do not polish needed in the field of jewelery You will reach your adequacy. Finding a job with the knowledge and skills you earn at the end of this course And your chances of earning will increase.

Jewelry Design Technique

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Studying an object; All the visible features of that object in detail paper, canvas, etc. To take a measure from a model placed closely or away to color. And it is important to know the proportion. ENGLISE OF THE OBJECTIVE It can be a useful aspect of products. With this course, glass and metal put as a model After studying the object, you will be able to color according to the painting techniques. This course you, a jewelry with details and information, collecting knowledge, skills and It will allow you to gain professional habits. These studies class, workshop, home, business, You will be able to do it in museum and exhibition halls

Scrap gold assessment

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Making precious metals more economical in jewelry, pure metals It is necessary to make alloy to increase its processing characteristics. Various valuable metals will be mixed in jewelry production by mixing them in calculated rates. Metals are obtained. This wire or plate to be used in jewelry production is half. called products. Settings of the jewelry to be produced while preparing semi -products, color, etc. The properties are taken into consideration and the calculations are made like that. The prepared wire and sheets are first of all. This is half on the cylinder machine Products are reduced to the size of the use. In this prepared course, the preparation of alloy and these metal alloys You will learn to bring it to the right size in use.

How to brand jewelry

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One of the first steps of jewelry manufacturing is the process of transferring patterns. In jewelry Jewelry manufacturing starts with design and continuing with the drawing of the designed picture on precious metal . The correct transfer of the pattern on the metal is as important as making design. Pattern transfer which is not made in accordance with the rules will cause incorrect production. Pattern In the transfer process, professional painting information, use of appropriate tools and equipment knowledge and ability It is important. It should not be forgotten that the error that is overlooked or a careless process is all will be reflected in the pieces. The metals to be transferred to the pattern are corrected before the pattern transfer process and errors are minimized. should be downloaded. Pattern for the realization of a suitable and proper pattern transfer Transfer rules must be fulfilled. In this course, the branding of jewelry such as simple rings, earrings and pendanttives (Pattern Transfer) Applications. At the end of the course, a product or You will be able to brand the model in accordance with the technique without error.

Handmade Gold and Silver Jewelry Making

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One of the sub -branches of the jewelry profession, one of the oldest professions in the world The pencilmaker, which is the manufacturing methods of simply or in the sector, has finished manufacturing Transfer of geometric shape and pattern with the machinery or machine art. It is one of the professions that require pencilrs, mastery and attention. It can also be called a painter. How can a painter commit with an issue with experience and abilities If it gains value on paper, the process of the pencil by processing a jewelry surface, to increase the jewelry of the jewelry to give value to the jewelry. Operating in this business line In addition to professional competences in individuals, the fact that they have geometry and technical painting skills is required. In parallel with the developing technology, as in other professions Mechanization has taken its place in the profession over time and some changes are inevitable. has been. In the early days, jewelry with personal experiences and experiences with various steel pencils While decoration on the surface, some operations over time with the help of machines easier and faster somehow began to be done. In order to ensure quality in pencilry, whether it is a manual workmanship or machine use, The ability of the people who will work in this profession to see the whole by making good observations, Imagination and skills must have the ability to be united. Individuals who are educated in this field, to be a sought -after element in the sector, themselves, In addition to professional skills, with painting knowledge that expresses artistic value in a process they do They need to grow together.

Plate Technique in Gold and Silver Jewelry

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In jewelry, wires or sheets are shaped by simple methods and jewelry or half Product jewelry can be made. In the first construction phase of some jewelry, wires or plates shavings shaped without lifting. Each jewelry must be a bending, heztating, wrapping There is a process. In chain spider, a ring winding is made, Heşteking is used in the construction of jewelry. A team that needs to be followed while doing these procedures There are rules and there is a method of each shape. In this course, the shaping of wire or plates in different ways and We will consider the rules that need to be followed during this formation. Jewelry at the end of the lesson Shaping the wire or sheets used in the construction of the technique (bending, You will learn the methods of burma, wrapping and heşteking).

Silver Fidelity Jewelry Making

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Fast technological developments in many areas in our age in the jewelry sector It required mechanization. To meet the desired demand in the jewelry sector, the world It is possible to have a say in its markets by following technological developments. Gift of jewelry Despite the progress of mechanization and technological developments in manufacturing, jewelry The need for the human factor trained in the sector is of great. Strong design jeweler It is very difficult for the master to catch up. For this reason, jewelery with conscious and systematic education It is important to transfer art to new generations. In the art of jewelery, the place of the fictional technique has a great place. Human in the fidelity technique Factor, craftsmanship occupy an important place. People who apply the art of firing Special products as a work of art by adding their unique models to the product. they are removed. Today, there are very few masters who make the telequi technique. In this course, the formation stages of the fiction technique are presented. The basic of the suggestion After grasping the technique, you will be able to make various jewelry and ornaments with different comments. This At the end of the course, it is sought in the jewelry sector; The technological of the day in modern thought It has a contemporary perspective that can integrate its developments with traditional fictional technique. You will be productive individuals who contribute to the country and family economy with creative ideas.

