Mantle Coat Planting

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Mantle Coat Planting

Nowadays, in addition to the need for clothing, reflects one's views and thoughts, A consumption that improves self -confidence and increases the impact on others is viewed as. Mantle-caban, which is an upper clothing, is used in autumn winter seasons. The choice of fabric is made in this direction (cashmere, stamp, suede, nubuk, etc.). Different cups, pockets, collar, Model richness is provided through closing works. Suitable for the place and time to be worn Produced in color and style. The appearance is enriched with suitable auxiliary materials and accessories. In this course “ Mantle – Coat production ” Model Analysis required for, minimum study Instructions, quality qualifications forms, machine park by creating mantle-caban production, You will find information about control, iron subjects. The information given with this course has been prepared in cooperation with the sector. This is what you will get By improving the skills of lecture education and mantle-caban production, activity in this field in the sector You will be able to take part in companies showing companies.
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