Drawings and Dimensions 2

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Drawings and Dimensions 2

The technology in the textile and ready -made clothing sector has also changed the quality of the technical preparations of clothes. In order to have a say in the constantly developing fashion sector and to offer people more beautiful, professional business equipped with advanced qualities that the sector needs There is a need for power. For those who work in the field of clothing production technologies, clothing technical drawings and mold Preparation is an important quality. Creation of the garment mold without error depends on the right and correct use of the lines. The right line drawing is as well as associated with ability It is a competence to be gained through education. Clothing technical drawings are of great importance in countries where clothing industry is developed. carries. Clothing technical drawings are one of the most important stages necessary for an error analysis of a product. Production of the garment in accordance with the desired quality qualifications depends on the correct perforation of the preliminary studies. As in many fields, competing with the world in the field of ready -made clothing In our country, young people who comprehend the importance of clothing technical drawings with a systematic training in the institutions that provide education in this field should be raised. In this module, with technical drawings of clothes details and technical drawings We will discuss the relevant issues. At the end of the module, you will be able to make clothes technical drawings using the lines in the right places.Drawings and Dimensions 2 related game : Gamyball - Why the name of Gamy-BALL changed so? Gamyball - Why the name of Gamy-BALL changed so?

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