Gold and Silver Tilting Process

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Education is the most important skill in jewelry manufacturing. Both in the correction and form an important product in creating a product or model without error. process. Many of the courses in jewelry manufacturing are included in the work. Necessary In order to remove saw traces after cutting, jewelry after both casting or welding In cleaning the excesses on the part and the form on the jewelry piece, format It is needed to tend to shape. Therefore, the high quality of work is high It is necessary to make a large number of training applications for. In this course, simple rings, earrings, necklace welding applications We will discuss the subjects. At the end of the course, a product or model without error you will be able to bend.

Gold and Silver Running Process

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In the land we live, the tradition of jewelry production has an eight thousand -year adventure. In order to meet the needs of our country in this field and to direct exports; contemporary To the innovations in the field of knowing, interpreting, using, developing and Productive technical manpower that adapts is needed. Our student is the consumer of the product by increasing the jewelry aesthetics with this course. You will contribute to the increase in appreciation. At the same time to meet the jewelry need You will reach the competence to contribute. At the end of this course, finding a job with the knowledge and skills you earn and earnings Your chances will increase.

Gold and Silver Pressing Process

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Jewelery used in jewelry is produced from precious metals. Used Since the metals are expensive They searched for cheap obtaining. With molds and pressing methods they are. The appearance of the pressing method is great; But low -weight jewelry is produced in series It is won both from cost and time. Press jewelry produced in hollow jewelry. Empty jewelry is also produced by casting method; But the cost of labor and It is not preferred in terms of time used. The pressing method is a production branch in itself and a wide place in the jewelry sector covers. During the production of press jewelry, the amount of ramat decreases during production Ramats can be reused without requiring more operations. Since the mold will be designed in the production of press jewelry, in production Errors that may be encountered should be considered and designs should be produced. Press To take advantage of visual resources while drawing jewelry, in practice Reduces the problems you may encounter. These resources improve your creative thought, helps to grasp the application techniques. Transferring the jewelry you will apply to paper in full implementation stages It will guide you and make your job easier. At the same time material and time will help you win. Press Jewelry Drawing and Making Course of Customers from Various Catalogs and Magazines You will be able to make press jewelry designs suitable for your wishes and tastes. Drawing and You will be able to produce press jewelry production in the workshop environment.

Gold drilling and cutting process

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In the jewelry sector, the shaping on jewelry during the manufacturing phase can be initiated One of the process steps that should be on the basis for knowing is drilling and cutting operations. Drilling and cutting process can be the first process in jewelry production, as well as the next process It can also create the intermediate process that needs to be done during the preparation phase. This process is from metal material It is a process that can be provided by lifting a chip as well as without lifting. Drilling is done with the milling motor. This process is a cutter that revolves around its axis With the help of the end, it is made by removing sawdust from metal material. At the same time, stone nests It has a preliminary preparation for preparation and cutting process with hair saw. In the cutting process, using a hair saw, a cut -off with the help of scissors can be done. Since it is worked with precious metal in the jewelry sector Fire and ramat may occur in the production environment. Fire and ramats are collected and precious metals It is one of the most important issues to be taken into consideration.

Embossed jewelry and ornaments

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As long as mankind exists, he and his surroundings, more beautiful and more beautiful He has always made an effort to make it attractive. This effort is the professions where hand labor stands out. caused it to be born. Parainism is one of these professions. In which individual abilities come to the fore in inlaid, together with professional knowledge and experience It is a profession that requires long -term experience. Still used, shaping The fact that their staples are prepared by the master who will make the process as a result of experience and experience It is a profession specific. As in other professions, in parallel with the developing technology, inlaid operations Even if it starts to be made with mold using the advantages of mechanization It is one of the rare branches where the light does not lose its value. In addition to professional knowledge and skills in people who make the profession, artistic view, aesthetics Besides the concepts of perspective, geometry and technical painting are the features that are sought after imagination.

Knitting ready necklace making

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Gold has an indispensable place in the life of Anatolian people. From human birth Starting from all turning points of his life, he meets gold: Gold Jewelry, Anatolian people The symbol of sharing on good days; He had the strength to endure in bad days. Gold Jewelry, perhaps in the world, perhaps no other geography, Anatolia; suits. Because this is the starting point of its 5000 -year history. Your time Furthermore, the gold jewelry has been providing the traditions of the Anatolian people; traditions gold shaping; Because Hittites, Lydians, Urartians, Byzantines to Seljuks, Ottomans ’ A is constantly developing gold, the diversity in processing techniques, the style of style His heirs live here. As it was yesterday, this time this time the future path of gold draws. You are also an individual who contributes to the social and family economy. Don't you want?

