Sewing Molds of Kapişon and Cloak: 2-6 years

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Sewing Molds of Kapişon and Cloak: 2-6 years

They want to dress beautifully in children like adults and happy when they dress up well they will. A beautifully dressed child among his friends believes that it is important and herself. The confidence increases. Easy to dress up and learn to dress up between the ages of 2-6. He needs clothes that do not restrict his movements. In addition, it is necessary to choose clothes that willingly wear, caressing their souls. Especially the child To include special tastes in clothing will help to gain personality. It is a clothing worn to protect the container and cloak from the cold. These clothes hat, beret Kapishon is completed with weft, colored socks and shoes. Children in this course You will be able to learn and apply the additions of the table and abundance of containers, hood and cape molds and template drawings, main and half -material calculation processes.
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