Computed garment mold system

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Computed garment mold system

Mold preparation methods used in our country for nearly 20 years As a revolution for the first modelists who brought changes and met the system in those years CAD/ GLASS SYSTEMS CALLED CARPLY CARRY AND INVESTMENT OF MONEY Due to the requirement, it did not have much demand in the first years. Yet now cad/glass Systems are preferred for production of international standards in accordance with the requirements of the age. is. Although CAD/Glass Systems are expensive, it provides convenience to use, from time, money, labor, fireworm and increase the quality of production is preferred in terms of. At the end of this course, functions in the computerized mold system and computed mold He will learn to use the equipment forming the system in accordance with his purpose and ready -to -wear You will be a preferred person in the field of mold preparation in the sector.
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Men's Pantola Cold

18-01-2010 18:53

    halise ekinci Video of the pattern of pantalon planting

    We want to learn this, help me

    11-06-2010 20:41

      jakabo mold preparation

      Hello I am doing textile promotional works I have a need for molds that you know a place you can prepare a place if you help you can be very appreciated if you can help sample hospital clothes tshirt apron doctor clothes vs

      16-09-2011 11:29

        zena mold preparation

        Hello, did you find molds

        14-10-2011 15:44

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          How to make narrow skirt molds?

          29-10-2011 20:40

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            29-10-2011 20:42

              ece berk Wedding Dress Molds

              I want to plant a wedding dress, can you show the molds

              12-01-2012 14:37

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