How to make gold plating

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Jewelery produced in jewelery due to the use of the surface quality over time Dirty or oxidized layers are formed on the surface of losing (scratching, contamination, etc.). These layers It can be cleaned with various processes such as washing and polish. But these cleaning operations are certain periods Applies to. With the gilding process, these periods are kept slightly longer, the surface of the products The quality of quality can be increased further. With gilding, different metal surfaces are small It can be covered with the desired precious metal and can take the color of the precious metal. So briefly Gilding is a coating technique and surface cleaning technique. Precious metal with gilding The allure of the jewelry is increased a little more. The consumer of the product by providing increasing jewelry aesthetics with gilding lesson You will contribute to the increase in appreciation. At the end of this course, the information you gained and Your chances of finding jobs and earning with skills will increase.

Handmade Jewelry Design Techniques

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Knitted and knotted jewelry lesson, simple connection using ready -made materials and It includes local knitting techniques. In order to make these jewelry, these techniques and ready -made jewelry It can be applied to recognize the use of the materials and functions of the materials, creative It will allow you to make jewelry with designs. Making applicable designs requires a good observer. Image Impressions you have gained from the sources. will reduce. When you reinforce the impressions you have gained from visual sources with printed resources You will be able to make applicable designs by improving your creative thought. By recognizing knitted and connected jewelry in this course, which techniques and how You will learn that you can draw.

Beaded handmade jewelry

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Today, stones and beads are processed with techniques specific to handicrafts and extremely enjoyable, Modern jewelry and home accessories turned into our lives again. VERY VARIBLE IN THE MARKET There are stones and beads and this sector develops rapidly and diversity. increasing. Various stones and beads, knitted or arranged in different combinations It can be converted into different stylish jewelry. In this course, by recognizing jewelry made using fishing line in which techniques You will learn that you can produce.

Antique Jewelry and Features

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Jewelery is the most important and important of the art products of each culture. Therefore, Men's or men to see the beautiful one that exists in all of us and to have the feelings of having it addresses. All precious metals and stones, especially gold, are civilized and Since the first foundations of socialization, it has always been of special importance. Wars broke out for them, civilizations disappeared. Even the worshipers of them came out in history. In the historical process in the areas of use of precious-valuable stones and mines showed differences. In its simplest definition, ‘ Facilitating life ’ The process that starts with, time It took forms such as votives, gifts and jewelry. In this course, the jewelry of the jewelry in the historical process, prehistoric age jewelry, Together with the paintings of the Anatolian civilizations and examples of world jewelry will learn; You will have the opportunity to evaluate the effect of jewelry on society life

Special Jewelry Design

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To have technical picture knowledge and skills to work in jewelry manufacturing is necessary. The technical picture is based on certain rules and drawn with tools. Dear student, technical After learning the drawing rules and information, you will do in the area where you work Designs will be more understandable. You will do it with a technical painting language with a world language Everyone will understand and read the drawings. When you want you to make a jewelry from you, the geometric you have seen Using the information you have obtained from the drawings course, a jewelry given in this course prism You will be able to place it into it and draw three appearances and easily measure it.

Precious stones in jewelry

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Moderate, detailed and applicable of the jewelry designed to manufacture jewelry There must be drawings. In order to make these drawings, you can apply the details correctly in the jewelry. It will make you make drawings. Making applicable designs requires a good observer. Image Impressions you have gained from the sources. will reduce. When you reinforce the impressions you have gained from visual sources with printed resources You will be able to make applicable designs by improving your creative thought. In this course, lock systems, connections, stone varieties, stone cuttings and nests By recognizing, you will learn which techniques and how to draw.

Making brooch and badge design

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The production of brooch and rosette has a wide place in the jewelry sector. BROOS design and Production has become a sector in itself in the jewelery sector and is very valuable, expensive Jewelery has been produced. The badges are not produced in the jewelery sector and produced on special request. Valuable accessories were jewelry. Usually brooch and rosettes make it more flashy by making enamel They are brought. In order to produce and sell these jewelry, offering new designs to the market and It is obligatory to produce. A good designer and the objects around the manufacturer Designs new models by making use of it or by making changes in brooches in catalogs. produces. To have a good design and production capability in new designs and productions must. Including abundant drawing and production studies should be done. In this course, to increase your ability to increase your talent broochons from various magazines and brochures You will make design and production. In practice to take advantage of visual resources while making these drawings Reduces the problems you may encounter. These resources improve your creative thought, helps to grasp the application techniques. Transferring the jewelry you will apply to paper in full implementation stages It will guide you and make your job easier. At the same time material and time will help you win. The brooch-rooses manufactured in accordance with the wishes of people address a wide consumer group. and should be economical. In this, the requests of the buyers should be taken into consideration, Design and production should be made in the light of these. Broch-Roses should not be too heavy, broocroset The recesses and protrusions on them should not harm the person and their clothes. Customers from various catalogs and magazines. You will be able to make brooch-rooset designs that are suitable for your wishes and tastes. Design and You will be able to produce brooch-rooset production in the workshop environment.