Computer hardware parts maintenance and repair

Correcting network problems and printer problems

2008-12-22 16:44:31

Procedures to correct network problems, problems with local network and ethernet profit. Installation of printer and fax device, necessary settings. To resolve network problems in terms of hardware and software.

Windows Problem Swalking Guide - Installing Driver (Driver)

2008-12-22 16:40:30

Windows troubleshooting guide: to solve Windows 9x errors, Windows XP upgrade problems, driver (driver) problems and correction, to solve Windows NT and Windows 2000 problems. Installation and system problems. Windows backup operations. Detailed and illustrated narrative.

To fix software problems on the computer

2008-12-22 16:35:06

Computer Software Problems Removal Guide 1: Collecting data, determining the error, correcting the problem. FIRST OPENING (Boot) Errors, Opening Files, Opening CD Disc, DOS errors. Installation problems, starting disk, control of Windows resources. Hardware memory error.

Computer Hardware Maintenance and Repair 2

2008-12-22 16:29:21

Computer and protection programs, maintenance for hardware parts. Auxiliary Maintenance Software: Scandisk, Unifying, Chkdsk, Regedit. Information about antivirus and protective software: Symantec antivirus, McAfee Virusscan. What is Firewall how to work. File recovery, recovery of deleted files.

Computer hardware maintenance and repair 1

2008-12-22 16:24:00

General information for computer technician, computer and health, repair tools and equipment. What are the issues to be considered in the elimination of harmful substances, what is electrostatic and how to use antistatic materials. Chemicals used in computer repair.